CAMPBELL - Miscellaneous research in NC Counties of Cumberland & Moore. Submitted by Cornelia Holmes.     Posted 12/10/99 by Myrtle Bridges.

List of 1777 Taxables (Moore was formed out of Cumberland in 1784)

Captain Campbell's District (All these lived in southern Lee county, formerly a part of Moore.)
Duncan Campbell - 100 acres
Charles Campbell - Lick Creek 116 acres
Alexander Campbell - 288 acres (son of John, d. 1757) Buffalo Creek; also, son, Matthew Campbell and Dau, Sarah Campbell. Witness:Charles Campbell
William Campbell - Pocket 127 acres
John Campbell - Little Governor's Creek 100 acres
Charles Campbell - --------------
Matthew Campbell - Chatham 360 acres

There is the possibility that William, John and Matthew were of age to own property, and Daniel, the baby, was born in 1780. Did Duncan and Christian, with their older children, immigrate C. 1780? prior to 1777?

The repetitious entry of 100 (acres) seems to have been only a nominal figure perhaps made by the list-taker himself- which served not only to the assesment of a tax, but also extended the right of suffrage to those owning a minimum of 100 acres. Many names of settlers appear in this list which are not to be found elsewhere. It is therefore a form of census.

Campbells in Census 1790 Chatham County, NC
Code: FWM+16 FWM-16 FWF S
William 1 5 2

Campbells in Census 1790 Moore County, NC
Code: FWM+16 FWM-16 FWF S
John 1 1 2
Charles 2 - 2
Charles, Esq. 2 1 3
Murdock 2 - -
Daniel 3 - 7
John 1 - -
Daniel 1 2 4
Duncan 1 2 3
Duncan 1 2 3
Matthew 2 - 6
Alexander 2 3 5
James 1 1 1
Charles 1 1 3
Angus 1 1 4
Angus 1 2 3

Duncan b. 1728 Census 1790 Duncan would be 62 years old in 1790
Christian b. 1739 Census 1790 Christian would be 51 years old.

Campbells in 1800 Census of Moore
Anquish #72 abcde-abcde-kl a. under 10 years
Charles #58 31010-10011-01 b.10-16 years
Dunkin #52 00201-01110-00 c. 16-26 years
Dunkin #54 20010-10011-01 d. 26-45 years
Margret #72 00100-02101-00 e. 45+ years
Nancy #41 10220-00001-10 k. free persons
John #54 11010-10010-00 l. slaves
James #51 11010-10010-00

Campbells in 1810 Census Moore County
Archibald #62 John #61
Alexander # 57 John #64
Alexander #67 John #67
Angus #62 John #68
Dave #68 Nancy #60
John #61 Samuel #61
John #61 William #67

Moore County Campbell Landowners in the Year 1815-------Southern Lee County
John 150 acres $150
Daniel 455 $500
Daniel 75 $50
Alexander 87 $120
John 206 $200
William 895 $750

Campbells in 1820 Census of Moore County
Angus- #302 John #302
Daniel- #318 John #301
Daniel #307 Nancy #303
Daniel #309 Samuel #311
John #314 William #312
John #299

Campbells in 1830 Census of Moore County (Jameston Townston Township)
Alexander# 454 George #478
Alexander Sr. #479 John Jr. #477
Angus #474 John Sr. #476
Daniel #477 John Sr. #474
Daniel #459 William #449
Florah #476

I looked up on the microfilm of Daniel, #459. Below are the persons listed as living with him in 1830. There are 13 people living together in one residence, ranging in age from 1 male under 5 years of age to 1 man between the ages of 90-100.
1 male -under 5 years 1 female 10-15 years
2 males 5-10 years 1 female 15-20 years
1 male 20-30 years 1 female 20-30 years
1 male 50-60 years 1 female 40-50 years
1 male 90-100 years 1 female 70-80 years

On the same page on which Daniel, #459, was listed, I copied the names of some of the neighbors whose names I recognized. The proximity of family names gives support that we are dealing with the Daniel Campbell family for which we are looking. John C. McDonald, Daniel Matthews, William Murchison, John McIntosh, William Cole, (Daniel Campbell), Thomas Cole, Kenneth McIntosh, Daniel McIntosh and Murdock McIntosh.

John Campbell,Jr, #477 is listed with the following neighbors. (There are a lot of people listed on the 20 pages between pages 477 and 457, and though "my" John Calvin Campbell is deceased, the names included were interesting.) ( This John was born between 1780 and 1790. His son is between 15-20, John is between 40-50, and his wife is between 30-40, so this is not John Alexander Campbell, b. 1807, son of Nancy Annie McCullum and Daniel Campbell.) The neighbors on this page that I knew were, Margaret McIver, Matthew Wicker, John McIver, Daniel McIntosh, Jr., Angus McGilvrey, Nancy McCullum, John Campbell, Joseph, and on page 475, Duncan Murchison.

My query to MCGS, January 1998 Researching: CAMPBELL Trying to confirm family of Duncan Campbell & wife, Christian, emigrants from Scotland before 1780. Adult sons settled in Pocket, Chatham Co, & Little Governor's Creek. Possible children of this family were; William, Matthew, John Calvin d. abt. 1825, Moore County (m. Jane ___ ), Daniel (1780 Moore County -1865 Moore County), (m. Nancy Annie McCallum), Catherine, who may be the second wife of Kenneth Murchison, and Duncan.

See census 1790..
We know that Daniel was born in 1780 (making him 10 years old at time of census, and Duncan may be a younger brother. The three females could have been his wife and two daughters. The most obvious problem, however, is how long after age 50, would Christian have been bearing children.

According to Alma Campbell Boyte, great grandaughter of John C. Campbell, John died when his son, Daniel Calvin Campbell, was 14 years old. (Daniel was born in June,1811.) John M. Campbell, brother of Alma, says that John and Jane Campbell were both buried in Murchison Cemetery. In the Murchison Cemetery records, there is a marker which reads, J. Campbell departed life August 4, 1821, Aged 48 years (cannot read initial on headstone, but can on footstone.) This J. Campbell was buried in the same area as John's brother, Daniel. If this is my John, he was born in 1773, and was about 7 years old in 1780, if he immigrated C. 1780 as Alma says.

North Carolina Taxpayers 1701-1786 Vol. 1, 1679-1790 Vol. II
All in Cumberland: Alexander, 1767, Charles, 1755, Charles, 1755, Daniel, 1767, Fuguhard, 1767, James 1767, John, 1755, John, 1767, Matthew, 1767, Patrick, 1767, and William 1767

Ships records:
Ship Jupiter of Larne to Wilmington, Sept. 4th, 1775, William Campbell, 28, Labourer, Glenurchy, Katherine Campbell, 32, His wife, Glenurchy, Robert Campbell, 2, His Son, Glenurchy: Duncan Campbell, _____.His son an infant, Glenurchy. Ship Batchelor of Leith. Port of Lerwich, 15th April 1774. Donald Campbell, aged 50, a farmer, married, has one son 12 years old, resided in parish of Adrahhlish, County of Sutherland of the Estate of Rae. Has hopes of meeting uncle in America. ( Thought: suppose Donald is another name for Duncan. This says he was born 1725. Sharon says he was born 1728. The son would have been born in 1763.)

Notice; Estate of Rae. The Campbells lived adjacent to the MacRaes in Moore Co

Scots in the Carolinas, says "John Campbell, Born in Scotland during 1762. Emigrated to America in 1788. Farmer in Moore County, NC, with a wife and five children in 1812." In 1812, John had three children, Catherine, C. 1806, Nancy, 1810 and Daniel, 1811. (Is it possible that John was married prior to his marriage to ------- Calhoun(?), and that is my John? Not likely..... Baby Daniel was born in 1780, in N.C., and that would be 18 years between the two brothers. Daniel's parents were here by 1780, and it is not reasonable that his older brother would not have come until 1788.

1815- Landowners in Moore County: John Campbell, Daniel Campbell, John Campbell, William Campbell

Notes from James M. Campbell to E. O'Connell Nov. 17, 1969. "John M. and Jane Campbell were my great grandparents. They were charter members of Euphronia Church. They were buried in the Becky Murchison Cemetery, which is about 2 miles from Euphronia. Daniel C. Campbell that you mentioned in your letter was the father of Mary Jane Campbell Sinclair. Also the father of Murdock W. who was my father. You mentioned F.A. Campbell being buried at Euphronia. She was the wife of Duncan C. Campbell a cousin to my grandfather Daniel C. My grandfather married Isabell McDonald. Her father was Angus McDonald who was also a charter member of Euphronia. John C. Campbell who was the oldest brother of Mary Jane Sinclair and Murdock Campbell was the grandfather of Dr. F. L. Knight. My great grand father, John M. Campbell had a brother, Daniel Campbell, who lived near Pocket Church. He was the great grandfather of Mr. Edgar Underwood who was Clerk of Court of Lee County for many years. There are several people in Sanford and Lee County who are descendants of him. He married Nancy McCallum. They were also buried in the Becky Murchison Cemetery. I have all the church records of Euphronia from 1819 until the present time. Your great grandfather, Duncan Sinclair was an elder for many years. I am the present clerk."

Notes from Alma Campbell Boyt."Grandfather (Daniel Calvin Campbell) was 14 yrs. old when great-grandfather died."

Letter written September 9, 1968, to "Cousin James and Mary" [Campbell] from Jim and Barbara. "Don and Ethyl Campbell sent me a letter September 29, 1957, (I have this letter in my file.) They gave me Grandfather Campbell's full name as follows- Daniel Calvin Campbell, dated his birth in the Campbell Family Bible,(which we have here in Redington Beach) is November 11, 1894. The Cemetery stone reads Nov. 12, 1894. November 11 is probably correct. The Bible reads Daniel C. Campbell is does not spell out the second name. In case you want to check for names of Cynthia Campbell's children look in the Court House records of Orders and Decrees Book 2 Page 42. Court House Orders and Decrees Book 6. Page 350-351 names the heirs-at law of John C. Campbell. This proves that John C. Campbell and Daniel C. Campbell were brothers. Several years before Elizabeth Kelly Campbell's death, (Lee's wife), I received two letters from her which I kept in my files. In one she refers to Grandfather Daniel Calvin Campbell and in the other one she refers to Grandfather Daniel C. Campbell. Also her letter states that there was some connection with the late Governor Williams whom as you know was buried near the old home place. So far I have found nothing to confirm this."

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