Cumberland County 1900 Census
Seventy First Township
Newton's Precinct

MACKAY, Frank head b m Dec 1855 44 NC

sister b f June 1865 34 NC
BOLTON, Daniel A. head w m June 1855 44 NC
Susan E. wife w f April 1862 38 NC
Devereaux son w m July 1881 18 NC
Annie L. dau. w f June 1885 14 NC
Nellie A. dau. w f Oct 1899 7/12 NC
DEAL, Henry head w m Jan. 1828 72 NC
Sarah wife w f Sept. 1832 67 NC
Sarah dau. w f Oct 1862 37 NC
Wallie g-son w m Aug.1881 18 NC
Harvy g-son w m Mar.1892 8 NC
VAUGHN, ? head w m June 1852 47 NC
Coral dau. w f Dec 1880 19 NC
McARTHUR, John head w m Dec 1841 58 NC
Julia A. wife w f Sept 1841 58 NC
Duncan son w m 1879 21 NC
Mary J. dau. w f 1881 19 NC
Magrie S. dau. w f 1883 17 NC
Mand dau. w f Feb 1884 16 NC
CAMERON, Neil head w m Aug 1855 44 NC
Rebeca J. wife w f Dec 1853 46 NC
Richard son w m Aug 1875 24 NC
Emet son w m Dec 1885 14 NC
Lillie M. dau. w f June 1887 12 NC
Mattie dau. w f July 1889 10 NC
Cora K. dau. w f May 1891 9 NC
Rose A. dau. w f Sept 1896 3 NC

This part of the 1900 Cumberland County Census was subscribed and submitted by Jo Ann Shiver
"Errors were found in some birth years and ages, but that is the way it on the census". Jo Ann

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