Fayetteville Observer (Fayetteville, N.C.) Wednesday, February 25, 1896
Posted January 20, 2010 by Myrtle Bridges

The announcement of the death of John D. McArthur, Esq., which occurred at his home in 
Jonesboro on the 20th instant, will be sad news to many readers of the Observer. Mr. McArthur 
was a brother of Capt. J.A. McArthur, and had quite a number of relatives on his maternal side 
in Cumberland and Robeson, among who are the McNairs and the McGeachys. He was born in Bladen 
County near Prospect Hall, Nov. 2, 1819, but most of his life was spent in Cumberland

Mr. McArthur was a man of fine physique, of a strong, vigorous intellect, and of a kind and 
sympathetic nature. In his boyhood he enjoyed the instruction of the late 'Squire Wm. McMillan.

About 1850 he was happily married to Miss Fannie Johnson, a daughter of a popular ante bellum 
Sheriff, Alexander Johnson. His widow and six children, one of whom is Mrs. Mary A. McLauchlin, 
of this city, survive him.

The funeral services were conducted by the Presbyterian minister, Rev. K.A. McLeod, of whose 
church he was a member.

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