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The following deed can be found in the North Carolina Department of Archives and History, in the deeds for Cumberland County, NC. The deed is bound in the original volume by tape which runs down its gutter side obscuring words along that edge, thus the blanks. The deed is written hastily by the clerk, Robinson Mumford, with some omissions and errors. The Malcom Campbell in this deed is the son of Daniel Campbell ["Daniel Campbell of the county aforesaid died sometime about the year 1795," according to another Cumberland County deed.]. Daniel Campbell was the father-in-law of Colin McPherson, who married between 1795 and 1800 Daniel Campbell's daughter, Nancy [born about 1771]. "L. McKay" is Laughlin McKay whose wife was Katherine Campbell, another daughter of Daniel Campbell. Laughlin and Katherine McKay went to Green County, Mississippi, probably after the date of this deed.They had no children, according to a subsequent deed, and Katherine Campbell McKay died before November of 1819. Daniel Campbell had another daughter, Margaret [born about 1785], who married a McDonald, and they lived and died in Cumberland County, NC. -Steve Edgerton

Colin MacPherson to Malcolm Campbell }
State of North Carolina
Cumberland County
This indenture made the Twenty first day of December in the year of our 
Lord one Thousand eight hundred and Three Between Colin MacPherson of 
the County of Cumberland and the State of North Carolina of the one part 
and Malcom Campbell of Mariaum [Marion?] district in the State of South 
Carolina of the other part- Witnefseth that the said Colin MacPherson 
for and in consideration of the sum of One hundred pounds Currency to 
him in hand paid before the sealing and delivery of these presents the 
receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged & himself herewith to be fully 
___ & contented and paid hath by these presents given granted and 
bargained and sold afsigns conveyed confirmed and forever set over to 
the said Malcom Campbell his heirs exrs admrs & afsigns several ___ & 
parcels of land Situate lying and being in the County aforesaid [on 
bo?]th sides of Great Rockfish Creek Begining at a Cyprefs in the uper 
edge of [said?] Creek swamps about 200 yards above the Mouth of 
Nicholson's Creek & __ thence North 25 Wt 22 chains & 37 links to a 
stake by a pine thence So 65 __ chains & 37 links to a Stake among Three 
pines on the edge of sd swamp thence So 25 Et 22 chains & 37 links then 
No 65 Et to the Beginning surveyed for Daniel Campbell the 7th day of 
Jany 1768 Containing ___ acres Another tract on both sides of the 
lightwood branch the ____ of Great Rockfish Beginning at a pine running 
No 15 chains 82 links to a pine then Wt 21 Chains 63 links Crofsing said 
branch to a Stake ___ pointers thence So 15 chains 82 links to a stake 
thence direct to the ___ning the first____ of Begining Surveyed for 
Daniel Campbell the 20th of Septr 1786 Containing fifty acres also ___ 
Tract Between Great Rockfish & Nicholsons Creek Begining __ pine in the 
edge of a mush [marsh?] on the No edge of Big Rockfish __ So 85 Et 31 
chains & 62 links then No 5 Et 15 chains & 81 links then _5 Wt 21 Chains 
& 62 links then to the Begining Surveyed __ Danl Campbell 30th day of 
June 1802 Containing fifty acres like ___ another Tract Joining the 
above tract Begining __ pine the corner of a fifty acre Survey in a 
Marsh on the __th side of Big Rockfish of land Patented by Danl ___pbell 
thence No 5 Et 24 chains to a pine on the Top of a ___ below Stewarts 
thence Wt 20 chains to a Stake & pines near ___pbells line thence So 40 
Chains & 50 links to a Maple ___ Rockfish Swamp thence So 15 Wt 20 
Chains Crofsing ___ Creek thence So 47 Et 51 Chains  60 links then No 62 
Et 30 chains then No 17 Wt 28 Chains thence No 5 Et 3 Chains then ___ 
line to the Begining Containing 197 Acres as well __an by of John 
Dickson to the Colin MacPherson ___ Whole of the above pieces & parcels 
of land Containing _47 acres which said pieces and parcels of land the 
___said Colin MacPherson doth Warrant and forever defend from the 
lawfull claim or claims of __ person or persons whatsoever himself his 
heirs admrs and afsigns unto the said Malcom Campbell his heirs exrs 
admrs & afsigns with all improvements ___ ___ waters watercourses with 
every part and parts of the only proper use and behoof of the sd Malcom 
Campbell his heirs excr admrs & afsigns In Witnefs whereof the aforesaid 
Colin MacPherson & Nancy McPherson his wife hath hereunto set their 
hands and seals
Signed Sealed and Delivered in the presence of
L. MacKay

Colin MacPherson {seal}
Nancy MacPherson {seal}

We the under Subscribers do convey unto Malcom Campbell all our right 
claim title interest or property that we have to the above mentioned 
lands sold by Colin MacPherson to Malcom Campbell & all the right We may 
have to the above mentioned lands __ as ___ us respects Danl Campbell or 
his heirs __ from or under him In Witnefs whereof we have hereunto set 
our hands and seals the day and date above written ___
Signed Sealed and Delivered in the presence of
L. MacKay {seal}
Katherine [her X mark] MacKay

Test  Colin MacPherson

State of North Carolina
Cumberland County   October Term 1804
Then was the execution of this deed __ Colin MacPherson and Nancy 
MacPherson proved by Laughlin McKay and the Execution of above 
afsignment by L. MacKay and Katherine MacKay proved by Colin MacPherson 
and ordered to be Registered.
Robinson Mumford

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