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 Alex Jackson son of Alex & Helen Jackson m. 7 July 1869 Charlotte Monroe dau. of Alfred & Margaret Cotton 7 July 1869 by Joseph C. Huske Wit: John Frey 
 Alford Jackson m. 24 April 1828 Isabella McRae. Witness, Jesse Jackson & McDiarmid, Clk.
 Alfred Jackson m. 7 Sept. 1866 Dilly Gaines  By David Fairley, V.D.M. Wits: Buck Murchison and J. T. Warden
 Alfred Jackson m. 23 April 1849 Lucinda Averitt  Wit. James C. Jackson & J. McLaurin
 Allen M. Jackson m. 21 March 1858 Mary N. Smith	By elder Reuben Fisher, Bap. Min. Wits. James Hales & Jesse T. Warden, Clk.
 Augustus Jackson	m. 13 Jan. 1859 Mary C. Culbreath By William Alderman, J.P. Wit. D. Alderman
 Ballard Jackson m. 26 Apr. 1860	Mary Elizabeth Ryals By I. M. Smith  Wit. Robert Williams & J. W. Warden, Clk.
 Benega Jackson m. 19 Oct. 1866  Amanda McLaurin Wits. Sampson Strickland  & H. W. Horne
 Biggers Jackson m. 30 Apr. 1828  Mary Whitley	 Wits: William Sewell & Jno. Armstrong
 Burgess C. Jackson m. 2 May 1861	Mary Ann Bethea	 by D. G.  MacRae Justice of  PeaceWits: Norman C. Bethea & J. T. Warden, Clk
 Cornelius Jackson	m. 7 Apr. 1849 Keisiah Lawson	Wits: Wm. J. McDiarmid & J. T. Warden
 D.W. Jackson m. 9 Dec. 1850	Margaret McMillian	Wit:  J. W. Hawley
 David Jackson	m. 18 July 1860 Margaret A. Carter by Wm. Alderman Justice of Peace Wit: Wesley Smith & Wm. H. Huske, Dep.
 David H. Jackson m. 17 Jan. 1833  Sarah Atkinson	Joshua Jessop & A. Mclean, Jr.	
 Gideon Jackson m. 16 Feb. 1849 Sarah Hair	Wit: W. H. Seawell & J. McLaurin
 Gillis Jackson m. 6 Mar. 1821 Rachael Turlington	Wit: Henry Nunnery
 Indaw Jackson	m. 8 Mar. 1850  Mary M. Killan	Wit: Riley Jackson & J. McLaurin
 Isaac Jackson	m. 29 Sept. 1831 Sarah M. Chapman	Wit: Louie S. Belden & D. McDiarmid, Clk.
 James Jackson	m. 11 Oct. 1834	Janet McGregor	Wit:  Malcolm Black &  R. McIntyre 
 James Henry Jackson m. 1 Oct. 1849 Eliz. Ann DeKizer	Wit: Duncan C. MacRae & J. McLaurin, Clk.
 Jeremiah Jackson son of James & Mary Jackson m. 8 Feb. 1871  Betsey Carter dau. of Henry & Matilda Carter by Elder Reuben Fisher  Wit: A.M. Campbell, Dep.
 John Jackson m. 11 Apr. 1817 Levitha Spicey Wit: I. T. Cushing & Robinson Mumford
 John Jackson m. 29 Dec. 1835	Eliza. Ann Norden	Wits: Peter Jackson, Jas. B. Borroughs & A. Mclean, Jr. Clk.
 John Jackson m. 5 June 1837 Nancy Bullard   Wits: D. J. McAlister & John L. Atkins, Clk.
 John Jackson m. 8 Oct. 1845 Eliza. Musclewhite Wits:	William Purnell  & D. G. MacRae
 John Jackson m. 13 Jan. 1848	 Anne Marie Ayers	Wits: Henry Calcutt & J. McLaurin
 John L. Jackson m. 10 Dec. 1853 Mrs. Vir. N. Faircloth  Wit: Stephen H. Averitt
 Joshua Jackson m. 12 Mar. 1842 G(ilermarilla) Pope Wits: Stephen Pope & Jno. McLaurin
 K. W. Jackson	m. 19 Aug. 1859	 Christian E. Williford	 Wits: Thomas Williford & H. W. Horne
 Kenneth Jackson m. 24 Dec. 1833 Elizabeth Hodge Wits: Malcolm McKay & A. McLean, Jr. Clk.
 M(enus) Jackson m. 11 Jan. 1840 Jane Webb  Wits: Robert Sikes & Jno. McLaurin, Jr.
 Nat. Jackson son of Cesire & Mary A. Burns dau. of Robert & Adeline Gilmore m. 30 Dec. 1869 Mary Eliza by Daniel G. McNeill, J.P. Wit: A. McPherson, Jr. 
 Needham Jackson m. 1 Feb. 1805 Elizabeth Howard Wit: David Calbreath & Robinson Mumford 
 Needham Jackson m. 17 Sept. 1849 Luncinda Hays Wits: Frances Spears &  J.T. Warden 
 Peter Jackson m. 26 Nov. 1844	 Betsey Tall Wit: Jno. W. Harvell
 R.A. Jackson m. 7 Dec. 1865 Mary A. Gainey by L. Culbreath Wit: A.B. Parker & J.T. Warden, Clk.
 R.G. Jackson m. 21 Jan. 1826 Molsey Carve Wits: Jesse Jackson & Chas. Rhodes
 Ransom Jackson m. 19 May 1853 Annie J. Taylor	Surrell Jackson & J. T. Warden
 Thomas Jackson m. 8 May 1815  Elizabeth McDonald Wit: Nicholas Fitzharris & Robinson Mumford
 Travis Jackson m. 18 Aug. 1858 Betsey Averitt	Wit: Blackman Jackson &  J. T. Warden, Clk.
 W(illiam) R. Jackson	m. 5 July 1860 Sarah Ann Averitt by Wm. Alderman  Justice of  Peace Wit: J.R. McDonald & J.T. Warden, Clk.


 Ann Jackson m. 28 Dec. 1812 Arthur Moore	
 Ann M. Jackson m. 12 Sept 1848  Simon Cameron	
 Annie P. Jackson m. 10 Dec. 1854  William Alderman	
 Betsy A. Jackson m. 19 June 1856  Nelson Bryant	
 Catherine Jackson m. 25 Nov. 1867  Richard Davis	
 Catherine Jackson m. 24 Aug. 1855  William Vink	
 Eliza Jackson m. 5 June 1840  Willie Simmons	
 Elizabeth Jackson m. 13 Feb. 1805  Murdock McLeod	
 Emma Jackson m. 2 Aug. 1860  David Baker	
 Fannie Jackson m. 22 May 1865  Carlton Bedsole
 Francine V. Jackson m. 20 Jan. 1855  E. B. King	
 Harriett Jackson m. 11 July 1848  William Nunnery	
 Helen Jackson m. 12 May 1868  Robert Evans	
 Jane Jackson m. 6 Apr. 1842  Hiram Edwards	
 Jane Jackson m. 3 Nov. 1849  James R. Wilson
 Jesse A. m. 3 Sept. 1822  Isaac Williams	
 Juliana Jackson m. 30 Mar. 1805  Samuel Anderson
 Linda Jackson	m. 7 Oct. 1850  Theopalus Bryant	
 Lucinda Jackson m. 21 Aug. 1867  David Jeffreys	
 Lucy Ann Jackson m. 22 May 1861  John C. Brock	
 Magdalina Jackson	m. 31 Aug. 1865  Silas Daniels	
 Malvina J. Jackson m. 18 Apr. 1871  William D. Munroe	
 Margaret Jackson m. 5 Mar. 1845  A. J. Mason
 Martha Jackson m. 20 Oct. 1843  Blackmon Honecutt	
 Martha E. Jackson m. 6 Mar. 1850  Peter McBeth	
 Mary Jackson m. 12 July 1860  Alvice Bookrum	
 Mary Jackson m. 18 Feb. 1823  Skinken M. Plumer	
 Mary A. Jackson m. 10 Feb. 1867  F. Campbell Smith	
 Mary M. Jackson m. 17 Mar. 1862  Stephen W. Hall	
 Nancy Jackson m. 30 Dec. 1830  Isham Hayes
 Nancy Jackson m. 4 Sept. 1803  John Legitt	
 Nancy Jackson	m. 4 Feb. 1855  Hugh Mason	
 Peggy Jackson	m. 7 Dec. 1858  John Carter
 Sarah Jackson	m. 8 Oct. 1823  Jonathan Evans, Jr.	
 Sarah Jackson	m. 24 Oct. 1829  Josiah Evans	
 Sarah Jackson	m. 13 June 1866  Hinton Faircloth	
 Sarah Jackson	m. 23 Sept. 1848  Manlief Sawyer	
 Sarah A. Jackson m. 6 Jan. 1867  Sauders Cashwell	
 Susan Jackson	m. 1 Jan. 1856  Allen A. McCaskill	
 Susan Jackson	m. 9 Sept. 1868  Jonas Williams	
 Susan E. Jackson m. 24 Sept. 1867 Edan Manule
 Winy Jackson m. 11 Oct. 1850	Alexander Norris
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