Hon. Jesse G. Shepherd Declines Nomination for Senate

The article on this page was published May 23, 1860 in the Weekly Standard, a Raleigh, North Carolina newspaper. W. W. Holden, Editor.     Extracted by Myrtle Bridges March 08, 2003

Duncan Shaw, Esq., has been nominated for the Senate, and Clement G. Wright, C. H. Cofield, 
and James S. Harrington, Esqrs., for the Commons by the Democracy of Cumberland and Harnett. Messrs Gilmore, 
Barbee, and McKay, former members, declined to serve again.-The Convention first nominated the Hon. Jesse. G. 
Shepherd for the Senate, but that gentleman declined in the following touching and manly letter:

To the members of the Democratic Convention:
	GENTLEMEN: I have been informed by a committee of your body, that I am nominated as a candidate for the 
State Senate. It is painful to me to show the appearance of being disobliging to the people of Cumberland and 
Harnett, among whom I have so many warm and fast friends, but duty towards those who are dearest to me, dear 
to me as life and honor, forbids me now to engage in public affairs. In retiring from the bench, a position 
honorable in itself, and worthy of the high ambition of professional men, I vacate an office which is discarded 
by me only because it crosses the path of domestic duty. I say to you most sincerely that in declining the 
nomination, made without my desire-made by friends who have done so much for me, I am paying a compliment to 
my power of resistance and testing the force of my moral manhood. 
	With the best wishes for all of you, I am your friend. J. G. Shepherd.
	The ticket before the Democracy of Cumberland and Harnett is an excellent one in every respect. As a matter 
of course it will be triumphantly elected.
	That clever and popular gentleman, Frank N. Roberts, Esq. Was also nominated for Sheriff. Weekly Standard - Raleigh

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