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Groom                             Bride                          Date

HOLLINGSWORTH Augustus J.        SPENCE, Betsey                  08/09/1856
HOLLINGSWORTH B. F.              LUNDAY, Martha J.               01/16/1866
HOLLINGSWORTH Edward J.          HALL, Mary M.                   08/11/1867
HOLLINGSWORTH Edward J.          HALL, Mary M.                   12/10/1867
HOLLINGSWORTH Issac              PLUMMER,------                  06/16/1845
HOLLINGSWORTH Jno.               ANDERSON, Catherine             05/25/1836
HOLLINGSWORTH John               MCNEILL, Eliza                  04/08/1814
HOLLINGSWORTH John               THOMAS, Molsey                  08/09/1809
HOLLINGSWORTH Johnathan          EVANS, Rebecca                  08/16/1841
HOLLINGSWORTH Saml. Sr.          MURPHY, Sarah                   12/25/1804
HOLLINGSWORTH Stephen           EDWARDS, Mary                   05/14/1825
HOLLINGSWORTH W. J.              MARSH, Mary C.                  12/20/1871
HOLLINGSWORTH William            HAIR, Nancy                     10/05/1825
HOLLINGSWORTH William            CLEMENTS, Janet                 03/13/1845

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