The articles on this page were published December 07, 1864 Issue: in the Weekly Standard, a Raleigh, North Carolina newspaper. W. W. Holden, Editor.     Extracted by Myrtle Bridges March 07, 2003

It will afford no little surprise to our citizens to learn that one of their strongest 
anti-Holden candidates, recently elected to the Legislature from this county and Harnett, voted for a 
"straitest sect" died in the wool Holdenite against one of the citizens of this county who, with his 
friends, supported that same anti-Holden candidate! Our people well know that Walter Huske, Esq., of this 
place, was a candidate for Engrossing Clerk. Gen. A. D. McLean, so strictly anti-Holden that all others 
who did not agree with him precisely, were unsound, voted open and above board for Mr. J. T. Leach, a son 
of Hon. J. T. Leach, of Johnston county, for Engrossing Clerk of the Legislature, against Walter Huske. Is 
not this an admirable specimen of consistency?-Fayetteville Carolinian

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