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Thanks to Kath Mills for sharing her cemetery data. Anyone who would like to submit records is encouraged to contact Myrtle Bridges. Your help is appreciated. The listings on this page were posted May 28th, 2000. Additional Listings shared July 06, 2005, and again Nov 16, 2005 by Debi Florez.

Rev. John Robeson McIntosh  Sept 14, 1799 Oct 11, 1869
On his headstone is a bronze medallion showing him to be a member of the "Golden Elite"for his work as a Methodist Episcopal Minister. Sarah J. McIntosh Sept 22, 1826 Jan 27, 1902 Maiden name: McIver Angus Robeson McIntosh (unmarked grave) Mar 1857 May 23, 1903 Mary Ann Nance Aug 18, 1861 Feb 20, 1948 Maiden name: McIntosh Washington Jackson Nance (no data) John Henry Gordon Nance Aug 8, 1889 Jan 28, 1967 Mrs. G. H. Dickenson Maiden name: Nance (no data) John W. Gilbert McIntosh May 4, 1894 Apr 13, 1945 His nickname was "Dick"

W[illiam] P. Hall Dec.13,1804  - Aug.4,1874 He died as he lived trusting in God 
h/o Ferriby Ann Taylor, s/o William Hall & Lydia Daniel

Ferriby Ann Taylor  w/o of W.P. Hall Jan.23,1812  Feb.28,1897  Sweet be thy rest
w/o William P. Hall, d/o John Taylor and Ferriby Unk

Margaret [Ferriby] Hall Ray  Aug.4,1843  Nov.28,1924  Rest in peace
w/o Unk Ray, d/o William P Hall & Ferriby Ann Taylor

Adolphus H. Ray  Oct.22,1873  Feb.13,1947  Gone but not forgotten 
s/o Margaret Ferriby Hall and Unk Ray

In Memory of Duncan McArthur  1799-1873 h/o Christan Shaw,  s/o Peter W McArthur and Isabelle Unk

In Memory of Christan Shaw McArthur  1809-1869  w/o Duncan McArthur

John F[ranklin] McArthur  Dec.13,1841  May 3,1912  I know that my redeemer liveth
h/o Julia Anna Hall, s/o Duncan McArthur and Christan Shaw

Gone Home  Julia A[nna Hall]  wife of J.F. McArthur  Oct.7,1841  Jan.9,1921
Earth has no sorrows that heaven can not heal
w/o John Franklin McArthur,  d/o William P. Hall & Ferriby Ann Taylor

Margret Susan McArthur  July 9,1880  July 22,1938  Thy trials ended,thy rest is won.
never married, d/o John Franklin McArthur & Julia Anna Hall

COME YE BLESSED Sallie F[rances] McArthur Aug 18,1868  Oct 8,1920  Earth has no sorrow that heaven cannot heal 
w/o Daniel Kennith Mintz, d/o John Franklin McArthur & Julia Anna Hall

Duncan William McArthur  Jan.23,1878  Jan.17,1967
h/o Ella Blanche Williford, s/o John Franklin McArthur & Julia Anna Hall

[Ella] Blanche Williford McArthur  Oct.3,1889  May 29,1976
w/o Duncan William McArthur, d/o John S. Williford and Ella Unk
double headstone--wife still living

Paul Harrison McArthur  Born Oct 12,1912  Died July 22,1980 son of Duncan W.McArthur & Blanche Williford
h/o Mary Fuller Graham s/o Duncan William McArthur and Ella Blanche Williford]

Mary Julia McArthur [w/o Joseph A Cain & d/o John Franklin and Julia Anna Hall McArthur]
b:7 Oct,1875
d:13 Feb,1963
Joseph A Cain [h/o Mary Julia McArthur & s/o Samuel Erastus and Alice Francis Bullock Cain]
b: 15 Aug, 1881
d: 25 Nov, 1947
Ella G Cameron [w/o John T Cameron & d/o John Franklin and Julia Anna Hall McArthur]
b: 8 Aug,1865
d: 5 Nov,1936
John T Cameron [h/o Ella G & s/o Neill and Rebecca Cameron]
b: 17 Apr,1878
d:22 Mar,1950
Edward Frank Cameron [s/o John T and Ella G McArthur Cameron]
b: 30 Jul,1900
d: 3 Nov,1940
Neal A Cameron [s/o John T and Ella G McArthur Cameron]
b: 6 Mar, 1903
d: 14 Dec, 1951
Effie M Cameron [w/o Neal A Cameron]
b: 29 Mar, 1903
d: 23 Jul,1972
Robert Richard Cameron [s/o Neal A and Effie M Cameron]
b:9 Oct ,1944
d: 20 Oct,1951 [only 6 yrs old]

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