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Hello.  I am the author of "Guardian Angels, A History of the Killen Family", pub. in 1995.  My book has sold 
out except for a few copies I kept for my grandchildren, but I am currently re-writing it, updating it, adding 
more photos, etc.  Given the cost of printing and the current recession, my plan is to sell the updated version 
on CD-ROM rather than printed copy.  The family is connected to many others in the area – McDougal, Campbell, 
Creech, etc.  Perhaps you can make a notation that the book is being updated, and that anyone interested can 
contact Victoria Rumble. 7 N. Alabama St., Wetumpka, AL  36092. Thank you.

Thistle Dew Books
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Rebecca Owens, of Dunn, and Ruth Creech, of Fayetteville, have recently finished their 2500+ page, 
2 volume compilation entitled JOHNSON-LEE FAMILIES, SOUTH OF THE NEUSE.  Under sponsorship of the Johnson-Lee 
Reunion Committee, they have researched and compiled lineages on many of the descendants of Hugh Lee (ca.1650-1721, 
Prince George, Virginia), John Lee, Esq. (ca. 1700-1768, Johnston County, North Carolina) and William Johnston 
(ca. 1648-1719, Isle of Wight, Virginia).  The inter-relationships of descendants of these men and many other 
allied families are explored over the past 250+ years. 

While many present-day descendants still reside in the Johnston-Harnett-Sampson-Cumberland County area, additional 
information tracks other descendants as they migrated throughout the United States.  Information from existing 
records is documented and will provide a springboard for additional research by interested genealogists and family 
members alike. 

A special bonus section includes over 500 family photographs (some from the 1800s) collected and identified during 
the compilers' extensive research.
For more information, please contact Rebecca Owens at the Johnston County Heritage Center on Mon- Tues 919-934-2836.


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by Myrtle Bridges

Newspaper marriage and death notices have long been the subject of genealogical interest. In 1991 Bessie R. Hubbard published Marriage & Death Notices 1816 - 1840 Abstracted from the Fayetteville Observer and Predecessor Papers, and in 1997 Fayetteville Observer (N.C.) Marriage & Death Abstracts 1841-1850. This 387 page book contains marriage and death abstracts from antebellum 1851 through the Civil War, when Gen. William T. Sherman's Union army destroyed the Observer's offices in 1865. This 8.5" X 11" soft cover publication contains a surname index of almost 14,000 names. Cost: $35.00 plus $2.36 NC Tax and $5 shipping cost. Myrtle Bridges. Website:

by Myrtle Bridges

"News Items & Marriage and Death Notices in Weekly Standard Newspaper 1859-1864" is a rich source of information about people whose lives were dramatically disrupted by a conflict over a century ago. Articles relating to North Carolinians have been selected for their genealogical and historical content.

The organization of this book is simple. A chronological arrangement of selected news items, letters and articles, form the first part. The second and third parts include marriage, and death notices, followed by a thirty-four page comprehensive index with over 5,000 names. This 6" x 9" publication containing 635 pages is printed on fine quality acid free paper. A perfect gift for Civil War enthusiasts. Myrtle Bridges. Website:

If there are more persons out there who prefer to have a soft bound (8 1/2 x 11) copy please let me know before March 18, 2003, the date I will take it to the printer.

The US $15 for shipment to the US and Canada and £14 (or US $21) for shipment to the UK. Both include postage.

My address is: Dean Gilchrist 8696-A S.W. 88th Ct. Rd. Ocala, Florida, 34481. If you have any questions please email Dean or call 352-854-1440.

For those of you who may not be familiar with the book, you can view all of the text and some of the attachments at: The Kintyre Magazine.

100 YEARS OF CARING: THE HISTORY of HIGHSMITH HOSPITAL SCHOOL of NURSING by Melissa High Clement, ISBN: 1-931575-05-3, 150 pg, 25 photos, perfect bound, $17.95, + $2.50 P&H. Highsmith Hospital School of Nursing opened its doors in 1899 and closed in 1970, graduating 615 nurses. This is an overview of the school in Fayetteville, North Carolina and interviews with 120 nurses.

To order, send check or money order to: Melissa High Clement, 106 Crescent Ave., Fayetteville, N. C. 28305.

DEATHS OF SOLDIERS, from the Fayetteville Observer, Weekly and Semi-Weekly, 1861 – 1864 with Index and Civil War Poems. Compiled and published by, Irene Smith. The DEATHS (for the most part) have name, age, place of residence in NC, rank, company, regiment, cause of death and many times other pertinent information, $25.00 + $4.00 shipping & handling.

Contact Tillman Smith or Irene Smith 1600 Ridge Road Raleigh, NC 27607 Phone: (919) 781-6392
After September: 134 Chapel Lane, Tequesta, FL 33469 Phone: (561) 745-1632


Abstracts of Deeds of Cumberland County, North Carolina, Volume One. Deed Books 1, 2 and 3, 1754-1770. Price: $20.00 (add $3.00 shipping; NC residents add $1.40 sales tax) each.

Abstracts of Deeds of Cumberland County, North Carolina, Volume Two. Deed Books 4-7, 1770-1785. Price: $20.00 (add $3.00 shipping; NC residents add $1.40 sales tax) each.

The Bible Records Book--Collected in Cumberland County, North Carolina. Price: $16.00 (add $3.00 shipping; NC residents add $1.04 sales tax) each.

Cross Creek #2 Cemetery Records by Anna Sherman. Can be purchased directly from: W.D. Sherman, 312 Devane Street, Fayetteville, NC 28305.

Cumberland County Cemetery Survey. Volume I. Price: $12.00 (add $3.00 shipping and handling; NC residents add $.78 sales tax) each. This volume covers Some NE, and northern sections of the county.

Cumberland County Cemetery Survey, Volume 2. Price $12.00. (Add $3.00 shipping and handling. NC residents add $.78 sales tax). This volume covers Cedar Creek, Beaver Dam and Stedman townships.

Cumberland County Cemetery Survey, Volume 3. Price $12.00. (Add $3.00 shipping and handling. NC residents add $.78 sales tax). This volume covers Gray's Creek, Rockfish, Hope Mills and Pearces Mill townships. Send check or money order to: Cumberland County Genealogical Society P0 Box 53299 Fayetteville, NC 28305-32999


This book is paperback, tape bound, 8 1/2" by 11" and was transcribed from the original minutes of the Big Rockfish Presbyterian Church of Hope Mills, NC . The book contains 190 pages of minutes of the church beginning in 1869 and going through 1955 as well as a Register of Deacons, Register of Communicants, and Registers of Baptisms, Marriages and Deaths. The following is a sample excerpt from the book:

August 25th 1872
The Session met in the church. Present Elders N. McDonald, D McMillan, L. A. McLean, J. A. McFadyen and Lauchlin McDonald. The meeting was opened with prayer. Miss Kate McArthur appeared before Session and was examined on her religious experience, when, having made a satisfactory profession of her faith in the Lord Jesus Christ was admitted to the Sealing ordinances of Baptism and the Lord's Supper.

A certificate of membership and dismission was granted Mrs. Margaret Jane Monroe formally Miss Margaret Jane McMillan to connect herself with Lumberbridge church.

L. A. McLean was appointed a delegate to attend the approaching meeting of Presbytery at Bethesda Church Moore County and D. McMillan his alternate, closed with prayer. D. McMillan S. Clerk

Many family names are mentioned including Alderman, Adams, Black, Brown, Byrne, Biggs, Butler, Buie, Bass, Craven, Currie, Culbreth, Carter, Davis, Fennel, Goodman, Ferguson, Johnson, Gilbert, Murphy, McNeill, McLean, McDonald, McMillian, McQueen, McArthur, McFadyen, McPhaul, Parker, Patterson and more....Great genealogy resource.

Price: $25.00 plus shipping..

Sold by: Thomas W. Bennion, 6212 Braxton Road, Hope Mills, North Carolina 28348.

E-mail address is Thomas W. Bennion

The Fayetteville Observer was the earliest regional paper in southeastern NC, and as Fayetteville was a trading center due to the Cape Fear River, its newspaper carried much information on eastern NC people, and upper SC.

Bible Records Collected in Cumberland County,
$20.00 plus $3.00 shipping. Order from the Cumberland County Genealogical Society. (Add $1.20 sales tax if shipped in NC.) 253 pages, hardcover, contains over 100 records. This collection represents some families in Cumberland Co. as well as Bladen, Robeson, and Harnett Counties. Family Records are Armstrong, Bass, Beard and Odom, Blackman/Clifton, Isham Blake, Bumpus, Burn, Cain and Horne, Calhoun, Clark, Henry Cook, John H. Cook, Craven, Cromartie, John Cromartie, Culbreth, Cullom, Currie/Hambright/ Davis, Devane, Eccles, Ellis and Talbot, Dickson Evans, Erasmus Evans, Jonathan Evans, Jr., Jonathan Evans, Sr., Jonathan and Mary Savage Evans, Josiah Evans, Fields, Wm. S. Fisher, Foust, Gaddy, Gibbony-Kyle, Grady/Smith, Hageman, Haight, Hall/Bell, Herring/Andres, Hodges, Hubbard, Hubbard/Mason, Huske, Jesse Jackson, James, Matthew Johnson, Moses Johnson, King, Kirkpatrick, Jesse Kyle, Lock, Lyon, MacRae, McAlister, McEachern, McFadyen, McFadyen, McNeill, McNeill, Newberry and McCraw, MacRae, Marsh, Mason, Meredith, Miller, Mullins, Hannah Murchison, Overby/Davis, Overby/Fletcher, Overby/Wemyss, parker, Pillar (Pillow), Ratcliffe, Raynor/Lucas, Reaves, Robertson, Salter/McKay, Farqd Smith, Henry Smith, Sutton, George R. Thompson, Tente Reuben Thompson, Tillinghast/Huske, Townsend, Underwood, Vaughn, Vick, Waddill, Wade, Watson, Franklin Ivey Watts, Watts, Whitted, A.B. Williams, Robert Williams, Parzilla York, Jethro Robert Young, John Young

Carolina Scots by Douglas F. Kelly with Caroline Switzer Kelly

This is a recently published book on NC Scots genealogy. Counties covered include: Cumberland, Harnett, Hoke, Lee, Moore, Richmond and Scotland counties, and, to a lesser extent, Anson, Bladen and Montgomery counties.

Details and ordering information can be found at:

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