Transcribed by Martha Hodgin Black   Note: These pages are written in different handwritings and are very difficult to read. Where ------and ( ) are typed, it is as written on the papers. My corrections and explanations are in [ ]. I have transcribed as written and as accurately as possible. The pages are not numbered, I have put them in order by dates. (Source: Cumberland County Original Estates NC 1758-1930 CR. 029.508.28 North Carolina Archives.      Posted April 17th, 2000 by Myrtle Bridges

To Alex. McPherson, Jr. Judge of probate for Cumberland County.

I hereby renounce my rights to administer on the estate of my late husband Moses Haywood in favor of T. J. Haywood Dated Sept. 1874.  Delia Haywood (X her mark) Daniel. Mc. n. Ray & Alex. Tiner

Cumberland County, North Carolina in Probate Court

Before A. McPherson, Jr, Judge of Probate

T. J. Haywood being sworn doth say: That Moses Haywood, late of said County, is dead, with - out leaving any will or testament; and that Mrs. Delia Haywood widow is the proper person entitled to Letters of Administation on the estate of the said Moses Haywood, who has renounced in favor of affiant. Further that the value of said estate, so far as can be ascertained at the date of this application, is about $150.00, and that T. J. Haywood, Avie A. Fort, Newton Haywood, Allman H. Honrine (child of Caroline Honrine formerly Haywood) Mifouri [Missouri] Fort; Frances Harrifs [Harris]; Flora Haywood; Loruiseau [Louretta] Haywood - Jeff Davis Haywood - & - Haywood child of Delia Haywood - and Delia Haywood widow of Moses Haywood. are entitled as heirs and distributees thereof. T. J. Haywood

Sworn to and subscribed before me, this 22 day of October 1874. A. McPherson Jr.Probate Judge.

Thomas J. Haywood Administrator. Qualified November 3, 1874


Inventory on Personal property belonging to estate of Moses Haywood An List of accounts found on The Books of Moses Haywood, Deceased, and returned to court by Tho. Haywood Admin - all money doubtful of collection Viz:

Martial McArthur    amt    $ 3.10
Malcom Lomouh     14.09
Ed Monroe     6.65
Mip--- Lomouh     4.74
John Blake     18.74
Ellin McNeill     11.17
Joseph Levey     2.55
Richard Ray     3.63
J. C. Price     332.39
D. J. Ray     16.85
Edmund Evans     9.76
David McDougald     54.06
Duncan Ray     101.55
Eoch Munroe     60.40
John Davis     6.82
------ Gradie     1.75
------ Roberts     16.55
Richmond Haywood     47.05
Jones & Fishin     11.72
Alexander Smith     23.45
Simon Brandt     11.70
Troy Eldridge     18.45
Amos Shaw     59.53
Neill Ray (Cal)     4.40
Alexander Scarboro     2.55
Wesley Kelly     49.22
John McCall     50.41
Wm. Thomas     22.04
John Ritten     67.64
Henry McDougil     2.20
------ Sessoms     11.67
Henry Carver     1.10
John McIntyre     1.67
Allen Shaw     13.21
Peter McPherson     47.98
Lewis May     66.68
David McCaskil     2.10
Allen Ray     2.00
Wm. H. Ray     26.26
H. J. Munroe     7.59
George McKoy     80.56
Daniel Munroe     1.60
Sandy Feinaldson     21.72
Mary Ray     1.00
Daniel Daroch     1.00
Anthony Faulk     2.00
Sandy McPhail     19.46
Calvin Munroe     9.46
Charly Snipes     2.95
Amos Shaw     62.73
Manuel Black     4.35
Mark Evans     1.70
John Carmickel     3.40
Daniel McRay     17.94
Henry Gillis     19.00
Daniel Shaw     .45
Simmon Hollingsworth     10.10
Samuel Kennedy     3.50
Wm. Chavis     2.25
Austin Evans     13.61
Wm. Porten     62.36
John Mcpherson     32.13
Janett Williams     4.57
Lusten Kelly     .50
James McKay     .60
Whit Munroe     3.43
Lewis May     66.48
Elias Hicks     1.75
Wood Beaney     1.75
William Gillis     8.01
Oliver McKay     3.10
Angus Pope     96.63
James Haywood     3.80
Sandy Martin     .85
Samuel Haywood     1.30
Frank Haywood     1.25
Paul Christian     3.00
Bill Domas     2.50
John McPhail     1.17
Amos Williams     1.25
Kinney Munroe     1.10
Arch. Kennedy     74.57
Ervin Cameron     78.00
John Tyner     18.35
Tiff Murchinson     13.67
Duncan Tyner     3.00
Harris McDaniel     10.85
James Tyner     23.53
Jim McBean     16.80
[illegible] Parker     3.49
John Kennedy     24.28
Troy Aldridge     23.65
Henry Carter     212.04
Hector McIntyre     66.41
Tho. Johnson     17.41
Henry McAlister     30.86
Henry Carver     1.10
Alexander Mc Neill     7.36
Alexander Smith     9.30
Henry McAlister     13.27
Wm. Pope     93.06
George McKay     32.23
Ervin Hase     26.85
Fred Shaw     46.66
Thos. Johnson     36.66
Wm. Porter     6.47
Henry Gillis     40.14
--------- Pope     162.15
Curtis Williams     41.39
William Gillis     138.13
---------Murigil     2.85
John McPherson     8.80
Jake McPherson     23.83
Wm. Porter     62.36    Total: $3140.20

All the above are desperate. There is also a judgement for $50.00 against Calvin Wooley of Montgomery Co. Doubtful.
There is about 400 acres of land in Cedar Creek Township, the title to which is claimed by other parties; and [blocked out in ink] it is covered by a mortgage given by the intestate to U. C. Troy.

Sworn to & subscribed before me this March 27, 1874 by T. J. Haywood, Administrator A. McPherson Jr, Judge of Probate Filed by Thomas Haywood, Admin. March 27, 1875

Filed March 27, 1875    Recorded in A/C Book   Pages 360, 361, & 362

PETITION TO SELL LAND - List of Heirs. Transcribed by Martha Hodgin Black

Thos. J. Haywood Admin of Moses Haywood  [illegible]
J. N. Haywood [ Jasper Newton-Resided in Beaumont, TX on this date.]  [illegible]

Petition to sell Land for assets Filed March 28/85 [illegible - This page has many ink marks and smears]

Page 2 North Carolina Probate Court Cumberland County. Petition to sell land for assets

Thos. J. Haywood Admin of Moses Haywood against.
J. N. Haywood

Alex Starling & wife Fora Starling

Ben Harris & wife Lou Harris

M. B. Fort -spouse
Thomas Fort - minor
Ellen Fort - minor
Laura Fort - minor

M. F. Fort [spouse]
Annie Fort - minor
Thos. Fort - minor
Mary Fort - minor
Bettie Fort - minor

W. J. Honrine [spouse]
Allmond Honrine - minor

Dora Harris - minor
David Harris- minor
Kinnie Harris - minor
Ola Harris - minor

[ The discription of the lands covering four pages, most of the handwriting illegible even the signature to whom this was subscribed and sworn. Date is 28 march 1885]

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