Submitted by Cathrine Cashwell   February 04, 2003

July 7, 1859 

DIED,  In Cumberland Co., N.C., on the 18th June, Mrs. Martha Marsh, aged 72 years.  Sister Marsh 
was baptized in the fellowship of the Cape Fear Baptist church, by Brother William Thames, 64 years 
ago, and for half a century she lived a faithful and devoted Christian.  It may be said of her, that 
she lived religion; nothing had more of her thoughts.  There was nothing upon which she loved to 
converse more than she did upon the love of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the advancement of his kingdom; 
but her work is done, the battle fought, the race ended, and the victory won.  She is gone to that 
home in heaven that was prepared for her.

To her children and numerous friends, we would say, weep not, for though she is gone, she is not lost.  
You, if faithful to your Lord, will meet her again, where there will be no more separation, and where 
all tears will be wiped away.  Let us rejoice then to know that she has suffered out her three score 
years, Till her deliverer came, And wiped away his servant's tears, And took his exile home   Pastor

Martha Beard Marsh born March 23, 1787, was the last of six children, born to John Beard (d. 1799) and 
Mary Thames (d. 1787).  August 3, 1809, she married Absalom Marsh (1782-1842).  They lived all their lives 
in the Gray's Creek Township.

Submitted by:   Cathrine Marsh Cashwell, great, great, great grand-daughter

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