Bladen / Cumberland Grant entries, Plats, Warrants   1765-1789
Contributed by Bill Vanlandingham    Posted October 15, 2007 by Myrtle Bridges

"Robeson County was formed January 1, 1789 from Bladen County, a part of Bladen at that time was ceded to Cumberland county,
The northern line of Bladen was formerly the Earl of Granvilles southern  Line, A line of Latitude just above the Rockfish Creek.
Most of the Grant entries (plats, warrants, below) are available from the NC Archives. I am trying to establish the location of the
property of William Brafford, this listing may help everyone if we share information.
(Capt. Thames District 1800)
(Capt. Jacksons District 1810)"  Bill Vanlandingham

Bladen County 1786 Capt. BYRNE'S DISTRICT
Bladen County 1779 Tax List
Bladen County 1789 Tax list
Bladen County 1784 Tax list

Samuel Cain					1789 Tax list			670 ac 
Saml. Cain 					1779 Tax list			600 ac
Saml. Cain +												SW side of CFR

Joseph Butler				1779 Tax list			220 ac
Joseph Butler---------------Grant		1773	100 ac		on the East side of the NW river
												on Wilkesons Lake		

Barnaby Murrel +

Richard Singletary Sr.		1779 Tax list			640 ac
Richard Singletary Sr		Grant		1779	100		on the south side of Harrisons Creek
												begin at a pine near James Singletarys line
James Singletary (short)	1779 Tax list		1 Etown lot-
James Singletary Jr.		1779 Tax list			248 ac
James Singletary Jr.

John Bennet					1789 Tax list			250 ac
John Bennet +

Joseph Singletary			1789 Tax list		1 Etown lot
Joseph Singletary------------------------------West side of CFR
Mary Walker ---free negro

William Landsdell +

Terrance Conner +										SW side of CFR

Elizabeth Prickett			1789 Tax list			66 ac
Eliz. Prickett +

Elipha Fowler +

James S, Purdie				1789 Tax List		1 Etown lot
James S. Purdie 			1789 Tax list			1920 ac
James Saml. Purdie----------Grant		1778	195 ac		beg. at the upper corner of 400 ac

William McRee Snr.			1789 Tax list		4 Etown lots
William McRee				1779 Tax list			4550 ac
William McRee +										SW side of CFR

Aaron Plummer +

E . Lalleestedt +

James Council & Joseph Thames			Grant		1785	300 ac		on the east side of Gaulberry

Captain Peter Robeson--Tax Assessor for Bladen County in 1779			1300 ac
Peter Robeson---------------Grant		1771	100 ac		on Wilkinsons Creek
						    Grant		1774	80 ac		NE of the NW river on the 
												drains of Wilkesons Swamp
Mary Storm					1779 Tax list			none
Mary Storm +											Mine Creek--Lords Branch

James Cain					1789 Tax list			800 ac					
James Cain +											SW side of the CFR

Olives Cain					1789 Tax list			250 ac
Olive Cain +

John Rogerson				1779 Tax list			600 ac
John Rogerson +

John Oviter +

Peter Lord +				Grant					SW side of CFR

Thomas Scrivin				1789 Tax list			200 ac
Thomas Scriving				1779 Tax list			200
Thos. Scriving +
John Scriven				Grant		1757	200 ac 		on the west sid of the NW River
												beginning at Joseph Cain's corner

Peter Gates-----------------Grant		1780	100		on the Bare Swamp
Jonh Gates					Grant		1784	100		NE side of Gallberry Swamp

Joseph Plummer				Grant		1763	200 ac		NE side of the NW branch of CFR

Maliciah Burgess +

William Kirby +

Mary Wilson +

John Beard					1779 Tax List			670 ac				
John Beard					Grant		1767	50		SW side of Harrisons Creek Swamp

Agerton Willis				1779 Tax list			100
Agerton Willis

Joseph Willis				1789 Tax list			530 ac			
Joseph Willis				Grant		1786	50		on SE side of the NW river					

John Moore					Grant		1778	156		Mine Creek		

Benjiman Willis Estate		1789 Tax list			1300 ac
Benjiman Willis Sr.			1779 Tax list			1500 ac
Benjiman Willis				Grant		1772	300 ac		on the branches of Plummers Creek

Benjinman Lansdell			1779 Tax list			none				
Benjiman Lansdell			1789	200 ac		on Mine Creek

Matthew Byrne				1779 Tax List			none
Margaret Byrne				1779 Tax list			1280 ac
Margaret Byrne				1789 Tax list			1280 ac
										2 Elizabethtown lots
Margaret BYRNE 

John Hillard	+											Back Swamp

Jerimiah Willis				Grant		17781	175		 on the East side of the Great Marsh

William Godfrey				1778	100 ac		Great Neck

Morris Richards +

Joseph Thime				1779 Tax list			1040 ac
Joseph Timms---(Thames) and John Thames		Grant		1816	begin at a stake in Harrisons Creek

John Newberry +

James Jackson				1779 Tax List			2340 ac
James Jackson				Grant		1783	120 AC		SW of the NW river on a branch of Willis's Creek
James Jackson				Grant		1786	24  ac		on both sides of Swans Creek

James Ellis +

Jesse Thims					1789 Tax list
Jesse Thims					1779 tax list			900 ac
Jesse Thims

Robert Edwards				1779 Tax list			3000 ac
Robert Edwards--------------Grant	1775		500 ac 		on Harrisons Creek Swamp
						    Grant	1767		150		NE of the NW River on
												Hollingsworth or Harrison Creek Swamp
Abel Corbett				1779 Tax list			350 ac
Abel Corbet 				Grant	1779		100 ac		On Duns Marsh

Samuel Hollingsworth Sr.	1779 Tax list			3050 ac (Guardian for Carvers)
	''					    1779 Tax list			600
Samuel Hollingsworth				         	Grant	1773		300 ac		on the bend of Harrisons Creek Swamp
							1768		200 ac		between the head of Hollingsworth Creek
												and Harrisons Creek
							1765		100 ac		on the west side of Harrisons Creek
												near Locks Ford

Samuel Hollingsworth & John Beard			Grant	1765		100 ac		on Hollingsworth Creek Swamp

John Lock Sr. 				1779 Tax list			840 ac
John Lock					Grant	1766		300 ac		between the head of P. Wilkersons Creek Swamp
												and Harrisons Creek Swamp

Thomas Lock					1779	Tax list			460 ac
Thomas Lock					Grant	1793		150 ac		begin on the North side of Indian Creek
							Grant 	1735		190 ac		NE side of the NW River

Robert NcKonkey				1779 Tax list			562 ac
Robt. McKenkey +

Eliz. Lock

Joseph Lock					Grant	1799		100 ac		on both sides of the 
												Wilkerson Lake Drains
James Mash +

Eliz. Willis

Joseph Willis				1789 Tax List			320 ac
Joseph Willis

William Clark	(Duncan) ?	1819		50 ac		N side of the Horseshoe

Cielia Laurence

Daniel Willis Jr.			1779 Tax list			400 ac
Daniel Willis

John Small +

William Elmore +

May White  +

Garat Woodward +

Rebeka Lock +

Sarah Willis +

Rebeka Wilson

Robert Wilson +

Isaac Sims					1779 Tax list			1430 ac
Isaac Sims				-		Grant				-		Gallberry Swamp

Benj Simms					1779 Tax List			1220 ac
Benj. Sims					Grant		1770	 400ac			on the head of Plummers Creek

David Daniel +

William Thims
William Howard				1779				west of the great swamp

James Stone					1779 Tax list			100 ac
James Stone					1779				Ten Mile Swamp

Arthur Graham +

Thomas Thims
Avery Dye +

Stephen Hollingsworth

John McDaniel & Willim Reeves	Grant		1773	600			Eastern side of Harrisons Creek Swamp

Mary Clark												Horse shoe Swamp

Thomas Stepto +

David Holloway												Cumberland

Jesse Newberry	1768	SW side of CfR   Died in this county, on Saturday night, the 16th instant., of a lingering 
disease, Mrs. Caroline Newberry, wife of Capt. Jesse Newberry. (Sept 27, 1826 Issue Carolina Observer (M. Bridges)

John Newberry				1779 Tax list			970 ac
John Newberry												W of CFR

Isaac Jessop				1779 Tax list			300 ac
Isaac Jessup				Grant		1791	150ac			on the East side of Turnbull in the Hoopspole Neck
							Grant		1773	200 ac			on the Eastern side of Harrison Creek Swamp

George Thygert				Grant		1786	100 ac			NE of Harrisons Creek

Archibald Bone				Grant		1778	100 ac			on the south side of Buckhorn Swamp near the mouth

Daniel Beard +

Elizabeth Hollingsworth

Benj. Atkinson +

Wm Grey McDaniel +

Nathaniel Reeves				1779 Tax list			750 ac
Nathaniel Reaves 				Grant		1773	300 ac			NE of Harrisons Creek
Samuel Butler & Nathaniel Reaves			Grant		1768	100 ac			NE side of the CFR

John Stepto +

Thomas Howell					1789 Tax list
Theopohilus Evans				1789 Tax list
Edward Brafford					1789 Tax list			none
William Brafford				1779 Tax List			none	(next door to Zacariah Reeves) 
William Brafford				1784 Tax list			10 1/2 ac
William Brafford				1784 Tax list			1 Town Lot
William Brafford									1 male 21 to 60
										4 white males under 21 and over 60
										4 females under 21 and over 60
										5 white females

Robt. Council					Grant		1779	270 ac			on the south side of Buckhorn Swamp
John Plummer					1779 Tax list			130 ac

Jerimiah Plummer				1779 Tax list			71 ac

Jeremiah Plummer	1 white male 21 to 60				1778	73 ac	on the NE side of the NW river between
			1 white male under 21 and over 60						a piece of land that Ellipher Plummer
			2 white females									now lives on & William Plummers 
													back land
Jeremiah Plummer				Grant	10 Oct, 1787	100 ac			NE side of the NW River & NE of Wilkersons Swamp.

Joel Pitman +

Peter BYRNE					    Grant		1779	200			begin at a pine on Bee Tree Branch
								1767	150			on the west side of Harrisons Creek Swamp
Peter Byrne					    1779 Tax lists			150 ac
Laurence Byrne					1779 Tax List			50 ac	

Jesse Carver +

James Beard					    1779 Tax list			647 ac
James Beard +

William Anderson				1779 Tax List			260 ac	
William Anderson				Grant		1764	150 ac			on Harrison Creek Swamp laid out
													for William Anderson at a place
													called Toneys Camp

William Sims					1779 Tax list			10 slaves
William Sims +

John Lansdell +												Mine Creek ?

Joseph Cain					    1789 Tax list			1560 ac
Joseph Cain					 	Grant		1755	200 ac  			SW side of the NW river

John Singletary					Grant		1778	300 ac			N side of NW river

James Singletary Sr.			Grant		1775	300 ac			between watery lake drain and white oak swamp

Elphia Plummer					1779 Tax List			150 ac
Elipha Plummer

William Plummer

Zachariah Plummer				1779 	Tax list			200 ac
Zacariah Plummer				Grant		1778	100			on the NE side of Phillips Creek
								1786	100 ac			NW of the NW river on the NE side of Wilkerson swamp

Mary Robeson +

Samuel Butlers Estate			1789				960 ac
Saml Butler					    1779 Tax list			645 ac
Saml Butler & Daniel McDaniel	Grant		1767	200 ac			at the head of Jones Creek Swamp

Sampson Carver & Robert Carver	Grant		1784	100			In the fork between Buckhead and Beaver Creek
							    Grant		1784	100 ac			begin at a pine cormills line

John Purnell					1779 Tax List			200 ac
John Parnal						Grant		1782	150			North side of the Gallberry Swamp

Samuel Carver Wilson

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