The article on this page was published in the Weekly Standard, a Raleigh, North Carolina October 29, 1862 Issue: W. W. Holden, Editor.     Transcribed by Myrtle Bridges February 25, 2003
No community in the State has done more for the Southern cause than Fayetteville. The people of that 
place have contributed men and means without stint. We have heretofore recorded instances of this 
patriotic liberality on the part of our Fayetteville fellow-citizens; but we have the pleasure of 
recording today one of the most liberal donations, perhaps, which has yet been made. The following 
letter, which the Governor has kindly permitted up to publish, from Messrs. E. J. Hale & Sons, to 
Gov. Vance, speaks for itself:
									Fayetteville, Oct. 18, 1862
His Excellency Gov. Vance:
	Dear Sir:--Your eloquent appeal in behalf of our gallant and suffering soldiers cannot but stir 
the patriotic feeling of North Carolina from one end to the other-from your own mountains to the seaboard. 
As our own response, we forward to your address one hundred pairs of shoes. They are coarse, but are 
the only kind, and almost literally all that we can find in this place. We hope they will prove strong 
and useful.
									Very respectfully and truly, your friends,
									E. J. Hale & Sons

We commend this noble example to the invitation of our people generally. Every one can give something in 
aid of our brave and suffering troops. 
	By the way, it is not improper that we should state in this connection, that we have seen it mentioned 
in one of the newspapers that Mrs. E. J. Hale, of Fayetteville, has contributed 250 pairs of socks to our 
	We learn that contributions are coming in rapidly in response to the appeal made by Gov. Vance to our 

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