Carolina Observer, (Fayetteville, NC) Thursday, January 23, 1823, Issue 34; col D

Posted October 29, 2009 by Myrtle Bridges

The Montreal Herald received yesterday morning, gives an account of this sword, which was unsheathed when the 
Prince landed on the western coast of Scotland to rally for the Chiefs and their Clans to fight for the Kingdom 
of his Ancestors,which was unsheathed on the field of Culloden, where his fate and fortunes were forever decided, 
and which has now been found in Upper Canada! 

The history of it seems to be this:- On the Prince's retreat from Culloden, he took shelter in a peasant's house, 
and being hotly pursued by the Cavalry, made his escape by a window, leaving his sword and spurs behind him. The 
sword was carefully reserved as a sacred relic. It was traced by McNab of McNab, to the township of Lochiel, Glengary, 
(U.C.) where it was found in the possession of a respectable settler, Mr. McNaughton, who with his predecessors, were 
tenants of the McNab Family, and by their unfortunate attachment to Prince Charles in '45 lost their right to considerable 
estates. The Sword is now in the possession of McNab of McNab, and the Canadian editor says, it is the intention of the 
Chief, to present it to his Majesty George the Fourth. 

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