Submitted by: Betty Council Richardson, Gr Grand daughter of John Malcome & Sarah Catherine Pattishall
Posted February 23, 2003 by Myrtle Bridges

William Pattishall
Born 1710-Died 1818 (Will-1818)
Wife-not known
Their son:
Arnold "Arne" Alexander Pattishall
Born 1808
Died 1870
Jane Knight
Born 1816
Died 1870
Alexander "Sandy" Pattishall ( Names AKA....Pattisall, Pattersoll, Patersole Patisall.  Also:  A. Patersole;  
Alex Pattersole;  S.P. Pattisall; Alexander Patersole...all of these names refer to Sandy Pattishall, who was 
not educated because he signed with an X beside his signature.)
Born: abt. 1840 Chatham Co. NC
Never married
Died : 1865 POW
Served in the Civil War-Captured at Ft. Fisher, NC- Died while in Point Lookout, Md.
Hesperann Pattishall 
Born 1841 North Carolina
Never married-took her own life buried , 1 week after her brother's death.
Died 1916.Hope Mills Cem., Hope Mills, NC (Church Cem.)
Joseph Baxter Pattishall
Born 1842 North Carolina
Married- Catherine Robeson, Son named Wright Pattishall
Died 1905
Martha Pattishall
Born 1845 North Carolina
Never narried 
Died    (as a child)
Martha Pattishall
Born 1845 North Carolina
Never married
Mary Pattishall
Born 1847 North Carolina
Married - Hoyle Gibson
Died 23 September, 1925
Lucy Pattishall  
Born 1848  North Carolina
Never married
John J. Pattishall
Born 1849  North Carolina
Never married-mentally impaired
William Pattishall   (Railroad brakeman-killed in RR accident in TX.)
Born 1851   North Carolina
Married  had 2 sons   Henry & Thomas-Tx
John Malcome Pattishall
Born 1853 North Carolina
Married : 1. Annie Brewer
          2. Sarah Catharine Matthews Born 1862-Died 1945)
Died 1913 Fayetteville , NC (Cumberland Co. Cem.)
Thomas Jefferson Pattishall
Born 1856 or 1857 North Carolina
Married: Eliza McQueen Buie (1871-1915)
Died : 1915

Below is the research of John Dorroh, Houston, Texas   April 28, 2012

I am not a Pattishall descendant but am interested in the family in connection with Catherine Smith Robinson 
who married Joseph Baxter Pattishall Nov. 30, 1870, in Cumberland County.  She is the daughter of James Madison 
Robinson and Roxana Crumpler, and James is the son of my ancestors John Robinson and Zilpah Poitevint.

It took me a while to find Joseph and Catherine on the censuses, but I did find them on the 1880 census with 
no children.  Catherine died May 11, 1900, so she is not on the 1900 census and without a listing for her, I 
do not have a total number of children that were born to this couple.  Only one child, Joe R., age 16 born 
Oct 1883, is listed with J. B. on the 1900 census, and this is Joseph Wright Pattishall, apparently the only 
child to live to adulthood.

Per the 1900 census, Joseph Baxter Pattishall was born in Oct 1842.  I did not find a death record; he was alive 
Oct 11, 1902, when he registered to vote in Cumberland County.  And his son J. W. sold his land (remaining one acre) 
in 1907, so he died before then.  You have a death date of 1905; do you remember a reference for that?  I don't have 
access to the Cumberland County estate records, so maybe there was an estate probated, since Joseph owned real property 
at the time of his death.

So based on the records for Cumberland Cemetery, here is how I have constructed the family:

Catherine Smith Robinson, wife of Joseph Baxter Pattishall   born June 17, 1844 and died May 11, 1900.
George McNeill Pattishall   Aug 20, 1874 - Nov 25, 1875
Infant born Oct. 10, 1877 died Oct. 10, 1877
Fanny Robinson Pattishall     Sept 26, 1881 - May 8, 1882
Joseph Wright Pattishall  Oct 26, 1883 - July 30, 1951 m. Millie Kinlaw either Mar. or Apr. 23, 1916 (conflicting records)
From the 1920 and 1930 census, this couple had no children.

You may already have all the above, but in case you do not, please add it to your files.
I am interested to know if you have any more information on the death date and/or estate of Joseph Baxter.  
Thank you in advance for any information you may have.

I'm also sending you information on the children of John Robinson and Zilpah Poitevint. James Madison Robinson 
is the only one that moved to Cumberland County, but you may want to put this at the first of your gedcom on 
the genweb page.  The Poitevint family is an old Huguenot family moving from Charleston, South Carolina, up to 
Wilmington and the upper Cape Fear region.

(1)  Catherine Robinson  born Jan 28, 1804
     married David Smith
                         died Jan 31, 1870, buried in Smith Cemetery, Sampson County
(2)  Margaret Robinson born Jan 26, 1806
     married Joseph Parker
                         died Sept. 2, 1855     (This information from Mike Tavenner)
(3)  Elizabeth Robinson  born Dec. 27, 1807
     married Amos Johnson
                         died Oct. 17, 1877  buried in Clear Run Cemetery, Sampson County
(4)  James Madison Robinson  born Aug 20, 1809
         married Roxana Crumpler
                             died Jan 10, 1861,  buried in Cumberland Cemetery
(5)  George Washington Robinson  born 1811
         married Harriet Bloodworth
                             died Feb 10, 1880, buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Shreveport, Louisiana
(6)  Mary Robinson  born 1812
         married Owen Gregory Treadwell
                died before 1870 in Bossier Parish, Louisiana.

John Dorroh
Houston, Texas


February 23, 2003