(Jesse W. Lee Cemetery)
Cumberland County, NC

Transcribed By Vicky Sutton & Susan Privette. Submitted by Vickie Sutton     Posted November 11, 2001 by Myrtle Bridges.

This Cemetery is located across from Hickory Grove Freewill Baptist Church. From I-95 take Rt 59 (Hope Mills Rd) West. At Rockfish Rd make a Left at the traffic light. Follow Rockfish to Stoney Point Rd. Bare Right on to Stoney Point Rd. The Cemetery is located on the Left, at the corner of Stoney Point Rd and Barefoot Rd. Fenced and maintained.

ONE STONE           
YOUNG   Rolandas D. 7/15/1908   5/27/1997   Father
YOUNG   Avy Lena Lee    12/21/1904      Mother
HATHAWAY    Nedgie Lena Young Gilbert       12/21/1941  
    ONE STONE           
BLACKWELL   James W.    4/2/1929        
BLACKWELL   Emmie Y.     2/25/1933      

    ONE STONE           
SPORTS  Annie   1883    1955    
SPORTS  Lokley Richard  9/20/1873   6/26/1966   

LEE JR. Clarence Andy   D:--/29/197-        Metal Marker

    ONE STONE           
LEE Jessie  4/18/1883   7/8/1964    
LEE Avy Jane    7/3/1884    1/17/1977   

    BORTHER'S PORTER            
PORTER  Charles H.  9/26/1933   11/14/1981  
PORTER  Sam L. Jr   11/22/1944  11/2/1993   
    Military Stone For Charles Porter           
PORTER  Charles Hector  9/26/1933   11/14/1981  A 3C US AirForce Korea

LEE Evelyn M.   1924    1965    

BLACKWELL   Brenda Sue  9/23/1952   8/20/1998   Age 45

    ONE STONE           
LEE  Jesse W.   10/9/1913   8/28/1991   US Army WWII - Father
LEE  Alice L.   10/4/1925       Mother

 Hello, I'm writing you in regards to the Hickory Grove Cemetery on Stoney Point Rd. 
The cemtery's name is actually the Jesse W.Lee Cemetery. I'm the great granddaughter of 
Jesse W. Lee. Jesse W. Lee married Avy Jane Barefoot. Avy Jane's parents owned quite a bit 
of land,out in the Seventy-First township. When Jesse married Avy, they were given land. As 
the years went by, Jesse bought more land. The land where the Hickory Grove Baptist Church 
is at, was Jesse W. Lee's land. Jesse and Avy founded the church. Jesse Lee died in 1964, 
when he died, he left behind his wife Avy, 13 children,85 grandchildren,and 86 great grandchildren. 
   In July of 1972, my great granny Avy Jane made it in the newspaper at 88 years old. Avy was 
armed with a rifle and a jug of ice water, sitting underneath a big oak tree at the Hickory Grove 
church declaring was on a minister by the name of Bobby Bunnells. Avy was upset to changes being 
made to her beloved church. She objected to a construction project that was under way at the 
church. Avy said, that Rev. Bunnells is making the chuch "look like a honky-tonk joint."
  The funniest part of the story to me is when she talked aboutg the change of philosphy in the 
church, and how they wouldn't listen to the older members. She was upset that a lot of them moved 
away to other churches, "But",she added firmly, patting the stock of her Winchester,"I'm gonna 
make'em listen this time."
   I don't remember my granny. She passed away in 1977. I was only 2 years old then. But one thing 
is for sure, I am proud to say that Avy is my granny. Even in age, she stood up for what she believed 
in, and she didn't cower down. You can't help to admire her for that.  Lori Mason

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