Fayetteville Observer, February 17, 1896

Posted January 19, 2010 by Myrtle Bridges

Mag ROYALS, a white woman living in Campbellton, fell in a well Saturday night, and but for timely 
assistance would have been drowned. There is a well fifteen feet deep near the abandoned factory at the 
Halfway bridge. From this well Mr. J.W. MAULTSBY, who was crossing the bridge, heard the most unearthly yells 
coming. He hurried to the spot and, looking, saw Mag hanging to a pipe with her hands and churning the water 
with her feet. With the help of others he soon fetched her out, sound and hearty, but grieving over the loss 
of her hat and spectacles. After much maneuvering the hat was fished up and handed to the woman, whereupon, a 
large green frog jumping out, she dropped it and fled. The specs were also recovered, but Mag could not be found.

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