The estate record of Lawson Butts includes surnames from Harnett, Duplin and Cumberland (later the portion that becomes Harnett) Counties. This document lists familial connections for the following surnames: BUTTS, REARDON, JERNAGIN, DEAL, GOODMAN and KINNEY (Kenny). It also contains information on LASSITER, RYALS surnames.
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(Cumberland, now Harnett County)
William Reardon & Catherine his wife Administrator of Lawson Butts VS Spyers Butts
Nathan Butts
Jesse Butts Duplin
Robert Butts
David Goodman and wife Celia, Duplin
James Kinny and wife Nancy Duplin
Priscilla Jernigan Duplin
Sarah Deal Duplin

To the worshipful Justices of the County Court of (Duplin..this crossed out) Cumberland.

Humbly complaining Hearth your worships your petitioner William Reardon, that Lawson Butts died intestate, domicile in the county of Cumberland, and your petitioner, at December Term 1847 sent out letters of administration upon his estate. Your petitioner ? your worship that said Lawson Butts did possess of personal property, which came into his possession as follows, Cash in his deed(?) 210.00 Perishable property 81.00, a note to William Lassiter 39.00 (total) 330.00

We further here your worships that he has had notice of debts to the sum of 322.84 besides interest, that the charge of administration will amount to about 60.00 exclusive of the tax upon the property descending to the heirs at law.

We further hear that the personal estate is insufficient to discharge the debts and costs of administration And that it will be necessary to sale a portion of the said estate.

The decedent left a tract of land containing 152 acres lying on Hughes Creek, Joining B. Reardon, T. Ryals and others, and the tract cannot be well divided, without disadvantage to all concerned.

The said Lawson butts left no lineal descendants, and his heirs at law are Spyers Butts, Nathan Butts, Jesse Butts, Robert Butts, Catherine who intermarried with your petitioner, Celia who is intermarried with David Goodman, Nancy who is intermarried with James Kenny(?), Priscilla Jernigan, and Sarah Deal. The tract of land is worth about $300.00 it is necessary that a part of the same be sold, and by a partial sale the residue will be greatly injured.

We pray that a license be granted to sale the tract of land or such part of the land as your worship may think right and necessary. Signed your petitioner

William Reardon (?) with that the matter of things set forth in his petition are of his own knowledge are just and true; the rest he believes to be true.

Sworn to in open court this 5th of June 1848.

JM Las(?) Clerk
Signed William Reardon

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