Conference for Discipline Committee — First Baptist Church of Fayetteville NC

Record submitted by ElaineCarr

First Baptist Church, Fayetteville NC
Conference Saturday 16th Feb 1850

Pastor in the Chair.

Art 1st Called the names of the male members & marked those of them who were absent.

Art 2nd Called for the reading of the minutes of last Conference.

Art 3rd On Motion a door for the reception of members was opened, whereupon Sister Hanner Simmons & Sister Sarah A Watson came forward with their letters; the former from the Beaver Dam Church, Bladen County, the latter from the Little Rockfish Church, Cumberland Co. They were both rec'd. Bro Wm Watson also came forward with an individual letter of recommendation, the church from which he came was so badly disorganized that to get a letter of Dismission officially was next to an impossibility. The Church therefore laid the letter upon the Table. From their knowledge of his constant Christian walk for the last 12 or 18 months in connexion with the letter (which of curse has same wait) he was rec'd to membership.

Art 4th On motion the business on record was taken up in accordance with which Robt Mitchell's case came up for consideration. The Commitee who was requested to see & converse with him & get him to desist the practice of selling ardent spirits reported that they had not effected all that might probably be effected. The case was laide over.

Art 5th On motion the Vigilent Committee made their report. They reported Joseph Breece Senr [?] for intemperance. The Committee are requested to sight him to attend the next Conference of this Church & answer to the charge preferred.

Art 6th Bro Taylor handed in his resignation as one of the Watch Committee, on motion it was accepted.

Art 7th Bro Taylor submitted a statement of his account against the Church. A Committee to audit the account consisting of Brethren Beasley, Whaley & R. McDaniel were then appointed. They are to make their report at the next Conference.

Art 8th Bro W. B. Hall arose and made known to the Church the fact that he had had a difficulty with one Mr Wm Jordan, for which he was unfeignedly sorry & beged the forgiveness of the Brethren, it was granted with the request that he be more cautious hereafter.

Art 9th On motion the Treasurer made his report, which was accepted.

Art 10th A letter of Dismission was granted to Sister Elizh Palmer. A letter of Dismission was also granted to Sister Martha Wooten.

Art 11th On motion a Committee consisting of Brethren Taylor, Beasley & Whaley were appointed to procure the services of a Sexton for the present year.

Art 12th On motion the Conference adjourned.

Benediction by the Pastor. Jno M. Beasley Ch Clk (Transcribed as written. emc 06 Nov 2001)

Thursday Night, November 20th 1890.

Church was called in special conference upon request of Discipline Committee to act upon Reports ready to be disposed of -

Pastor in the Chair:

Committee presented the following reports, each of which were unanimously adopted:

No 4. Presenting Charges v.s. Bro Henry Ussry for continued periodical drunkenness with recommendations to withdraw fellowship.

No 6. Charges Bro John L West with continued profanity; recommends to withdraw fellowship.

No 7. Charges Bro Henry Morgan with drunkenness and heretical intentions and expressions to the brethren who were deputed to labor with and reclaim him; recommend withdraw fellowship.

No 8. Charges Sister W. S. Prior with denying our faith, in uniting with the Presbyterian Church of this town; recommending to withdraw fellowship.

No 9. Charges Sister H. E. Shutz with denying the faith, in uniting with the Hay Street M. E. Church; recommend to withdraw fellowship.

No 11. Charges Bro W. H. Neill with profanity and immoral conduct; recommending to withdraw fellowship.

No 12. Charges Sister Sallie Jordan McNeill with "nonfellowship"; recommend to withdraw fellowship.

No 15. Charges Bro Matthew Johnson with drunkenness. Bro Johnson appeared before the Committee and shared that he was repentant and craved forgiveness; the Committee recommends forgiveness.

Upon the adoption of the above reports -

Fellowship was withdawn from Mrs Sallie Jordan McNeill (Jno. S); Wm. H. Neill; Mrs H. E. Shutz; Mrs W. S. Prior; Henry Ussry; Henry Morgan and John L. West and Forgiveness granted to Bro Matthew Johnson.

The express purpose for the convening of this Conference having been disposed of, Conference stood adjourned.
Wm H Atkinson

Elder W. B. Oliver Church Clerk Moderator

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