Gray's Creek Community

This Cemetery is located on Clifton McNeill Rd. in Cumberland County. It seems it is close to a creek 
because the ground is very wet. I had the pleasure of transcribing this cemetery. It is in a very beautiful 
location beside the road.  Thanks, Lori Mason Posted August 28, 2007 by Myrtle Bridges. 

Marker- Can't read
Wilson McNeill  Born August 3,1912  Died April 17,1950
Paul McNeill  Born August 8,1886  Died June 17,1935 
Estelle Jackson  Born June 4,1888  Died October 8,1972  wife of Paul McNeill
William E.J. Shaw  April 1,1944 (?) son of William and Elizabeth Shaw 
William B. Hulon  Born May 11,1935  Died February 21,1955 
William J. McNeill  Born April 26,1888  Died June 4,1921 
Ester McNeill  Born July 16,1889  Died April 14,1937

(Same Stone)
Virginia Adline Born May 29,1852  Died June 8,1922 dau. of Areanie Fullford  m. December 24,1886 Hector McNeill 
Hector McNeill  Born Aug. 2,1848  Died July 10,1931 son of John & Lavania McNeill  m. Virginia Adline Fullford             
(Same Stone)
Lena Denning McNeill  Born May 1,1880   Died March 31,1944                         
Hector McNeill Jr.   Born April 18,1895  Died April 28,1979
John H. Patterson   Born August 14,1907  Died December 24,1936
Flora M. Patterson  Born January 21,1877  Died December 17,1935
N.H. Patterson  Born July 5,1874  Died July 22,1929
Unknown Marker

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