Cumberland County, NC
List of Letters
Remaining in the Post Office at Fayetteville, NC
January 2, 1864

From Microfilm roll FyOw 15 - Fayetteville Observer, Weekly (Note: Microfilm was difficult to read in places. Letters which were unclear have been indicated by *.)

This is a list of letters which remain in the Post Office at Fayetteville, as of January 2, 1864:

Thomas Anderson
Mrs. L. Butler
Miss Christian E. Black
Miss Elizabeth Biggs
Miss Susan Blue
Mrs. Mary J. Bradey
Mrs. Sarah Ann Brown
AC Clapp
Mrs. K H. Chapman
Archy A. Canall
Josiah B. Carver
Miss Catharine Chavers
Lavinia M. Chance
A.J. Curtis
Owen Crumpler
PK Dickson
Lt. J.B. Ellington
John W. Evans
Mrs. Mary Guins
David Gee
William Gillespie
Miss Elizabeth Holder
Mrs. Eliza Halley
John S. Holt
Mrs. Eliza Hall
Mrs. Mary Hughes
Geo. Harris
Susan Hall
J.M. Hall
D. Hall
Rev. Williamson Harris
W.H. Holt
Robt. Hendress
Miss Kitty Howard
Miss Emma Johnson
William J. Jackson
H.S. Kirkland
James A. Lee
O.M. Lutterloh
W.L.B. Matthews
*H. Winn
Thomas Moody
M* F* McDonald
Miss M.A.*
Miss Sarah McMillan
Wm. W. Parker
M* Sally Parker
Jacob Powell
Mrs. Ann Parker
Mrs. Adeline Ray
Mrs. Margaret Ray
Mr. ** Rothwell
J.S. Raynor
Mrs. Mary J. Royals
Miss N. Robbins
Mrs. Lawrence Smith
Annaka Sikes
Jno. Smith
Mrs. Rebecca Smith
Mrs. A.J. Smith
W.G. Taylor
J * Turlington
John Thompson
Mr. Albert Walker
M * Mariba? Wilson
W.H. Williams

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