The Maultsbys of Carver's Creek

The research notes on this Maultsby family were submitted by Jeff Ledford
Posted by Myrtle Bridges July 10, 2002

The Maultsby's were Quakers from Pennsylvania. In the early 1700's they settled in Bladen County, NC in the 
Carver's Creek area. The cemetery where the early Maultsby's are buried had only field rock markers and all 
the stones were pulled up before the cemetery was cataloged. 

William Maultsby was born 1660 in Nottingham England, and died 1699 in Philadelphia PA.  He married Margaret 
"Mary" Rhodes July 19, 1689 daughter of John Rhodes and Elizabeth Jessup. She was born November 30, 1662 in 
Chesterfield Derbyshire England/Chesterfield, and died December 06, 1706 in Philadelphia PA.

Their Children:

John Maultsby Sr., m. Mary Anthony Woodward  
Mary Maultsby, b. January 07, 1692
William Maultsby, m. Rose Rees
b. October 18, 1695    b.
d.                                d.
           Their Children:
           John Maultsby, m. Lydia Johnson d. 1809
           David Maultsby,
           William Maultsby,
           Benjamin Maultsby,
           Hannah Maultsby, m. Moses Frazier
           Eleanor Maultsby,

Elizabeth Maultsby, b. October 25, 1695

Merchant Maultsby,  m. Elizabeth Parker    He was born at sea on the Ship Bristol Merchant
b. November 07, 1697     b.
d.                                     d.
           Their Children:
           William Maultsby,
           Merchant Maultsby Jr.,
           John Maultsby,
           Morris Maultsby,
           Mary Maultsby,
           Sarah Maultsby,

David Maultsby, b. January 20, 1699 after his father died.

John Maultsby Sr.  m. Mary Anthony Woodward
b. May 04, 1690         b. 1694    
d. July 20, 1757         d.
They were married on August 10, 1713 in PA. She was the daughter of Anthony Woodward and Hannah Folkes.

Their Children:
William Maultsby Sr. m. 1st. Ann Carver  2nd Margaret Duncan
John Maultsby Jr., b. March 30, 1716
Hannah Maultsby, m. Roger Roots
Mary Maultsby, m. ----------Stern Known Child:  Isabella Eddy Stern, m.  Abraham Nunnmaker.
Sarah Maultsby, m.----------- Shepard
Joseph Maultsby,  d. 1727
Anthony Maultsby, b. May 1714

William Maultsby,    m. Ann Carver,   2nd Margaret Duncan
b. 1720                          b. 1730               b. 
d. 1780                          d.                        d.
He was born and died in Bladen County, NC. Ann Carver was the daughter of James Carver of Carver's Creek Township.  There was a Quaker Meeting House there for many years.
The Children of William and Ann Carver:

William Maultsby, m. 1st Margaret Duncan, 2nd Ann Evans (Daughter of Theophilus Evans)
b.                                    b. March 25, 1757.                                b.
d. .                                  d. March 08, 1836                                 d.
The child of William Maultsby Jr. and Margaret Duncan:
        Hannah Maultsby, m. John Murchinson, b. February 28, 1783; d. August 17, 1860
The children of William Maultsby Jr. and Ann Evans:
        Elizabeth Maultsby, m. John Basil Manly
        Rebecca Maultsby, m. Benjamin Willis
        Sarah Maultsby, m. Edward Gates

Thomas Maultsby, m. Sarah Jones

John Maultsby, b. between 1761 an 1770. (He was put out of the Meeting House for drinking and rowdy behavior.  
I found this in the minutes of the Carver's Creek meeting house.)

Thomas Maultsby,  m. Sarah Jones
b. 1760                        b. between 1765 -1770
d. March 12, 1812      d. September 18, 1832

Their Children:
Josiah Maultsby, b. 1792 d. 1847 m. Lucy Ann Powell, b. 1790 m.3/07/1816 Columbus Co. NC 
Samuel Maultsby, m. Mary ----------------
Neil McDuffie Maultsby, .b between 1790 and 1795 d. February 07, 1847
Carver McNeil Maultsby, b. 1804 d. 1885 m. Mary Ann Smith

Samuel Maultsby,                 m.      Mary ------------------------
b. c. 1794                                      b. 1797
d. after 1830                                 d. Sept. 18, 1843

Mary Maultsby married Washington Musgrave on April 9, 1837. She is buried in Cross Creek Cemetery II in her 
son David S. Maultsby's plot.

The Children of Samuel Maultsby and Mary Maultsby 

Frances Selph Maultsby, b. April 4, 1815  d. July  6,  1821

David Shepard Maultsby,     m.   Altonia Jane Thompkins
b. Dec. 14, 1822                          b. Dec. 4, 1820
d. June 20, 1887                           d. Dec. 24, 1875
Married on Sept. 4, 1843

Buried: Cross Creek Cemetery II
Civil War Veteran: Company D&G, CSA- Private Enlisted Sept. 2, 1863
 Their Children:
             John Maultsby,   m. Laura Kate Colis  2nd Eugena Blanton
             b. Oct. 10, 1843     b. Dec. 12, 1850           b.
             d. June 16, 1919     b. Dec. 7, 1891             d. August 7, 1928
                         Their Children
                         Charles Maultsby, b. Jan. 15, 1877 d. Jan. 9, 1939
                         Ralph Maultsby,

           Sarah Maultsby, b. 1846
           James Maultsby, b. Jan. 29, 1848 d. July 26, 1917
          David Shepard Maultsby Jr.,    m.   Alice Warrick 
          b. 1851                                          b. 1882
          d. 1921                                          d. 1946
Thomas Maultsby,   m.          Ellen Lenore Ray
          b. March 20, 1853          b. Sept. 17, 1855
          d. March 16, 1926          d. Jan. 22, 1888
          Benjamin Maultsby,  b. 1855
          Catherine Maultsby, b. 1857
          Richard Shire Maultsby, b. Sept. 1862 d. Dec. 12, 1916
David Shepard Maultsby,  Married Elizabeth Ellis Sedberry
                                                    b. August 25, 1839
                                                    d. Feb. 23, 1915

John Selph Maultsby     m.    Caroline Frances Boon  (See Maultsby photos here)
b. Nov. 1, 1825                     b. Feb. 17, 1826
d. Nov. 29, 1883                   d. March 21, 1893
Married Nov. 11, 1847
Interned: Cross Creek Cemetery II
              Fayetteville, NC
Civil War Veteran: Company E - Private CSA.  Enlisted  09/02/1863
Occupation: Farmer

Their Children:
Mary Maultsby, b. 1849
Laura Catherine Maultsby, m. Archibald Russell   m. 1/15/1867
b. 1851                                     b.
d.                                              d.

William Shepard Maultsby,  m. Della Ledonia Gill

Margaret Anne Maultsby,    m.   Charles Henry  Calais
b. 1855                                         b. 1854
d. 1904                                         d. 1894

Frank Selph Maultsby,  m. Mary Julia Britton 
b. Dec. 18 1858                  b. Aug. 8, 1872
d. Oct. 19, 1899                  d. July 24, 1890

John Selph Maultsby Jr.  b. 1862

Augustus Steele. Maultsby,    m. Esther C. Parker
b. Nov. 13, 1867                         b. Aug. 8, 1867
d. Oct. 13, 1935                         d. Jan. 30, 1935
    Their Children:
    Augustus S. Maultsby Jr. 
    b. Aug. 22, 1889
    d. Aug. 5, 1933

   Edmond Woodell Maultsby
    b. April 4, 1898
    d. Nov. 4, 1937

    Minnie P. Maultsby,   m.   Albert Herring
    b. March 24, 1896            b.
    d. May 20, 1923               d.
        Their Children:
         Burrell Herring, b. July 24, 1918   d. April 21, 1919
         John Albert Herring, b. Jan. 24, 1917  d. April 18, 1917
    John Carl Maultsby, b. Jan. 15, 1902  d. Feb. 7, 1913

William Shepard Maultsby,  m.   Della Ledonia Gill
b. Oct.  1852                                   b. March 9, 1852
d. July 4, 1924                                d. March 10, 1923

Interned: Cross Creek Cemetery II
Occupation: Store owner 
Married: Sept. 16, 1874 by Reverend Henry Brown Baptist Minister
They had 8 Children 2 died young

Their Children:
Deveraux Haigh Maultsby,(I)   m. Annette A. Johnson

Della A. Maultsby, 

Mae Maultsby,   m. E.H. Phillips   m. Sept. 15, 1899

Nellie Maultsby, b. Oct. 25, 1885

David Gill Maultsby,  m.   Ethel Hall
b. July 4, 1886                  b. Nov. 6, 1890
d. May 9, 1929                 d. Aug. 13, 1968

Thomas Maultsby,    m.    Lillian Walker
b. Dec. 7, 1890                b. Dec. 22, 1890
d. March 2, 1948             d. Jan. 6, 1982
Married April 28, 1912

According to his death certificate William and Della lived on School Street in Fayetteville, N.C.

Deveraux Haigh Maultsby, (I) m.  Annette A. Johnson
b. Aug. 10, 1875                                b. July 27, 1876
d. Nov. 6, 1929                                 d. March 7, 1954

Buried: Oakdale Cemetery, Wilmington, NC
Occupation:  D.H. (II) Store Clerk/Salesman   Nettie - Practical Nurse
Married October 20, 1897 by Reverend Charles A. G. Thomas
Witnessed by: Thomas Maultsby, W.P. Wemys, and E.J. Kennedy

D.H. Maultsby contracted T.B. in the 20's and spent his later years in and out of a sanitarium in Arizona 
as well as the Red Cross Hospital where he died. Originally he was buried at Winter Park Cemetery on Dixie 
Street but was reburied in Oakdale Cemetery.
Their Children

Deveraux Haigh Maultsby Jr.(II),  m.  Mary Bosswell

Eunice Maultsby,    m.  --------------  Stratford
b. Dec. 11, 1900           b.
d. April 9, 1973            d.

Joseph Linwood Maultsby, 
b. Sept. 5, 1907
d. Nov. 2, 1980

Dorothy Maultsby, b. 1911

Sarah Maultsby,   m. Stanley  Holland
b.                             b.
d.                            d.

Deveraux Haigh Maultsby II,   m.   Mary Louise Bosswell
b. June 30, 1898                                b. Sept. 4, 1903
d. Feb. 10, 1954                                d. Jan. 2, 2001

D.H. Maultsby (II) was a worker at a clothing store.  At the time of his death he was riding in a panel 
truck/van and a transfer truck hit it, and he was thrown out the back door and killed instantly.

Their Children:
Deveraux Haigh Maultsby,   m.  Alice Louise Klander
Helen Maultsby,  m. Newman Buck

I need Helen and Newman's descendants to add them to the file 

Deveraux Haigh Maultsby, (III) "Buddy"  m.   Alice Louise Klander
b. Oct. 10, 1923                                                   b.  March 8, 1923
d. Jan.22, 1977                                                    d.  August  8, 2000
Married: November 8, 1941
Interned: National Cemetery, Wilmington, N.C.
Occupation: Heating and air-conditioning Repair and Installation.

Their Children:
Deveraux Douglas Maultsby, m. Catherine Diane Hocutt  (Divorced)
b. February 20, 1943	               b. July 12, 1943

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