Fayetteville Observer, September 14, 1857 Issue
September 29, 2008     Myrtle Bridges

When we announced, about three years ago, the finding and re-binding of the early records of Cumberland County Court, 
beginning in 1784 and extending up to 1788, we were not aware that they had been concealed by disaffected persons as 
early as 1776, as the following Resolve of the Council of Safety intimates:

"This Council having received information that the Records and Papers of the Inferior Court of Cumberland County are 
concealed by disaffected persons:

"Resolved, That Colonel Ebenezer Folsome make diligent search after the said Records and Papers, and receive the same 
if possible, and deliver them into the hands of William Rand, appointed by Congress to receive them. And it is recommended 
to the Justices of the said County, to make strict inquiry and search after the same, and all persons are requested to 
aid therein."-North Carolina Council of Safety, June 12, 1776. [Am. Archives, vol. 6, 4th series]

Judging from their appearance, they must, soon after the date of this Resolve, have come into the possession of William Rand, 
as a great part of them is in his hand-writing. They are interesting relics, well worth the expense bestowed on them. They 
can be seen at the Office of the County Court Clerk.

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