Cumberland County, NC

List of Officers
of the Cumberland Regiment of Militia
November 1770

District 1 - On North side of the River from Deerfields(?) Bridge to the Lower little River

Officers' Names:
John Armstrong, Capt.
Archibald McNeill, Lieut.
Officers Recommended:
John Campbell, Ensign

District 2 - From the Lower little River on both sides of the River to Shrawels's(?) ferry

Officers' Names:
Robert Love, Capt. (gone)
Archibald Clark, Lieut. (died)
Stephen Gardner, Ensign
Officers Recommended:
Archibald McDonald, Capt.
Malcolm Clark, Lieut.
Robert Smith, Ensign

District 3 - The upper part of the County

Officers' Names:
Arthur Donnelly, Capt. (died)
John Furlaw, Lieut. (gone)
Officers Recommended:
Andrew Shephard, Capt.
John Donnelley, Lieut.
John Shepperd, Ensign

District 4 - From Daniel McDuffies to Archibald McKays

Officers' Names:
Collon Shaw (Capt.)
Alexander McPherson, Lieut.
Officers Recommended:
Daniel Campbell, Capt.
Alexander McPherson, (Lieut.)
Alexander McKay, Jun. Ensign

District 5 - In the forks of Little River

Officers' Names:
Charles ?? , Capt. (gone)
Thomas Matthews, Lieut.
(Name cut from bottom of document)
Officers Recommended:
Thomas Mathews, Jun. Capt.
Hugh Gilmore, Lieut.
Stephen Gilmore, Ensign

District 6 - Cross Creek Campbelton

Officer's Names:
Jn. Watson, Capt. (dead)
Rob Bossarmand..(left the county)
Duncan? Mackie, Ensign (dead)
Officers Recommended:
Collon Shaw, Capt.
John Brownlow, Lieut.
Arthur Couniel?, Ensign

District 7 - Cheney's District

Officers' Names:
James Cheney, Capt. (gone)
John Donohoe, Lieut.
Nathaniel Ashley, Ensign
Officers Recommended:
William Gardner, Capt.
James Muse, Lieut.
Joel Mc?, Ensign

District 8 - Carrol's District

Officers' Names:
John Carrol, Capt.
James Collins, Lieut.
James Russel, Ensign
Officer Recommended:
John Carrol, Capt.

District 9 - Babigue District

Officer's Names:
Gilbert Clark
Daniel Clark, Ensign
Thomas Dobbin, Lieut.
Officers Recommended:
Gilbert Clark, Capt.

Officers Names:
James Rutherford, Col.
Alexander McAlister, Lieut. Col.
Thomas Collins, Major (Never appears)
Officers Recommended:
Thomas Rutherford, Major

From the North Carolina State Archives, Cumberland County Records, Mil. TR 2-39, Folder: List of Officers of the Cumberland Regiment of Militia Nov 1770.

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