A private family cemetery adjacent to the Massey Hill Baptist Church on Southern Avenue Community of Massey Hill, Fayetteville.

Elaine Carr wrote: "I have a list of names sent to me by a cousin, Juanita Massey McClintick, who said the
list was given to her by her father, William Randolph Massey. He told her all these folks were buried in the 
Massey Hill Family Cemetery, which is a private family cemetery adjacent to the Massey Hill Baptist Church on 
Southern Avenue.  There are only two tombstones visible - those of William Henry Massey and his wife Holland 
Powers Massey.  They are located on the north side of the church, surrounded by a block and pipe fence.  There 
are at least three unmarked graves, two within the enclosure and a third partially inside it and partially outside 
it (the back of the block/pipe fence bisects it).  There has been some question about what happened to all of these 
graves.  None of them has been found relocated in other cemeteries, except Susan Massey Mitchell, who was reinterred 
in Cross Creek Cemetery #2, Block 22, with her husband and several young children. Note: Only two graves currently have 

Elaine's message is a great example of why we should share our cemetery knowledge with others. It is sad to say that grave 
markers are disappearing everyday. Let's not allow the location of a family member's final resting place to be forgotton, 
simply because there is no longer a marker there. Tell someone. Thanks, Myrtle.

Anyone who would like to submit cemetery listings are encouraged to contact Myrtle Bridges. 
Your help is appreciated. 

Hales Joel  Aug 2 1868  Feb 20, 1947
Hales Josephine  died Nov 1942
Massey David Shepherd    Feb 6, 1856   May 27, 1922  
Massey Holland Powers   Apr 3, 1832  May 28, 1904 (wife of William -tombstone visible)
Massey Mary Elliott   Sep 25, 1797  June 20, 1878 (wife of Thomas)
Massey Thomas A J (Jack)   (born ca 1833-34)  July 1, 1858
Massey Thomas Howard   Dec 24, 1793  Feb 17, 1875
Massey William Henry   Feb 14, 1827  March 22, 1862  (tombstone visible)
Mitchell Susan E Massey   Feb 6, 1829  June 27, 1882 (Reinterred in Cross Creek #2 with her husband, Robert Mitchell  Feb 6, 1827  April 28, 1875)
Watson Edwin Douglass   Died in Infancy (son of William & Sarah)
Watson Sarah Massey   June 4, 1831  May 19, 1882
Watson William   Mar 31, 1825  Dec 12, 1879 (husband of Sarah)

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