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"The following is a sworn statement by Neill McPherson, tailor, of Fayetteville in Cumberland County, NC, hastily recorded by his attorney in 1877 detailing Neill's immediately family structure. In this account, Neill does not name his father, but an 1839 Cumberland County deed states Neill's father to have been one Alexander McPherson [bringing the number of adult Alexander McPhersons in western Cumberland County around this time to four]. Neill's brother Hugh's estate of 1811 states Hugh's [thus Neill's?] father was Martin McPherson, Sr., and who probably was a Scottish immigrant. Martin, Sr.'s wife's name is unknown. Whatever her name, it is possible that she may have married twice—first to Martin McPherson and second to an Alexander McPherson. Further research is needed.

Also, Neill doesn't name his wife in his account, however, her name was Martha Lumsden. She was from Fayetteville and they married in 1839. Neill's brother [or half-brother?], Martin McPherson [husband of Elizabeth McRacken] was a prominent citizen of Fayetteville in the early to mid 19th century, and it is within Martin's and Elizabeth's son's [Hugh McPherson who died in 1854] 1877 Cumberland Co. estate settlement that Neill's sworn account may be found.

There was another Martin McPherson family in Moore County, and the same given names were used within that family; however, the two Martin McPherson clans do not appear to be closely related, if at all. I have much more information on subsequent generations of this clan. " —S. Edgerton

"In the Matter of the Administration of the Estate of Hugh McPherson
In Probate Court

Neill McPherson being duly sworn says
I was the Uncle of Hugh McPherson & that Martin McPherson was my brother / John McPherson, 
Hugh McPherson Alexander McPherson were also my brothers / Margaret Flora & Mary McPherson 
were my Sisters /

Martin McPherson is dead / his children John & Hugh both who died unmarried. Martin left no 
daughters —

John McPherson is dead. he left Flora Hugh & Isabella — (his children) Flora McPherson is 
living & the one served with notice. Hugh McPherson John McPhersons son is living about six 
miles from Fayetteville on M Rail Road. Isabella married Thos Munroe, both of them are living 
near Manchester in Cumberland Co.

Hugh McPherson my brother died in Mifsifsippi long before the war

Alex McPherson my brother is living 5 miles from Fayetteville

My sister Margaret is dead / She married Thomas Rhodes Sr. She lived & died in Moore County 
some six miles from Carthage / She left Children — David, Thomas, Martin and William, daughters 
Nancy, Lucretia Elizabeth. David & Lucretia & Elizabeth live in Moore County about 6 miles from 

Nancy Thomas & William are dead / Martin Rhodes is living near Maysville South Carolina

My sisters Flora & Mary both dead / they never married

I have two children named John Henry & Mary. Mary is married to Dr. J.C. Allred, they live in 
Florida, they have lived there since 1867 or 1868.

Hugh McPhersons mother was Elizabeth McRacken. James, Robert, Thomas & John McRacken were brothers 
of Elizabeth McRacken. She had no sisters / they are all dead, James McRacken he left children — 
Ann, Robert & William. William McRacken died unmarried, Robert McRacken I believe is living in 
Columbus County [NC] / Ann McRacken married Dillon Jordan & moved to Florida a number of years 
ago / they had children, Edward, Dillon, William / I do not know the name of the daughter / they 
are all nonresidents / all the brothers of Elizabeth McRacken died without issue but James McRacken.

Neill McPherson [signature]

Sworn and subscribed
before me this day
Jany 26 1877
A. McPherson Jr., Judge of Probate"
[Note: A. McPherson, Jr., Judge of Probate, was the son of John McPherson and Sarah Black McPherson, and brother of Catherine McPherson Gilchrist [wife of Sidney Gilchrist], Edward McPherson of New York City, and Colin McPherson [c.1828 — after 1857]. There may have been another brother and sister [Archibald and Sarah Martha?] who may have been the oldest children of John and Sarah B. McPherson. —S. Edgerton]

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