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The minutes of the Executive Council of the Island of Saint John, on June 17, 1785, lists 
DONALD CAMPBELL as a refugee. Donald (sometimes referred to as Daniel) and his wife, Margaret 
Fullerton, had owned a large cotton plantation in North Carolina. They were forced to flee 
their land shortly after the outbreak of the Revolutionary War and sought refuge in the 
West Indies. The story is told that the Campbells left in such haste that the cows could 
not be milked before departure, and were left bawling at the farm gate.

From the West Indies, Donald and his family left for North America, first landing in Shelburne, 
Nove Scotia. They then journeyed to the Island of Saint John where a land grant of five hundred 
acres was secured on Lot 16.

The boundaries of the Campbell land were strictly defined. An account of these can be found 
today in the Prince Edward Island Archives. The description was as follows:

"Adjoining the west boundary line of Alexander Cameron, fronting on and bounded on the north 
by the Ellis or Grand River, due east and west twenty-three chains and from thence, extending 
back by parallel lines running due south until they meet with the boundary between said Lot #16 
and Lot #17, making and including 500 acres and which appears on a plan or map."

Donald later rented one hundred acres from Stephen Sullivan. He was required to pay a yearly rent 
of five pounds lawful sterling for each acre. This land became registered to Donald March 20, 1810. 
Liber 8, pages 101 and 161 of land conveyances at Prince Edward Island Archives list Donald Campbell 
and John Cook as joint owners of further holdings in Lot 16.

On February 27, 1794, Donald Campbell was appointed surveyor master of lumber at Richmond Bay. The 
March, 1811 Weekly Recorder lists Donald as the fenceviewer and constable for Lot 16.

The 1798 census lists the family of Donald Campbell as containing ten persons: these were probably 
Donald Campbell, Margaret Fullerton Campbell, John, Archibald, Elizabeth, Barbara, Alexander, Donald 
(sometimes called Daniel), Thomas and Mary Jane (called Janet).

Donald's oldest son, William, was not listed in the above census because he had already married by 
the time the family moved to Lot 16. 

William Campbell was granted five hundred acres of land at Lot 16. He was listed as married in 1784. 
William's identity as Donald's son is confirmed inan assignment of leases from Archibald and William, 
sons of donald Campbell, Loyalists, Lot 16, to John McDougald, Lot 16, May 26, 1836. (See Liber 72, 
Folio 841, Public Archives of Prince Edward Island.)  An excerpt from the book "An Island Refuge"

John McIntosh (1781-1854, son of Michael and Mary Raven McIntosh who came to PE on the ship "Annabella" in 1780 from Scotland) married Barbara Campbell, daughter of Donald and Margaret Campbell, United Empire Loyalists from North Carolina. John and Barbara lived in Birch Hill PE and had nine children: i. Michael (1815-1861) did not marry. He died at Miramichi NB where he had been employed. ii. John, born in 1817, left Birch Hill PE and settled in Frederickton NB where he became engaged in the lumbering and construction industry. In 1852, he married Harriet Nowell McBeath of Fredericton NB. He was a member of the Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick from 1857 to 1861. he later moved to Chicago IL, where he was involved int he retail merchant business. iii. Mary 191820-1849) did not marry. iv. William married Margaret Cameron and later settled in Birch Hill. v. Donald married Harriet Penelope Craswell, daughter of James Craswell of Birch Hill. Harriet died in 1861. Donald died in Florida. vi. Annabella (1827-1929) married John McIntosh. vii. ARCHIBALD (1830-1929) married Sarah Sophia Hooper (see 20. below). viii. Alexander married Annie Scott; he left Birch Hill ca. 1851 and settled in Texas. ix. James (1835-1915) married Elizabeth Wilson of St. John NB in 1865. After having moved to various places, he settled near Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, where he spent the remainder of his life. 20. Sarah Sophia Hooper b. Nov 08 1838, Bedeque, PEI., Baptised: Nov 27 1844, the North Bedeque Church, PEI., m. Jan 16 1862, in Birch Hill, PEI., Archibald M'Intosh, b. ___ 1830, d. Apr 28 1901, Presbyterian Manse, Cavendish, PEI. Sarah died ___ 1899. Children: i Laura Legrin M'Intosh b. Nov 23 1862, d. May 16 1918, Fairfield, Maine. ii Alexander James M'Intosh b. ___ 1864. 27. iii Alice Mary Maud M'Intosh b. Dec 29 1865. 28. iv Major Hooper M'Intosh b. Aug 12 1868.
27. Alice Mary Maud M'Intosh b. Dec 29 1865, m. Jul 17 1889, in PEI, George Gordon Henry, b. ___ 1862, d. ___ 1948. Alice died Jan 03 1928, Fairfield, Maine. Children: i Walter William Beer Henry b. Jun 01 1891, Victoria West, PEI., m. Edith May Young, b. Nov 06 1893, d. Jun 01 1981. Walter died Oct 17 1970, Maine. ii Percy Archibald Henry b. Apr 20 1893, Victoria West, PEI., m. Aug 20 1919, in Stirling, Scotland., Margaret Comrie. Percy died Dec 05 1938, Gonic, NH. iii Harold Gordon Henry b. Sep 26 1894, Victoria West, PEI., d. Jun 07 1916, Fairfield, Maine. iv Major Hooper Henry b. Oct 29 1896, Victoria West, PEI., m. Ona Mayo, b. Jan 22 1903. Major died Dec 13 1938, Maine. v Edna Winnifred Henry b. Nov 25 1898, Victoria West, PEI., d. Jan 04 1983. vi Sophia Mildred Henry b. Mar 10 1901, Victoria West, PEI., m. in Rumford, Maine., J. Lee Jay. Sophia died Dec 29 1991. vii Kenneth Alexander Henry b. Sep 25 1903, Victoria West, PEI., m. in New York., Grace May Peckham. Kenneth died Mar 1986, Florida. viii Laura Irene Henry b. Dec 30 1905, Victoria West, PEI., m. Sep 18 1929 Douglas William Coker, b. May 26 1902, d. Dec 03 1987. Laura died Jul 10 1979, Madison, Maine. ix Bertha Mabel Henry b. May 10 1908, Victoria West, PEI., m. Nov 04 1926, in Fairfield, Maine., Herman LaForest Brown, b. Mar 23 1902, d. Jun 19 1969. Bertha died Dec 31 1995, Winslow, Maine. 28. Major Hooper M'Intosh b. Aug 12 1868, Port Hill, PEI., Occupation: Minister., m. Cassie Mabel Simpson, b. Oct 09 1882, Bayview, PEI., (daughter of Jeremia Simpson and Maisy Clark) d. May 23 1969, Halifax, NS. Major died Jan 06 1945, Waverly, Nova Scotia. Children: i Archibald M'Intosh, m. Mary Copp. ii Gordon M'Intosh iii Douglas M'Intosh Surname Spelling: McIntosh, Occupation: Minister., m. Beatrice Drysdale. iv David M'Intosh m. Elaine Borden Dickie. v Allan M'Intosh vi Marjorie M'Intosh m. Lloyd Cushing.

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