Jennifer Woolvin-Allen of Fair Oaks Ranch, Texas shares pictures from the photo album of her gr. great grandmother Elizabeth Wells Carmon, wife of Capt. Samuel Carmon. They resided in Wilmington, NC. and had two children, Joshua Wells Carmon, born 1883 in NC, may have died at age 10, and her great grandmother, Julia Kathyrn Carmon, b. 31 Oct 1873 in NC, m. James Franklyn Shine Woolvin 21 April 1897.

"My big question is who was the father of Joel Wyley Woolvin (b. 20 Feb 1830 in Duplin county, NC). I know his mother's name was Anna Wolven, but I do not know who the father is. The spelling of the name had changed to "Woolvin" by 1860."

Records include NC counties of Moore, Cumberland, Chatham and Lee.

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(LEFT) Margaret Carmon b. 22 Oct 1827 in Chatham, NC d. 6 Dec 1907. She married Dr. George Clinton Newby (b. 1 Nov 1822 in Fayetteville d. 16 June 1889 in Sanford, Moore, North Carolina) and was the sister of Samuel Carmon (he was a sea captain). Samuel Carmon (b. 31 Jul 1845 in NC, d. 16 Apr 1902 in Wilmington) m. Elizabeth Wells (b. 23 Aug 1849 d. 24 Dec 1902 in NC) and they moved to Wilmington, NC. They had two children, Joshua Wells Carmon b. 1883 and Julia Catherine Carmon b.31 Oct 1873.
(MIDDLE) I am not sure if this is Joshua Carman, b 11 May 1789 in Fayetteville, NC or his son, Samuel Carmon born 31 July 1845. Joshua Carman had three wives, Samuel is descended from Melinda Beebs Carman, she was born about 1807
(RIGHT) This daguerreotype dated December 29, 1865 is labeled "Eliza". She is either a Woolvin or a Carmon (original spelling is "Carman" - Samuel Carmon changed the spelling).

(LEFT) Mrs. Julia Carmon cut this photo out to fit a gold oval frame. It was labeled by my grandmother as "Julia's mother". This photo is either Elizabeth Wells Carmon or Melinda Beebe Carman.
(MIDDLE) Woolvin? Carmon? Dated about 1865.
(RIGHT) "Dr. George Clinton Newby 1890" b 1 Nov 1822 Fayetteville, Cumberland, North Carolina d. 16 Jun 1889 Sanford, Moore, (now Lee County) North Carolina m. Margaret Carmon b. 22 Oct 1827 in Chatham Co, NC d. 6 Dec 1907 m. 20 May 1846 in Fayetteville, NC Peterson's Gallery, Fayetteville, NC. Dr. Newby is the son of Larkin Newby and Celia W. Pearce.

(LEFT) A.R. Newby Fayetteville, NC daughter of Dr. George Clinton and Margaret Carmon Newby of Fayetteville, NC. b. 7 March 1847. Photo on metal (zinc?)
(MIDDLE) Fayetteville, NC "Mary C. Newby May 28th 1872" Mary Cecelia Newby, dau of George Clinton and Margaret Carmon Newby b 31 May 1851 in Chatham Co, NC. Found on last page of Mrs. Samuel Carmon's photo album dated 21 Nov 1884.
(RIGHT) "Julia West Newby, 7 years old, March 25th, 1875"

(LEFT) "August 20, 1887, Oliver & Julia Newby Evans, Idaho, NC" Oliver Evans b. 16 dec 1852, Cumberland, NC d. 18 April 1927 in Fayetteville, NC. married Julia Newby 13 April 1887 in Sanford Moore, NC. Julia Newby b. 4 April 1867, Sanford County, NC d. 27 April 1938 in NC. Daughter of Dr. George Clinton and Margaret Carmon Newby. Children: J.S. Evans (Female) Frank Newby Evans (male) b. 19 Aug 1890 Henrietta Oliver Evans (F) b. 10 Oct 1892.
(MIDDLE) Unknown couple.
(RIGHT) Unknown

(LEFT) Unknown
(MIDDLE) Katie Paddison Sheetz, wife of Will Sheetz b. 26 Aug 1870 in Point Caswell, NC, d. 9 June 1892 in Fayetteville, NC. Daughter of Richard Porson Paddison b. 11 Jul 1839 d. Nov 1915 and Mary Elizabeth Simpson b. 29 Oct 1847 d. 15 April 1915.
(RIGHT) Noted on back: "1890 Silas Sheetz Jr., Fayetteville, NC"

(LEFT) Katie. This photo was found in Mrs. Samuel Carmon's photo album, dated 21 Nov 1884, across from photo of Dr. George Clinton Newby of Fayetteville, NC. written on back: "from Katie March 1895" Charles Parker Photographer 477 Penn Ave. Washington D.C.
(MIDDLE) Samuel Carmon b. 31 July 1845, NC d. 16 Apr 1902. Father of Julia Kathyrn Carmon
(RIGHT) Elizabeth Wells b. 23 Aug 1849 NC d. 24 Dec 1902 NC. Married Capt. Samuel Carmon 24 Dec 1872

(Sea captain) Samuel Carmon b. 31 Jul 1845 in NC was the son of  Joshua Carman, b. 11 May 1789 in 
Fayetteville, NC d. 07 Oct 1875 in Cross Creek, Cumberland, NC. He married Melinda Beebs 07 May 1844 (she
was my gr. great grandmother). He also married Ann Chisholm 22  Dec 1819 in Cumberland County, NC and m. 
Anne McIver 20 Nov 1837 in Moore County, NC.

Joshua Carman  was the son of Dr. Joshua Carman, b. 25 Jan 1763 in South Oyster Bay, Queens, New York, he 
died Sept 1801 in Fayetteville, NC.  He married Catherine Buck (born in Scotland)  July 1788 in Fayetteville, 
NC.  She died 1840 in Fayetteville, NC.  They had two sons, my  gr. great grandfather Joshua Carman and 
William J. Carman, b. about 1791 in Fayetteville, Cumberland, North Carolina.  d. 1867 in Fayetteville, NC.  
He married Julia Carver 16 April 1828 in Fayetteville, NC she died 1844 in Fayeteville, NC.

James Franklin Shine Woolvin was born 29 May 1869 in NC.  He was the son of Joel Wyley Woolvin and Mary Ann
Pridgen (b. 22 June 1827 NC, died 8 Oct. 1909 - her father was Robert Gray and Eleanor Bruton Pridgen).  
James had two sisters: Anna Woolvin b. 5 April 1858 in Wilmington, Hanover County, NC d. 6 Oct 1919 Wilmington.
She married Franklin A. Newbury 31 Aug 1876.  He was born about 1834 in Connecticut, d. 1900. 
Children: Daisey E. Newbury, b. Mar 1879 in NC & Annie Maye Newbury b. 16 June 1883 in Wilmington, NC

James' second sister was Laney Woolvin, b. 28 April 1862, d. 4 Nov 1943. She married Dally Ernest Pridgen 
b. 5 Nov 1873, d. 14 Aug 1930 (son of Leonides H. Pridgen of Green County, NC and Mollie Loftin of Green 
County, NC).  They had no children and she left her estate to Mary Eliza Woolvin, daughter of James Franklin 
Shine Woolvin and Julia Kathyrn Carmon Woolvin.

Dr. George Clinton Newby was born 1 Nov 1822 in Fayetteville, Cumberland, NC.  He died 16 June 1889 in 
Sanford, Moore, North Carolina.  He married Margaret Carmon on 20 May 1846 in Fayetteville, NC. She was 
born 22 Oct. 1827  in Chatham County, NC and died 6 Dec 1907.

Their children were:
1. Anna Robinson Newby b. 7 Mar 1847
2. George Larkin Newby b. 18 Apr 1849 in Chatham Co., NC  d. 31 July 1888 in Chatham.  m. 11 Nov  1873 
to Hannah A. Stuart
3. Mary Cecelia Newby b. 31 May 1851 in Chatham Co., NC d. 24 June 1882.  married 9 Dec 1880 O.K. McWilliamson 
in Sanford, Moore, NC
4. William Raiford Newby b. 25 Sept 1853 in Chatham Co., NC d. 6 Aug 1911. married Mollie Spence 19 June 1881.
5. Kate Carman Newby b. 20 Nov 1855
6. Frank Olmstead Newby b. 8 June 1859
7. Margaret Vance Newby b. 22 April 1864 in Chatham, NC
8. Julia Newby b. 4 April 1867 in Sanford, Moore,  NC 

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