For several years Clan Donald USA has been running a y chromosome genetic project of which I am the director. We currently have approximately 150 participants which include not only MacDonalds but also MacEachrens, Buies MacAllisters, MacKeans, MacReynolds and other historic Clan Donald names. We have not only identified the genetic markers of Somerled (who was Norse in descent) and have the markers for ClanRanald, Glengarry and Sleat but we have also identified the gaelic line which I believe is descended from the kindred of Colla Uais whose descendants founded Dal Riada. The more participants who believe the know their descent or who know the location of their emigrant ancestor who participate, the greater the usefulness to current participants.

The cost for a 25 marker test is $171. Sign up at Family Tree DNA on the internet with Donald USA as your group project. This test only works for the pure paternal line so that persons who wish to search their mother's line must arrange for a sample from a male line cousin. Let me know if you have any questions or need help.
Mark MacDonald   May 10, 2004


Recently a McDonald researcher purchased a very old bible, once owned by Margaret Chisholm of Fayetteville, North Carolina, in antique store somewhere in the Florida Panhandle. Because it did not appear to identify any of her family members, she loaned it to Jane W. Clark, who is researching the James and Daniel McDonalds from Robeson County, N.C. Unfortunately she cannot link to this McDonald family either. Can you? Myrtle Bridges

Jane transcribed this valuable data and has listed each record in the order as they appear and are spelled in the bible. Only parenthesized italicized items have been added.   Posted March 15th, 2000


Alexander McQueen to Effiah Chisholm on the 17th December 1812 at Fayetteville, North Carolina

John McDonald To Margaret Chisholm on the 13th June 1810 at Fayetteville, North Carolina

Charles N. Ealen to Helen McDonald on the 9th March 1846 at New Orleans, Louisiana

Samuel F. Perkins to Catharine McDonald on the 24th of April 1845 at New Orleans, Louisiana

Samuel D. Perkins to Hattie S. Andrews on the 8th 1856 at Camden


Effiah Ann McDonald Born April 29th 1817, ½ past 2 o'clock P.M. (old place)

Caroline McDonald was born 24th October 181? (last number is smudged) Hillsborough Street Fayetteville

Carmon McDonald was born 25th February 1821 Hillsborough Street Fayetteville

Margaret McDonald was born 22nd September 1822 in Fayetteville North Carolina

Charles Morris McDonald was born 22 November 1823 in Fayetteville North Carolina

Catharine Macdonald was born 13th August 1825 at Rockingham North Carolina

John Macdonald was born July 24th 1791 in Fayetteville

Helen Macdonald was born in Cheraw South Carolina November 24th 1827

John Macdonald was born July 9th 1829 in Cheraw South Carolina

Philip Macdonald was born June 6th, 1832 in Covington Louisiana

Samuel F. Perkins was born October 23rd, 1818 in Wilks County, Georgia

Helen Macdonald E. Perkins was born April 29th 1846 in New Orleans

Catharine Perkins was born October 11th 1849 in Wilcox County, Alabama

Jenny Lucretia Perkins was born the 11th of May 1857


Mr. Finley Chisholm Departed this life 13th April 1813

Daniel Chisholm 22nd June 1810

Mrs. Ann Chisholm departed this life on the 30th of June A.D. 1817 "Fragrant the rose is but fades in time"

Effia Ann McDonald departed this life March 10th in the year of our lord 1821

Angus Chisholm departed this life on September 10th 1820

Carmon McDonald departed this life on the 9th of March 1821

Margaret Macdonald departed this life September 16th 1830 in Springfield Louisiana. In peace repose freed from the care the strife and all the sad vicissitudes of life

Philip Macdonald departed this life 1833

Charles Morris Macdonald departed this life on the 9th of April 1835 in Covington, Louisiana

Catharine Perkins departed this life on the 14th of November 1849.

Solomon Perkins departed this life on the 27th of October 1845. Age 71 years 2 months and 16 days


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