Seventy-First Township, Cumberland County, NC

Carefully surveyed by Beverly Boyko. This Cemetery is located on private land in a wooded area next to Ft. Bragg, approximately 1200' west of Stewart's Creek, and 1300' northwest of Lake Hutaff. The cemetery is about 2,112' east of the approach road to the ammunition supply point and about 100' south of Ft. Bragg's boundary road, in the vicinityh of Military grid coordinates PJ796 849. The cemetery has been badly vandalized leaving approximately 17 looter holes and broken stones strewn about. Only two headstone base fragments and seven footstones and footstone fragments remain in place. The presence of eleven other headstones and seven other footstones are indicated by the remaining fragments lying on the ground surface, for a total of thirteen head and fourteen footstones.

There are two partial death dates: Neill McDonald who died in 19— and an unidentified woman who died in 190—. Two birthdates are indicated: 1808 (Nancy McDonald) and 184— (unidentified). The name "Lauder" is found on the bottom of one stone indicating the cemetery was in use while he was in business between 1845 and 1888. All of the markers are white marble with the headstones facing to the east and the footstones to the west.

Posted October 19, 2001 by Myrtle Bridges.

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