For several years Clan Donald USA has been running a y chromosome genetic project of which I am the director. We currently have approximately 150 participants which include not only MacDonalds but also MacEachrens, Buies MacAllisters, MacKeans, MacReynolds and other historic Clan Donald names. We have not only identified the genetic markers of Somerled (who was Norse in descent) and have the markers for ClanRanald, Glengarry and Sleat but we have also identified the gaelic line which I believe is descended from the kindred of Colla Uais whose descendants founded Dal Riada. The more participants who believe the know their descent or who know the location of their emigrant ancestor who participate, the greater the usefulness to current participants.

The cost for a 25 marker test is $171. Sign up at Family Tree DNA on the internet with Donald USA as your group project. This test only works for the pure paternal line so that persons who wish to search their mother's line must arrange for a sample from a male line cousin. Let me know if you have any questions or need help.
Mark MacDonald   May 10, 2004

Located in Falcon in Black River Township. In the woods on the north side of Culbreth Street, behind the Golden Years Nursing Home, about 350 yards east of N.C. Route 82.

Several blacks have been buried in this cemetery. The five tombstones for blacks are marked "#". Inscriptions from the five tombstones that have been moved to the Bluff Presbyterian Church are marked "*".

#Jesse E. Autry 21 May 1915 - 5 --- 1918
Jesse Edward Autry, son of Mary F. Autry, died 12 August 1920.

#Ledger L. Autry died 15 Aug 1884, age 60 yrs.

#Easter, wife of J.W. Autry, died 26 Oct 1901, age 35 yrs.
Easter Tew, daughter of Wiley and Charity Tew, married 1 August 1889 J. Walter Autry.

#Mattie, wife of Arthur Jenkins, died 10 Oct 1920 aged 28 yrs.

Neill McDonald 1775 - 1860
Married by bond dated 21 February 1809 Catherine McSwain.

Catherine McSwain McDonald, his wife 1781 - 1874
Probably daughter of Finley McSwain. A duplicate of this modern stone is at the Old Bluff Presbyterian Church. From Scotland

*Daniel McDonald 26 Feb 1815 - 1 Aug 1896
Daniel Franklin McDonald, son of Neill McDonald and Catherine McSwain, married first Margaret Culbreth, married second 13 Mar 1849 Zilphia Washington Jernigan.

*Margaret, wife of Daniel McDonald, died 11 Dec 1840 aged 25 yrs.
Margaret Culbreth.

*Zilphia W., wife of Daniel McDonald 16 Jun 1827 - 21 Jan 1888
Zilphia Washington Jernigan, daughter of Martin Jernigan and Zilphia Denning.

*Ellen Day, daughter of Daniel & Zilphia McDonald, died in infancy
Child of Daniel Franklin McDonald and Zilphia Washington Jernigan.

*Son of Daniel & Zilphia McDonald, died in infancy
Child of Daniel Franklin McDonald and Zilphia Washington Jernigan.

Archabald McLellan 6 May 1806 - 22 Dec 1868
Son of Daniel and Margaret McLellan, married 15 Mar 1834 Sarah McDonald.

Sallie, wife of Archabald McLellan 7 May 1812 - 25 Jul 1886
Sarah McDonald, daughter of Neill McDonald and Catherine McSwain.

Daniel G., son of Archabald & Sallie McLellan 1 Oct 1842 - 12 Mar 1912
May have married Mary Eliza Owen

Flora, dau. of Daniel & Margaret McLellan 1800 - (stone broken)

Effie, dau. of Daniel & Margaret McLellan 1803 - 13 Aug 1890

#Henry Smith 27 Jan 1888 - 1 Jan 1944

Mary E., wife of Capt. Robert Williams 26 Feb 1830 - 16 Sep 1908
Daughter of Dr. John Owen and Sarah Blake.

J.O. Williams 26 Jun 1851 - 16 Oct 1899
John Owen Williams, son of Robert Williams and Sarah Eliza Owen, married 16 Mar 1870 Margaret Angeline McDonald.

Margaret A., wife of J.O. Williams 20 Apr 1853 - 26 Jan 1900
Margaret Angeline McDonald, daughter of Daniel Franklin McDonald and Zilphia Washington Jernigan.

Herbert Purdie Williams 7 Jul 1881 - 1 May 1916
Son of John Owen Williams and Margaret Angeline McDonald.

Leslie Clide Williams (23 Nov 1890) - 10 May 1898 (stone broken)

15 Graves, probably in this cemetery, but not located include: Daniel McLellan, a Revolutionary War veteran born about 1757 and died 13 March 1849, and his wife Margaret, and Robert Williams, born 13 July 1827 and died 15 January 1862 while serving as Captain of the Black River Volunteers, son of John Carouth Williams and Sarah Jane Butler, married 7 Mar 1850 Mary Eliza Owen.