Hope Mills, Cumberland Co.

Surveyed and contributed by Debi Florez     Posted April 17, 2005 by Myrtle Bridges.

"This is a small family cemetary located in Hope Mills, Cumberland County, NC on the corner of River Road and Cameron Road where they join at Legion Road

I came across this cemetery about a year ago,and I've been meaning to stop and investigate it but I only recently found the time during the daylight hours to do so--there are 20 graves, 2 small and unmarked. I spoke to the woman next door to it, and she told me that she had spoken to Mary L. Johnson (b: Dec 22, 1904 -d: Feb 21, 1998) numerous times prior to her death. She told her that some of them dated back to the 1840's, however, the earliest date that I found was in 1863,so she may have been referring to the unmarked stones. I was unable to read all of what was contained on the headstone of young Nellie Mildred but judging from the placement between the other Robinsons, I believe she was the d/o William J Robinson and Elsie May (shared headstone), and sister of Myra Robinson, and James Madison. (I may try doing a tracing on young Nellie's tilted headstone another day,when time allows,in the hope that it will reveal more detail) Mary L also told her that most of her family now lived up in Virginia (note the fact that no one had been interred there since 1969,a 29 yr gap). I hope this will be useful for someone researching Johnson/Robinson/Smith/Cameron lines in this area." Debi
Annie Jane Johnson wife of James P Smith  Dec.31, 1900   Dec 13, 1951
James P Smith  Sept 9,1899  Mar 4,1954
Andrew Jackson Johnson  Feb 15, 1912   Apr 15,1967
Thomas Franklin son of  A. J. & Louise Johnson   Aug 9, 1944   May 9, 1957
Mary L. Johnson  Dec 22, 1904   Feb 21,1998
Callie Crutchfield wife of  James H Johnson  Jul 9, 1873  Apr 22, 1931
James Hughey Johnson  Apr 3, 1863  Apr 7, 1923
Flora Kate Cameron wife of  James H Johnson  May 29,1868  Feb 1,1892
Clarence Cameron son of James H & Kate C. Johnson Oct 6,1888  Dec 13,1891
James Hughey, Jr. son of  James H. & Callie C. Johnson  Apr 16,1908  Jun 20,1909
Elizabeth Harrington daughter of James H. & Callie C. Johnson Jan 28,1918  Apr 1,1918
Thomas Alexander son of James H. & Callie C. Johnson Dec 29,1913  Apr 28,1919
Robinson William J. Mar 13,1882  Aug 13,1946
Make in us an humble dwelling         (shared headstone)
Elsie May  Aug 29,1890  Oct 13,1943
Myra Robinson  wife of  Paul V Johnson  Nov 28,1916  May 4,1969
She died as she lived, trusting in God
Nellie Mildred daughter of [?]  Nov 28,1910  Feb 4,1919
James Madison son of William & E.M. Robinson  Aug 15,1914  Feb 4,1928
Weep not, he is not dead, but sleepth     Luise iiii 52-- [I'm guessing this is signature 
of the person who crudely carved the message]
A small upright stone marker with the initials JMR 
A small upright stone markers w/o markings

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