The Estate Records of Daniel J. Colvin has been transcribed and submitted by Nelda G. Spires and posted by Myrtle Bridges on June 15th, 2001.


To Alexander McPherson, Judge of Probate:

The petition of Sarah Elizabeth, Polly Ann and Harriet Daniel Colvin infants of the age of 15, 11, & 8 years respectively by Harriet Colvin their mother and next friend respectfully shows:

  • That your petitioners Sarah Elizabeth, Polly Ann, and Harriet Daniel, are the minor children and heirs at law of D. J. Colvin late of the said County & State, deceased.

  • That as such heirs at law they are each entitled to own undivided one third part, subject to the right of dower of their mother, the said Harriet Colvin of two tracts of land viz. The Home tract of 200 acres and a tract of 119 acres know as Hill Branch. The latter tract is in dispute. Both tracts situate in the County and State aforesaid.

  • That the said tracts are worth respectively Fifteen hundred dollars and One hundred and eighty dollars. And produce an annual income of small amount which is entirely consumed in their support.

  • That your petitioners do not own any other real estate. And no personal property except their necessary wearing apparel.

  • That the said Harriet Colvin, as the widow of the said D. J. Colvin is entitled to dower in the land above described -- and that she has no means of support for herself and children (Your petitioners) except what she and they may acquire by their industry.

  • That the said infants have no general guardian.

  • That the tract of 119 acres above described is claimed by Duncan McCormick __?__ of the County & State aforesaid, who owns the lands on all sides.

  • That there is no timber whatever on the said tract. Which is of little value to your petitioners.

  • That in order to avoid expensive litigation and to compromise and quit all differences between the said Duncan McCormick and your petitioners in regard to the said land, your petitioners pray that they may be able to sell and carry to the said Duncan McCormick all their right title and interest in the said tract of 119 acres for the sum of One hundred and eighty dollars in cash. Which they are informed and believe is a large price for the same. And the said Harriet Colvin hereby offers to write in the conveyance of the said land. Your petitioners further pray that Edward L Winslow of the said County and State, who is in no way related to your petitioners may be appointed their special guardian for the purpose of protecting their interests in the sale above prayed for, and proper deed of conveyance to make and execute for the same by and under the direction of this court. And your petitioners within pray are - Sarah Elizabeth Colvin; Polly Ann Colvin & Harriet Daniel Colvin

    Fayetteville NC — Nov 19th 1872

    Sworn to & subscribed before me By their mother and next friend Harriet Colvin this 19th day of Nov 1872. A McPherson Jr Clerk

    D. B. Colvin and Wm. B. Ray being duly sworn say that they are well acquainted with the land where the tract of 119 acres described is said to be located in the above petition and that One hundred and eighty dollars is a large price for the same. He further swears(?) that the interest of the petitioners would be promoted by the sale above prayed for. Wm. B. Ray & D. B. Colvin

    Sworn to & Subscribed before me this day Nov 23--1872 A McPherson Jr., Clerk

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