Contributed by Steve Edgerton         Posted by Myrtle Bridges February 17, 2004

Know all men by these presents That whereas Archibald MacKay of St 
Salvadore Bahamas Cat. Island deceased by his last will and Testament in 
writing bearing date the eighteenth day of December one thousand eight 
hundred and four and by the said last will and Testament divide give and 
bequeath unto me Margaret MacKay of the State of North Carolina and the 
County of Cumberland within the United States of America Two Thirds of 
all his estate both real and personal in the Bahamas aforesaid And 
appointed one Lauchlin MacKay of the Mifsifsippi Territory within the 
United States aforesaid together with and John Marres of Stewarts Manor 
Great Exuma [?] Executors of his said will as in and by the same will 
appear Now Know ye that I Margaret MacKay have and by these presents Do 
make and appoint Lauchlin MacKay one of the aforesaid Executors My True 
and lawfull Attorney for me and in my stead and for my sole use and ____ 
 to ask demand sue for and recover and take unto his pofsefsion all the 
said Estate devised and bequeathed to me as aforesaid and on receipt 
thereof a Release or other discharge to make and Execute for me and in 
my name as shall be deemed necefsary in the ___ for that purpose and 
also for me and in my name and to my use to lease sell or surmise the 
said real Estate and any part thereof for and in what manner he my said 
attorney shall think proper and chose to suit my interest either for 
terms of years for life or lives in fee simple and for me and in my name 
to Execute  and deliver such Conveyances as shall be Nefcessary to the 
end and purpose aforesaid I the said Margaret MacKay Ratifying and 
Confirming whatsoever my said attorney do in about the premises 
aforesaid On Witnefs whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my 
seal this Eleventh day of March in the year of our Lord one thousand 
eight hundred and seven and Thirty first [year] of American Independence.
Sealed and delivered

Margaret [her 0 mark] MacKay

in the presense of
Peter McKellar

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