Letter written in 1786 by Kenneth MacKenneth [McKenzie]

The transcription of the letter was sent to Scott Buie by Betty Mackenzie of Peachland, British Columbia, Canada. Her ancestor brought the letter from Scotland to North Carolina. The letter is very unusual in that it represents one which was kept by a Scottish family. Most letters of the period are preserved by American families. Since the letter is a transcription the spelling of words may be in error. Please let Scott know your impressions of the content. Many thanks to you, Scott.

State of North Carolina
Robson County
Decem'r 28th 1786

Dear Cousin

I take this oppty' to inform you that I am well and all my family thanks be to God for all it hoping these lines will find you in the same condition. As for my children that I had when I left my native country they are in life and besides them I have goten four more, two sons and two daughters, Kenneth and Margaret were twins, the other two are Janet and Alexander.

I bought a place when I first came to this country but I was forced to retire from their by reason of bad people - and moved five times in five years time. But I have now purchased a place in Robinson County upon the marsh where I expected peace and quiteness.

I desire you to inform me concerning my brother Ivander whether he is in lefe or not for I have not heard of him since I came to this place. I'm very much concerned that I have not heard concerning my relations since I came from there. I would be glad to know how Don'd MacKenneth and his wife is and Alex'r my Brother. I desire to be informed concerning Sir Hector MacKenneth, Laird of Gairlock.

My Compts to you and all friends - I am with regard your friend and Servt,
(signed) Kenneth MacKenneth

Direct your letter to the care of Alex'r MacIver in Crosscreek

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