Creel Marriages - Cumberland County, NC

Transcribed and submitted by Jeanne Creel of Lecanto, Florida
Posted September 17, 2003 by Myrtle Bridges

1. James Creel married Betsey Brafford: January 12, 1832 Cumberland County, N.C. 
Film/Microfisch: # M516009 
2. Janet Creel born 1830 Cumberland County, N.C. married: Allen Powell 2/25/1851 Cumberland Cnty, N.C. 
Film/Microfisch: #F/A 471804 
3. Robert Creel b. 1843 Cumberland County, N.C. 
Film/Microfisch: F 8935306 
4. Winifred Creal married Joshua Brafford October 27, 1832 Cumberland County, N.C. 
F/M # 516004
5. Sion Creel married Elizabeth Faircloth October 16/1866 Cumberland County, N.C. 
F/m M516009 
6. Starkin Creal married Catherine Piner January 20, 1853, Cumberland County, N.C. 
F/M 516009 
7. Charles B. Creel married Louisa Biggs 10/6/1866 Cumberland County, N.C. 
F/M 51609

Source: Latter Day Saints IGI North Carolina Surname Creel

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