Patricia Melvin Earp wrote: "The Daniel D. Beard information was copied and circulated at a Beard reunion, held at Sharon Baptist Church in Cumberland County a few years ago. I have not personally seen the actual bible, but I am actively seeking to find it. Spelling and punctuation copied verbatim.

I visited the Beard cemetary (bottom of page) in November, 1998. It is in poor condition, with many stones fallen. It is located between Cedar Creek and Turnbull community in a wooded area off of the main highway."


Bring up your children in the admonition of the Lord.

Daniel D. Beard son of Neill and Edney his wife was borned February 1st, 1813

Sabrah Beard, his wife, was borned April 16th, 1811.

Sarah Cornelear Beard daughter of Daniel and Sabrah his wife was borned Sept. 6, 1841

Eleanor Katharine Beard was borned August 19th, 1842

Henry Wesly Beard was borned Febry 1st, 1844

Edney Elisabeth Beard was borned October 23rd 1846

Elmyre Landreth Beard was borned March 25th 1848

David E. Delphus Beard was borned July 12th 1849

Mary Caroline Beard was borned February 2nd 1851

Daniel Rufus Beard was borned January 19th 1853

Mary Beard wife of Daniel Beard was born July 12th 1828

Adline Panalda Beard was born June 26th 1855

Wm. Jas. Fulton Beard was born October the 1st 1856

Nancy Berrilla Beard was borned February the 10th 1860


Marriage is honorable in all.

Daniel D. Beard and Sabrah Smith was married October 29th 1840

Daniel Beard and Mary Smith were married on the 27th of June 1854

Sion Horn and Eleanor C. Beard were married may the 14th 1861

Thomas Fort and Sarah C. Beard were married Jan the 23rd 1865

James Johnson and Elmira L. Beard was married July the 22nd 1868

David E. Beard and Catherine L. Thaggard was married September the 8th 1869

Robert O.Beard and Mary C. Beard was married February 23rd 1879

D.D. Beard and Winey Smith was married March the 1st 1883

Carrie L. Beard and Robert S. Tatom wasmarried April 9th, 1893


Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord

Edney Elisabeth Beard daughter of Daniel and Sabrah his wife departed this lilfe January (blank) 1849

Sabrah Beard wife of D.D. Beard departed this life March 29th 1853

Daniel Rufus Beard departed this life October the 1st, 1858

Henry Wesley Beard departed this life April the 11th, 1860

Mary Beard wife of D.D. Beard departed this life April the 14th, 1860

Elmira Landreth Beard Johnson departed this life May the 4th, 1869

Nancy Berrilla Beard departed this life March 8th, 1884

Daniel D. Beard departed this life August the 20th, 1884

Eleanor Cathern Horne departed this life May the 4, 1887

(copied from original bible)


A. Miles Johnson August 16, 1876, March 9, 1933

Bethenia Beard wife of A. Miles Johnson, September 9, 1882 April 11, 1935

Luther H. Johnson, September 27, 1921, June 12, 1939

David E. Beard, Born July 12, 1849, Died March 14, 1913

Catharine L., wife of David E. Beard, March 27, 1850, September 21, 1912

Flora L. daughter of D.E. and C.L. Beard, September 31, 1877 July 25, 1894

J.S. Beard son of D.E. and Catherine Beard, October 15, 1891, June 19, 1893

Mary C. wife of R.O. Beard Feb2, 1851 Jan. 18, 1919

According to a living granddaughter of R.O. Beard, he too was buried in this cemetery, but grave is unmarked.

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