Dr. Benjamin Robinson departed this life at Monticello

Posted December 31, 2009 by Myrtle Bridges

Fayetteville Observer, (Fayetteville, N.C., Monday, March 09, 1857; Issue 588; col A

We are pained to announce that Dr. Benjamin Robinson departed this life at Monticello, his residence 
in this vicinity, yesterday morning at half-past 9 o'clock. He had reached the ripe old age of 81 years, 
of which about 52 had been spent here in the laborious practice of his profession, and in the performance 
of the various duties of a patriotic and public spirited citizen and Magistrate. Few men in North Carolina 
have been so well and widely known and so highly esteemed and respected. As a skilful physician and surgeon 
he was resorted to by the afflicted from a large extent of country. As a magistrate he had long been chairman 
of the county court, and an unflinching supporter of law and order. As a man he was one of the gentlest and 
most benevolent of human beings. Who of the thousands that have seen him in the sick room, can ever forget 
that kind face, beaming with intelligence, and brightening with hope, or clouded with anxiety for the relief 
of the sufferer? His faculties were providentially preserved in a remarkable degree, so that he has never been 
obliged by old age or infirmity to give up entirely the duties of his profession, and thus even within the last 
ten days he had gone his daily rounds. A severe attack of sickness, however, prostrated him about six days ago, 
and the worn-out fabric could not be repaired. He gradually and peacefully sunk to rest, sincerely mourned by 
this whole community.

Dr. Robinson was formerly Mayor of this town; and Marshal of the U.S. for Florida, by appointment of President 
Monroe, which office he resigned. In 1825 he was appointed by Mr. Adams one of three commissioners to treat with 
the Southern Indians. In early life he enjoyed the acquaintance and friendship of Mr. Jefferson, for whose memory 
he ever cherished the sincerest regard.

He enjoyed fully the confidence of all classes and parties. If he did not accumulate more than a very moderate 
competency, it was owing to his unselfish forbearance, which forbade his pressing his claims for the immense practice 
which he had enjoyed for so many years.

Dr. Robinson was born at Bennington, Vermont, February 11, 1776, and removed permanently to Fayetteville about 1804.

His funeral will take place tomorrow morning at 10 o'clock, from his late residence.

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