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Joseph Edward Benson, b. 22 Dec. 1880, son of Lucy Barber/Barbour Benson; Wife: Maude Thornton Benson; Front: Dau. Gladys Benson; Back: Dau. Clara Benson Submitted by: JoAnn Jackson

Edward Ayden Benson, b. - 1908, son of Joseph Edward Benson, above. Submitted by: JoAnn Jackson

Emma/Emmer is the sister of Andrew Jackson Parrish, B - 1889 Submitted by: JoAnn Jackson

These are the daughters of Lucy Barber/Barbour Benson & Josiah/Joseph Bernson, sisters to Joseph Edward Benson. Left to right: Corenna Benson B - 1884, married: Charlie Johnson; Ida Benson B - 1890, married: J.R. Benson; Elizabeth Benson B - 1879, married: Archie Jones; Frances Benson B - 1877, married: W. J. Branch. Submitted by: JoAnn Jackson

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