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Martenlear, John     WB: Listed in index     Arch.
2__nery 17(75?)/April 1775 but no page No.
Dau. Ellisabeth? and Peggey. Sons. John and George the land and plantation whereon I now live. Exec. son John Martenleer and friend John Pope. Wits. David Smith, Ann Loften and Sarah Strawhon.

Mason, Dorothy     WB C: 353-354     Arch.
12 June 1852/NPDF
Eldest son Joshua Mason. Son Levy Mason. Two sons Hugh and David. Exec. Hugh McCormick. Wits. Foster Mason, Hugh McCormick.

Mason, Foster, Senr.     WB C: 35-36     Arch.
24 July 1843/Sept. 1843
Two youngest sons Daniel and John Mason the place and land I now reside at mother's death. James and Ralph named as sons. Two daus. Nancy and Elizabeth Mason, a tract of land in Cumberland Co. on Cape Fear River joining lands of Bolton Bell and others. Youngest dau. Arcadia Mason a tract in Cumberland Co. on Anderson Cr. joining lands of Benjamin Mason and others. Wife (not named). Sons Foster Mason and Henry Mason. Exec. Sons Henry and Daniel Mason. Wits. A.A. McDouglad and Archebald J. Mason.

Massie (Massey) (Massy) Drury D. (Planter)     WB C: 42-43 Arch. (not original. Two copies)
27 Feb. 1820/Dec.1843
Wife Barbara lend cleared land and dwelling house. Sons Drury W. Massie, Jr. and Warren Massie, Jr. and Warren Massie and Needham Massie. Daus. Mary Ross, Elizabeth Algier. Grandchild Lucinda. Exec. sons Drury W. Massie and Warren Massey. Wits. John Shaw and Angus Shaw.

Massie, Drewry W.     WB C: 207-208     Not found
17 Nov. 1851/Dec. 1851
Wife Sophia Massie, niece Christilla Ann Massie and nephew Duncan G. W. Massie, adopted as my dau. and son. Exec. Dr. John McKay. Wits. Farq. Campbell and Alexander B. Campbell.

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