To the Honorable the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States, now in Session

Carolina Observer, (Fayetteville, NC) March 04, 1834

Posted November 12, 2009 by Myrtle Bridges

To the Honorable the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States, now in session

The Memorial of the undersigned, Citizens of Fayettville and its vicinity, exercising the right of expressing 
their views and sentiments in relations to the present alarming crisis in the affairs of the General Government


That in this particular section of the country, previous to the removal of the Deposites of the Government from 
the Bank of the United States by the President, a degree of tranquility and prosperity in the various pursuits 
existed, warranting the belief that their reasonable hope of success would be realized.

That they believe a sound circulating medium is of the utmost importance to the safety of trade and the value of 
property, that its benefits reach every individual who handles a dollar, and in a word, that it is as important 
to the country, as the healthy circulation of the blood to the human system.

That they believe no country on earth has heretofore enjoyed equal benefits with our own, arising from an easy, 
cheap, and safe means of transporting funds from the remotest sections.

That they believe the removal of the Deposites of the Government from the Bank of the United States, the want of 
confidence thus created, the change of relation produced between that bank and the local institutions, the consequent 
deranged state of the currency, are the causes which lay at the foundation of the present distress.

That they further believe, that the removal of the Deposites by the Executive, is in violation of law, will result 
in loss to the country, and the power, which has been thus exercised, and is claimed by the President, if recognized, 
and allowed, will ultimately tend to the destruction of the Constitution and the Government.

That in as much as a very close and intimate connection exists between this section of the country and the northern 
cities, and a derangement there, has a tendency to cause confusion in this quarter, your Memorialists have experienced, 
and they fear they will continue to experience, consequences the most fatal from the present deranged state of the 
fiscal affairs of the country, caused as they do believe, by the proceedings which have been taken by the President 
of the United States.

That in the exercise of their rights as Freemen, rights, which they never have relinquished, but which they have been 
protected in  by the Constitution under which they live, they would respectfully protest against the course of the 
Executive in relation to the fiscal affairs of the country, and would pray that such proceedings may be adopted by 
your honorable body as will remove the present difficulties, and restore peace and quiet to the country.

J. Seawell, Marshall R. Willkings, O.P. Stark, Edward Lee Winslow, Warren Winslow, John Lippitt, Robert C. Belden, 
John M. Stedman, H.H. Potter, Duncan McLaurin, A.H. Conoly, E. J. Hale, D. McIlvary, C.J. Orrell, Wm. Locke, John Brown, 
Wm. C. Cooke, A.J. Erambert, Hugh Campbell, Thomas Cochran, Archibald Campbell, M. Harrison, J.W. Huske, Charles T. Haigh, 
James Baker, Jones Fuller, Eugene Benton Drake, Smith Johnson, Hall & Johnson, W.B. Wright, Geo. W. Hutton, S.W. Murley, 
P.I. Tillinghast, John McLaurin, Sen., Jno. Crusoe, Amos Kimball, Thos. J. Curtis, Williamson Whitehead, Sam'l W. Tillinghast, 
James Hart, J.W. Pearce, Thos. Sandford, Chas. T. Stuart, John Carney, Alfred Best, William Jones, Yarbrough & Ray, 
Charles A. McMillan, Angus Campbell, Charles S. Johnson, Henry W. Ayer, Esek Arnold, Joseph Baker, Jas. Martine, Wm. Waddill, Jr., 
Wm. Warden, Samuel Mims, George C. Hall, W. Widdifield, R.C. McMaster, Henry Horn, Neill Johnson, Henry P. Peck, Archibald Graham, 
James H. Dickson, Jas. Jones, Wm. Cochran, Neill McNair, Geo. C. McNeill, McKinnell & McMillan, Isham Blake, Sen., J. Rominger, 
Edm'd J. Lilly, John McArn, John B. Marsh, Daniel Smith, John McDonald, N. McKinnon, James Mahoney, Nathan Sykes, John Selph, 
Wm. J. Anderson, Arch'd Johnson, Malcom McArn, Arch'd McArn, Dan'l Sutherland, T.W. Stedman, Lewis Brown, Jas. C. Monk, O. Houston, 
Wm. H. McMillan, Chas. T. Gardner, A.A. McKethan, A. McLauchlin, Cannon Caison, James Graham, Jos. J. Liug, Elijah Fuller, 
David B. Anderson, Augustus W. Steel, Alfred S. McAlpin, Hamilton Mitchel, Fred. Moore, Angus Gillis, John McLeran, Jr., 
L.R. Bradley, Malsolm Smith, P. Pearce, Henry Porter, Joshua Carmon, D.P. Stedman, James Gibson, A.B. Williams, John Crow, 
H. Leete, Donald McQuein, H. Branson, Green B, Waddill, Sam'l J. Ray, W. Lumsden, Fountain Lane, Angus McKenzie, Isham Blake, Jr., 
John Mullins, John Munn, John McDonald, Jr., Russell Davenport, Geo. W. McDonald, Frederick Miller, John Hartman, P. Taylor, 
James Dodd, Isaac Dodd, Arch'd N. McLean, N. McLean, Matthew Autry, James Hollingsworth, Neill McPherson, A.W. Carpenter, 
John Banks, David Waugh, R. Hollingsworth, David Shaw, Hugh McCormac, Wilkings & Co., H. Potter, J.R. McCormac, John C. Latta, 
Benjamin Robinson, John H. Pearce, James Millar, Heman W. Robinson, James McDaniel, George Fletcher, Norman McLeod, Peter P. Johnson, 
Lot Stephens, William Cornell, J.S. Campbell, John Ingram, Louis S. Belden, George Holmes, W.L. Dodge, S.T. Hawley, P. Dailey, 
G. Hurlbutt, Ephraim Jones, John Ramsay, Jonathan Evans, John D. Toomer, J.W. Wright, Miles Draghon, David O. Brown, James Jones, 
Henry Elliot, Archibald A.T. Smith, Jno. Gorrel, Edm'd Blake, James Longgon, B. Beach, David D. Salmon, R.W. King, H. Robinson, 
Calvin Davis, Calton Hall, Willis Wilson, Daniel McColl, Harren Newell, James Snaips, Mark Mason, Evret Jones, James Potter, 
John McKenzie, M.F. Beard, James Hadlock, Z. Burroughs, Charles McAllister, W.O. Jeffreys, W.L. Hawley, Charles Rhodes, Duncan McNeill, 
John Winslow, James Huske, Allen Jones, Robert Sykes, Jacob Kepley, John Campbell, Jeremiah Dickinson, Alex. McLeod, Josiah Wynn, 
Barnet Williams, Malcolm McDonald, Lewis Floyd, Peter Fulk, John Crump, Thos. J. Jordan, Wm. S. Latta, Arch'd McLean, G.W. Lumsden, 
A.G. Kelly, Thos. C. Blake, B. Rush, John McLean, G.J. Streety, A.L.D. Johnson, John Douglas, James Sundy, Archibald McLean, Jr., 
Allan McLean, Neill Buie, John McNabb, Neill McNeill, James H. Hooper, Malcolm S. McLean, Neill Beard, Josiah Evans, Sen'r., 
Martin McPherson and Alexander McNeill.

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