The following is a letter from Owen J. McCranie, Valdosta, GA., to Billie Carolyn Shaw Powell in MO, who in April 2003, shared the DESCENDANTS OF COLIN SHAW OF JURA, ARGYLL, SCOTLAND  1720-1798.   The research notes on this page may be very helpful to the McCranie Resarchers.

Posted June 04, 2003 by Myrtle Bridges.

Dear Billie:

Let me introduce myself - I am Owen McCranie of the McCranie Clan of 
South Georgia. My third great grandfather, John McRaine, married 
Catherine Laslie 27 January 1803, Cumberland Co., NC Marriage Records. 
John McRaine (notice spelling) and his family came to Georgia around 
1815-1818. Most of the McCranie's in Georgia believe John McCranie's 
father is either Hugh OR Murdock McCranie, Emigrates, who came to 
America from Jura, Scotland in 1739. In the early days, it was an insult 
not to name your children after the parents or grandparents. The 
McCranie's of Georgia have never had a son named Hugh or Murdock 
McCranie. Between 1739 and the late 1700's, thirteen ships left the 
Islands off Scotland, with emigrates and their families heading to North 
Carolina. John McCranie could have been on anyone of those ships. I have 
bought 125 rolls of microfilm - that's right - 125 rolls - on Bladen, 
Richmond, Robeson and Cumberland Counties, NC - the early records. I 
could not find the first clue as to who were John McCranie's Parents or 
his brothers and sisters. I know three things about John McCranie: (1) 
He married in Cumberland Co., NC (2) He signed his name with "X" and (3) 
1850 Census of Telfair County, GA shows him living with his son, Daniel, 
and he was listed as being 93 years old (1757 would be his birth year if 
this is correct).

I have come across some interesting data in my microfilm research on 
Colin Shaw:

Colin Shaw # 1
I have a sheet of paper that has Mr. Malcolm Fowler's name at the top. 
He lived in Lillington, Cumberland Co., NC and he is the author of the 
book, They Passed This Way. At the top of the page he has listed: 
"McCraney's Come to Cumberland County September 1739". Under this title 
and across the page, he has listed these Names: Hugh - Neill - Murdock - 
Rebecca - Mary.
Mr. Fowler listed no wife for Neill McCraney but did show that Neill had 
a daughter who married Hugh Ochiltree and a daughter, Sarah, who married 
Colin Shaw In the material, History of The McLeans, by W. S. Long, Page 
51, I found a Neill McCranie with no wife listed and with a daughter, 
Sarah, who married Colin Shaw. Sarah and Colin Shaw were the parents of: 
Neill, Christian, Nancy, Colin, and John >> father of Colin, the Parson.

These legal papers/wills were found on microfilm: (Will) Record of 
1761-1895, Roll 80001, Cumberland Co., NC: Short will - no dates (Will) 
listed as Nancy Ochlitree. Draw Copy of ?Cathy? McRanie - will conveying 
Negro wrench Flora's offspring to Hugh Ochiltree children. The date of 
it: the time intervening between the recording of it and it's date: and 
enclose the same in a letter to John B. Springs, near Charlotte, in 
Mecklinbury County. Two letters went with this "Will." (Note: This is 
exactly how it was written)

First Letter:
State of North Carolina, Cumberland County: This Day Nancy Ochiltree and 
Sally Shaw appeared before me and being duly sworn said that their 
mother in her last will and testament on her sick bed, a few days before 
her death, that her will and her desire was to leave Flory, a Negro 
woman, with her increase, to the wife of Hugh Ochiltree's children and a 
negro Nedd Fellow named Nedd to Hugh Ochiltree. It was her will and 
desire that Collin Shaw's children should have three Negroes to with: to 
Neil Shaw, son of Collin Shaw, a negro boy named Samson, and to her 
daughter, Sarah Shaw, a negro fellow named Bristol ( A Black gap in 
center of page ) and after that she said Negro Fellow to Wit: Colin 
Shaw's children and a negro boy name _____, to Collin Shaw's children 
and her will and desire was that Hugh Ochiltree should be sole executor 
of her said will and testament. Signed this Fourth day November 1783. 
Nancy Ochiltree (signed her name) Sally (her mark X) Shaw. Sworn before 
me this 4th day November 1783, Alex Gregory, J of P.

Second Letter:
State of North Carolina Cumberland County: This day Neill Shaw appeared 
before me and being duly sworn said that sometime about a year past he 
received a letter from Hugh Ochiltree signifying that Mrs. Catherine 
Shaw, desired to see the deponent and Malcom Clark at her house. That 
accordingly he and the said Malcom Clark did go and upon seeing her, she 
declared to them that she did not expect to live but a very short time 
and wished to inform them how she meant to dispose of her worldly estate 
which she told them was as follows: To her son, John,
she left a Negro woman named Flory (a 2 inch gap on page in microfilm 
here - blacked out)
Negro woman was to become the property of her daughter, the wife of Hugh 
Ochiltree. To Kitty, Hugh Ochiltree's eldest daughter, she left the 
Negro Ned and her Bed and Bed Clothes. To her Grandchildren, Neil Shaw 
and Polly Shaw, she left the Negro Bristol. The remaining part of her 
estate she left to Hugh Ochiltree who was to pay all the just debts she 
owed and whom she desired should act as executor of her last will. 
Signed by Neill Shaw - Sworn to and Subscribed before me at 
Fayetteville, October 3, 1783 - Ted Atkins, J.P.

The Shaw Papers - Letter 23 - August 1770: Jura, Scotland - from Donald 
Campbell to Colin Shaw which said "Your Uncle - Law, Neill McCranie, is 
very tender ad hard of hearing." It is very strange to me that Colin 
Shaw's father-in-law, Neill McCranie, had a brother in Jura Scotland 
named Neill McCranie.

Colin Shaw # 2:
Division of Estate: Cumberland Co. NC, Roll 50044, pages 15, 16, 17:
Colin Shaw, Sr., Dec., divides a track of land consisting of 233 acres 
(describes location) between Marian, his wife, and his sons, Colin and 
John Shaw.

Will: Roll 8002, Vol A., Page 188- Cumberland County, NC: 29 November 1812
Marian Shaw leaves land where I live to her children - land lying in 
Fayetteville on east by Cape Fear River. Names children: Christian, 
Catherine, Ann, Colin, John, Granddaughters: Marian and Catharine Shaw 
(Minors). Marian's will states that the aforesaid land "having secured 
to me by inheritance from my father, Murdock McCranie. Rec: March 1813. 
(Marian's will does not name a son, Neil Shaw - must have died without 

Will: Roll 80002, Vol B, Page 58 - Cumberland County, NC - 16 June 1821:
Colin Shaw, Jr - wife, Rachel(Beck) Shaw - no children given. Lands 
Fayetteville at Cape Fear River. Said Mother was Marian Shaw, brother 
John. Names nieces, Sarah and Catherine Shaw, daughters of my decease 
sister, Mary; sister, Catherine Shaw - names brother, John Shaw's 
children: Colin, Henry, John, Mary Ann - Recorded September 1821

If Donald Campbell of Jura, Scotland 23 August 1770 was writing to Colin 
Shaw # 2 who married Marian McCranie - it would make perfect sense. His 
father-in-law, Murdock McCranie, had a brother named Neill in Jura, 
Scotland who never came over to America. Murdock's brother, Neill, would 
be an Uncle-in-law.

Cumberland County, NC - Minutes, Court of Pleas & Quarter Session 
1755-1782, Roll 3001, Pages 58 and 59 - 28 October 1777: Collin Shaw 
summons to court, this county, being suspected not to be a friend to 
this State appeared and refusing to take oath to State ordered that the 
said Shaw depart this State within Sixty days to Europe or West Indies.

Can you answer these two questions??
(1) Is Sarah, wife of Colin Shaw # 1 and Marian, wife of Colin Shaw # 2, 
the same family?
In other words, Sarah and Colin Shaw # 1 has a family listed. Marian, 
wife of Colin Shaw # 2 has a family listed. Is this one and the same 
family? Or are these two separate families??
(2) Did Colin Shaw depart from America to Europe or West Indies in 1777?

Any Comments and Questions and Answers will be appreciated! Billie, I'm 
sending this same message to Myrtle Bridges and asking her to post same 
on the Cumberland County, NC Page. Maybe we can stir up some feedback and 
learn more about how the McCranie and Shaw families were related.

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