The data here is contributed by Charles R. Horton , a descendant of Doctor Farquahard Campbell. This information differs slightly from the existing "The Farquhard Campbell family data".

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Generation No.1 (This would be Generation No. 3 at Descendants of Farquhard Campbell)
1. Doctor Farquahard3 Campbell (Robert2,Farquahard1) was born December 10, 1818 in North Carolina, and 
died April 30, 1884 in Waverly, Walker County, Texas.(now known as Old Waverly) He married Gabriella 
Harriet Singleton February 26, 1846 in Marengo County Alabama, daughter of Robert Singleton and Harriet 
English. She was born February 26, 1827 and died March 31, 1878.
Children of Farquahard Campbell and Gabriella Singleton are:
          i.    Flora Rogers4 Campbell, b. October 2, 1847; d. August 8, 1852. 
          ii.   Mariah English Campbell, b. December 2, 1848; d. May 26, 1852.
          iii.  Elizabeth Campbell, b. September 2, 1850; d. June 12, 1851.
2        iv.  Sallie Singleton Campbell, b.October 5, 1851; d. January 30 1879.
          v.   Farquahard Campbell II, b. October 26 1853; d. January 8, 1856.
3        vi.  Gabriella Harriet Campbell, b. November 23, 1855; d. October 22, 1901, Houston, Harris Co., Texas.
          vii.  Robert John Campbell, b. July 14 1857; d. June 9, 1866
          viii. Benjamin Campbell, b. July 27, 1858.
          ix.   Farquahard Campbell III, b. November 5, 1860; d. April  30, 1874.
          x.    Margaret McAllister Campbell, b. December 30, 1861, m. Boyles.
          xi.   Martha Rebecca Campbell, b. September 6, 1870, m. Scott.
Generation No. 2
2. Sallie Singleton4 Campbell(Farquahard3,Robert2,Farquahard1) was born October 5, 1851, and died Jan. 30, 1879. 
She married Edward Wales Sewall December10, 1873, in Walker County, Texas, son of Francis Sewall and Sarah Singleton. 
He was born in Clarke County, Alabama, and died October11, 1911 in Houston, Harris County, Texas.
Notes for E. W. Sewall:
     E. W. Sewall served in the 12th Texas Cavalry, Company H during the War Between The States.
Children of Sallie Campbell and Edward Sewell are:
          i. Ella5 Sewall, b. October 3, 1874; d. October 28, 1875.
         ii. Edward Wales Sewall II, b. February 12, 1878; d. January 4,1880.
3. Gabriella Harriet4 Campbell(Farquahard3,Robert2,Farquahard1) was born November 23, 1855, and died 
October 22, 1901 in Houston, Harris County, Texas. She married Edward Wales Sewall May 20, 1880.
Children of Gabriella Campbell and Edward Sewall are:
          i. William Cleveland5 Sewall, b. July 29, 1881; m. Blanche Harding, November 23, 1910, Fort Worth, Tx.                           Tarrant County, Texas; d. December 25, 1842.
         ii.  George Goldwaite Sewall, b. April 22, 1883; d. March 28 1885.
4       iii. Sarah Ella Sewall(know as Sallie Sewall), b. January 6,1886, Houston, Harris County, Texas;                                   
d. September 7, 1940, Houston, Harris County, Texas
         iv. Singleton Campbell Sewall, b. November 18, 1887; m. Anita Fay, April 6, 1911.
4. Sarah Ella Sewall{known as Sallie Sewall}(Gabriella Harriet4 Campbell, Farquahard3,Robert2,Farquahard1) 
was born January 6,1886 in Houston, Harris County, Texas and died September 7,1940 in Houston, Harris County, 
Texas. She married George Frederick Horton II on November 27, 1906 in Houston, Harris County, Texas, son of 
George Horton and Albertina Kaapke. He was born September 24, 1881 in Texana, Jackson County, Texas, and died 
August 2, 1944 in Houston, Harris County, Texas.
Notes for George F. Horton II:
     George II ran a family owned construction and building supply company.
Children of Sallie Sewall and George Horton II are:
5.        i. Ella Campbell Horton b. November 10, 1907; m. Lynn Howell; d. November 1975; they had two children.
6.       ii. George Frederick Horton III, b. January 17, 1913; m. Ray June Schmidt d. June 11, 1999: they had 
four children.

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