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In the name of God Amen. I John Murphy of the County of Cumberland in the State of North Carolina being in low state of health, but of perfect sound disposing mind and memory, and knowing that it is once appointed for all men to die, and as touching such worldly substance as it hath pleased God to bless me with in this life, I do will and bequeath the same to my children in manner following after my just debts (if any) and funeral expenses shall be paid by my Executor hereafter to be named.

I give and bequeath in the first place to my Son William Murphy the Plantation whereon I live and all the land that I have on the East side of Cape Fear River being about five hundred acres to him and his heirs or assigns forever together with my Slaves Amia, Tom and Sam, and all my plantation tools, ?tunnery? tools, kitchen and household furniture of every description, except what I shall hereafter reserve for my daughters, and for the support and maintenance of my daughters whilst they remain with him. I do will to him all my provision, and Stock of horses, cattle, hogs and sheep, with this reservation, that as each of my daughters may marry off or choose to leave him that he give each of them two Cows and Calves or other Stock Cattle of that value.

Secondly. I give and bequeath to my Son Andrew Murphy my negroe Boy George. Thirdly. I give and bequeath to my son James Murphy my negroe boy Jacob.

Fourthly. I give and bequeath to my Daughter Anne Murphy my negroe boy Dick, and one feather bed & beding furniture and two Cows and calves as above mentioned.

Fifthly. I give and bequeath to my Daughter Mary Murphy my negroe boy Daniel & one feather bed & beding furniture, and two Cows and Calves as above mentioned.

Sixthly. I give and bequeath to my daughter Eleanor Murphy my negroe girl Pegg and one feather Bed and beding furniture and two Cows and calves as before mentioned.

Seventhly. I give and bequeath to my daughter Isabella Murphy my negroe Boy Fed or Frederick and one feather Bed & beding furniture and two Cows and Calves as before mentioned and also my negroe Girl Nancy with a reservation hereafter to be made.

Eighthly. I give and bequeath to my Daughter Elizabeth Murphy my negroe woman Charity and her child John and one feather bed and beding furniture and two Cows and Calves as before mentioned.

Ninthly. I give and bequeath to my Son John Murphy my negroe Girl Viney provided that my negroe woman Charity who I have willed to my daughter Elizabeth should survive her present sickness & live one year from the date of this my last Will and Testament, but should the said negroe Charity die within the time above mentioned then it is my Will and divise that the said negroe girl Viney be the property of my daughter Elizabeth & not of my Son John and further I do give unto my said daughter upon the same condition my Negroe Girl Nancy given to my daughter Isabella with a reservation, but should it please God to restore the said Charity to her health again & she should live one year as aforesaid then my son John is to have Viney & Isabella to have Nancy.

Tenthly. I give and bequeath to my Grandchildren, which my daughter Jane bore to Robert Murphy each the sum of five dollars.

I give and bequeath to my Son William Murphy my Still and every other species of property not specially willed which I possess, Except my Lands lying about 250 acres, that I desire & devise my Executor hereafter mentioned to sell in the most advantageous terms either at public Sale or private bargain & the same to convey to the Purchaser and the money arising from said Sale to divide equally among my five daughters, Anne, Mary, Eleanor, Isabella and Elizabeth.

Lastly I do hereby nominate, constitute, and appoint my Son William Murphy Executor to this my last Will and Testament, revoking all others hereafter made. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and Seal this twenty sixth day of February in the year of our Lord, One Thousand Eight hundred and thirteen. John Murphy SEAL

Signed Sealed, and Published by
The Testator to be his last Will and Testament in presence of us
John Dickson X
Archibald McLeron
Archibald Holmes X

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