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House of Ray - 1745-1945
By Louis Duncan Ray, 1946 
Version:  Corrections, October 25, 1943

July 19, 2005
Transcribed by Darryl Black
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After the Second Stuart Rebellion of 1745 and defeat of the Highland Clans at Culloden Moor in 1746, five Ray brothers, Archibald, Duncan, Donald, Gilbert, and John were exiled to North Carolina. Their families were left behind and most of them came over later on. These brothers were the sons of John and Mary Ray and grandsons of Archibald Ray, CA 1640-1710 of the Isle of Skye, he being of the 25th generation of descent from Gille Brude, A.D. 925, a Pilot pirate who attacked Viking ships which had ravaged the Irish Coast and Scottish Isles. His headquarters was between the Isle of Islay and Jura. Gille Brude penetrated the Western Isles from Angus in Central Scotland, and in part his people formed the Island McDonald. "Sons of the Brown Stranger", with his descendents deriving the family name "Gilliereagh" from Gille Brude's (Gilbert's) activities. A sept of the Gilliereaghs in Argyle was distinguished by the name "Darrach". Rays are both "Gilliereagh" and "Darrachs" the family under two names. Gilbert, Donald (Daniel in North Carolina), Angus, Duncan, Archibald, and Neill are traditional given names in the family going back one thousand years. The Rays and Darrachs were incorporated in the McDonald Clan through the centuries and tended to be "agin the gov'ment" and were ready material for the Stuart or any other uprising. They were closely allied to the McNeill and MacAllister break-aways from the MacDonalds about the time Columbus discovered America. Gille Brude's idea of a good beverage 900 or 1000 years ago was of making mead from honey. It starts off with honey, water and a floting slice of bread, spread with yeast, a lightly bunged keg in a warm place, foaming around the bung-hole for several weeks, then a process of drawing it off into tightly stoppered jugs put in a cold place for three years and finally a foaming beverage that one drinks best lying on his back. It is said to be power stuff. THE RAY FAMILY GENEALOGY- THE FIVE RAY BROTHERS I. THE ARCHIBALD RAY LINEAGE (Incomplete) Archibald Ray (1700-1770), the oldest of the five brothers was, we think, one of the first three elders of Long Street Presbyterian Church. We do not know who he married or anything about his descendents. II. THE DUNCAN RAY LINEAGE (Incomplete) Duncan Ray (1704-1774) the second oldest of the five brothers, after arriving in this country occupied land at the Bluff near John Smith and help organize Old Bluff Presbyterian Church. We do not know who he married but sons John and then Christian Cameron. Very little is known of his descendents. Malcolm and Neill, date of births and deaths unknown, lived on Black River near Aversboro, N.C. There is no record of whom they married but each had a son who cannot be identified. Angus (1736-1815) settled in Robeson County, N.C., but there is no record of whom he married. The census of 1790 showed he had two sons and two daughters. Hugh (1734-1816) lived on Upper Little River at Clark's Bridge and he married Jane Baker. Most of his descendents live around Lillington N.C. and some at Graham, N.C. Duncan (1738-1822), settled in the Long Street section and married Margaret Smith. Smith, daughter of John Smith. Children were Malcolm, named for his uncle, one of the first elders of Long Street Presbyterian Church, Isabella, Sarah, Catherine, Mary and Ann of whom did not marry. Angus, who married Priscilla Ray of Randolph County, N.C. who had one daughter, Flora, who married a Buie and had two daughters, Margaret, who married Daniel Blue and had one son, Neill, who married Flora Blue. Children were Duncan, who married Margaret Hall and their children and grandchildren are living in the Galatia Church Community and Seventy-First section. Margaret, Ann and Daniel Blue never married. James Franklin, John Smith, Archibald and David were all either killed or died of wounds during the Civil War. Sarah, who married John C. McGougan had two children but it is not known where they are living. Mary Elizabeth married Dr. Alexander Monroe, had four children and some of her descendents are living in Peoria, Illinois. Neill L. married Martha Black in 1868, these two along with three children lie in the cemetery at Big Rockfish Presbyterian Church. Mary Sinclair, Ray Hall, Naomi Blue Ray Hall and Neill Black Ray. Most of the children of these three live in Lumberton, N.C. and Fayetteville, N.C. area. One member of this family, John Smith Ray, is living nearby and his family attend Big Rockfish Presbyterian Church. 1 Duncan, Planter and cattleman, the Bluff and Central Harnett. Born in Scotland, Jacobite Exile, wife not of record; ca. 1704-1774. Co-organizar Old Bluff ch; parents of 2 John, 1744-1821, b. Scotland, m. Christian BLACK, Pinehurst. Lands on Sheep Pen bch., s. of Thagard's Pond, near old Pee Dee road, Moore, bt. From James McDuffie. Interred in Ray priv. Cem., n. s. Thagard's Pond. 3 Duncan, no data (These bro's large operators in land transfers, 1787-1799) 3 John, d. 1817 (These bro's large operators in land transfers, 1787-1799) 3 Euphemia, no data, d. 1818, Ray priv. cem. 3 -----------, unmarked stone, Ray priv. cem. 3 -----------, unmarked stone, Ray priv. cem. 3 Archibald M., no data, Ray private cemetery 3 Neil, d. 1815; interred Ray private cemetery 3 Nevin, 1792- , m. Euphemia BLACK (?), 1803- , Farmer, s. of Thagard's pond. 4 John Black, 1825-1896, m. Celia MCCASKILL. Interred in priv. Ray cem., Thagard's pond, with 2 John and Christian, his grandparents. 5 John, m. Sarah BLUE 6 John, m, Sarah HENSON 6 Pearl Ray m. Hobson TUCKER 6 Mary, no data 5 Nevin, m. Catherine RAY, d. of 4 Angus, 1814, Manley, s. of Duncan, 1774, Longstreet, parents of 6 John (Dr.), Omaha, Nebraska, no data 6 Flora Ray m. E.J. REDDITTE, Biloxi, Mississippi 6 Laura Ray m. Arthur E.R. HERVEY, Geneva, New York 5 Angus ("Mac"), unm. 4 Christian, 1827- , no data 4 Flora Jane, 1827- , no data 4 Malcolm, 1830-1862, unm., enl. 9-61, priv., Co. C, 35th. N.C. Inf., CSA, w. Malvern Hill, d. 7-62 4 Mary Ann, 1832- , unm. 4 Hugh M , 1834-1862, unm. Enl. 6-61, pvt. Co. C, 26th N.C. Inf., CSA; k. 3-14-62, New Bern 4 William Archibald, 1834-1863, unm. Enl. 3d corp., Co. D. 49th N.C. Inf., CSA, d., 2063, fever 4 Duncan, 1836- , unm. 4 Sarah, 1836- , (m. 1) _____ JOHNSON; (m. 2) ________ PARSONS 5 Nevin JOHNSON, m. Rebecca EVERETT 6 Alice JOHNSON, no data 6 Curtis JOHNSON, no data 6 Clawson JOHNSON, no data 6 Robert JOHNSON, no data 6 Sidney JOHNSON, no data 6 Floyd JOHNSON, no data 6 Margaret JOHNSON, no data 5 Calvin JOHNSON, m. _______ CLEAVER 5 Margaret JOHNSON, m. _________ PARSON 4 Archibald Black, 1937-1862, unm. Enl. Co. B, 3rd N.C. Inf. CSA, 7-62, d. 9-62 3 Ann, 1800- , unm. 3 Kenneth, 1801- , m. Margaret _______, 1814, Joel road lands 4 Christian, 1837 , no data 4 Catherine, 1841 , no data 4 Sarah, 1844 , no data 4 Ann, 1846 , no data 4 Mary, 1848 , no data 4 Kenneth (reputed, not confirmed) no data 3 Hugh, no data 2 Malcolm, Black river (no data) 3 A son, not identified 2 Neil, Black river near Averasboro (no data) 3 a son, not identified 2 Hugh, Cattleman and Farmer, Clark's Bridge, Upper Little River, m. Jane BAKER, 1734-1816; arrived 1754; Jane, dau., Duncan BAKER, ld. 1755 n'r Cape Fear riv., opp. Pres. Bunnlevel 3 Duncan, 1778 m. Margaret SMITH, 1782; Margaret believed dau. of John SMITH ("Blacksmith John") 3 mi. s. Clark's Bridge 4 Catherine Ray m. Alexander STEWART, 1806-1894 5 Flora Ann STEWART, m. 4 Niven, s. of Malcolm, 1777 5 John Alexander STEWART, m. Elizabeth MCNEILL 5 Neil Archibald STEWART, m. Martha Ann MERCER 5 David Ray STEWART, m. Lovedy PATTERSON 6 Duncan Archibald STEWART, Lillington area 5 Margaret STEWART, m. Philip MCRAE 6 LaFayette MCRAE, died in youth 6 Bolivar MCRAE, m. 6 Mary Jane MCLEAN, no chn. 6 unnamed son, d. in infancy 6 unnamed daughter, d. in infancy 5 Duncan STEWART, unm., d. young 5 Catherine STEWART, unm., d. very young 5 Daniel STEWART, 1840- , no data 4 Flora Ray (Malcolm) DARROCH 4 John (1810- ) m. Margaret STEWART 5 Ann (1838- ), no data 5 Margaret (1841- ), unm. 5 Neil (1843- ) no data 5 Elizabeth Ray m. John PARKER 4 Margaret RAY m. Archibald KNIGHT 5 William KNIGHT, unm. 5 Neil KNIGHT, unm. 5 Ann KNIGHT, unm. 5 Margaret KNIGHT, unm. 5 John KNIGHT, unm. 5 Catherine KNIGHT, unm. 5 Archibald KNIGHT m. Ann BLACK 6 Ruth KNIGHT, unm. 6 Annie Jane KNIGHT, unm. 6 Archibald KNIGHT, unm. 6 Elizabeth KNIGHT, m. John MCCORMICK 4 Ann RAY m. Hugh BLACK (1814- ) 5 Hugh BLACK, Jr. (1842-1915), White Hill cem. 4 Elizabeth RAY m. Malcolm BLACK (1815-1870) 5 Daniel BLACK, 1842- , no data 5 Duncan BLACK, 1844- , no data 5 Hugh BLACK, 1846- , no data 5 Catherine Christian Ann BLACK, 1852- , no data 5 Neil BLACK, 1854-1943, Lumberman, Manchester 4 Archibald (1820), unm. 4 Neil, 1823-1893, m. Mary KNIGHT, 1825-1905 5 Neil Archibald, 1841- , m. Amarintha BLACK, veteran CSA, enl. Co. H., Junior Res., 72nd N.C. Inf. 6-64 6 Daniel Webster, no data 6 Angus, no data 6 Mary Isabella, no data 6 Bertha, no data 6 Catherine Ann, no data 6 Frances, no data 6 Amarintha, no data 6 Mack, no data 6 Thomas, no data 5 Mary Ann RAY m. Archibald SMITH (184 - ) 5 Flora Margaret Ray BLACK, (184- ) 5 Catherine Jane, (184- ), unm. 5 California (1849- ), m. 5 Archibald, s. of 4 David 5 Isabella RAY m. David MCRAE, 1859- 5 Elizabeth (no data) m. Malcolm BLACK 5 John MCCORMICK (1863-1924) m. Euphemia Julia BLACK 6 Eliza Catherine, no data 6 Pearl, no data 6 Euphemia Jane, no data 6 John Archibald, no data 6 Edward, no data 6 Flora P. 5 Sarah Eliza, 1866- , m. 5 Daniel, s. of 4 Niven 4 David, 1824- , m. Catherine Autry DARROCH, Vet. CSA; enl. Co. H, 50th N.C. Inf., 3-62. 5 Duncan, unm. 5 Archibald m. California, d. of 4 Neil; (m.2) Ann HOLDER 6 Neil David, m. Ella Sawyer 7 a daughter 6 Angus, no data 5 David, m. Flora Catherine BLACK 6 Watson, no data 6 Neil Duncan, no data 6 Burnetta, no data 6 Jane, no data 5 Mary Catherine RAY m. Benjamin MORRISON 4 Flora, unm. ??????????????????????????? 3 Malcolm, 1777-1865, m. Cathryn MCCRANIE, 1786-1871, b. Jura 4 Daniel (1818-18__) m. Annie Marie JACKSON, schoolteacher; to Duplin county, no chn. 4 Malcolm, unm. (1822- ); storekeeper, Averasboro. 4 Hugh, unm. (1824- ) 4 Niven, 1827-1910, m. 5 Flora Ann STEWART, 1834-1916; int'd priv. Ray cem., Harnett. Sawyer in 1850. Schoolmaster, J.P. ; Veteran CSA, Corp'l, Co. I, 31st N.C. Inf., 10-61 to 10-62; Pvt., Co. H, 50th N.C. Inf., 11-63, Homestead Anderson Creek Township near Morrison's Road 5 Daniel, 1856-1938, m. Sarah Eliza, d. of 4 Neil, no chn. 5 Malcolm (1859-1941) unm. Flat Branch cemetery 5 Mary Catherine, 1863, unm., d. young 5 Hugh Archibald, 1864-1944, unm. 5 Ann (1866-1886), unm. 5 Flora Margaret RAY m. Malcolm MCLEAN (1867-1909) 6 Mary Jane MCLEAN m. Bolivar MCRAE, no chn. 6 Elizabeth Lee MCLEAN, unm. 6 John Niven MCLEAN m. Pearl BOLTON 6 Cathryn McCranie MCLEAN, , d. very young 6 Ann Gray MCLEAN m. John B. SESSIONS 6 Ethel James MCLEAN m. Frank SPENCE 6 Ellen Stewart MCLEAN m. John B. REARDON 6 Ollie Josephine MCLEAN m. J.B. BLACKMAN 6 Duncan Baker MCLEAN, unm. 6 George Gordon MCLEAN, unm. 6 Lacy Talmadge MCLEAN, unm. 5 Sarah Jane RAY m. Daniel MACDONALD (1869-1919) 5 Elizabeth (1870- ), unm., Rte 3, Lillington 5 Christian Ann (1872-1900), unm. 5 Isabella RAY m. John Ruffin JONES, Graham, (1874- ) no chn 5 Niven (1875-1931), unm. 5 John Alexander (1878- ), unm., Rte. 3, Lillington 4 Cathryn, 1828, unm. 4 John, 1830- , m. Sarah PATTERSON, veteran CSA, enlisted Co. H., 50th N.C. Inf., 3-62 5 Duncan PATTERSON, J.P., Lillington, (1852-1936) m. Mary Campbell DARROCH, 1861-1919, dau. Daniel (b. Scot.) and Belle McRae DARROCH; elder, Leaflet Pres. Ch., Member of Board of Education and Commissioner, Harnett County; Planter, McDougald Rd. lands 8 mi. west of Lillington; int'd Spring Hill Methodist Church cemetery 6 William Wallace 1882-189, Spring Hill Church Cemetery ???? 6 Hugh McDougald, 1886- , m. Grace WITHERS; plantger, 8 mi. w. of Lillington 7 Thomas Landen, unm., technician U.S.A. Signal Air Corps, active service, England 7 Charles Cox, Corp, U.S.A. 574th S.A.W., Gulfport, Miss. 7 Grace McDougald, unm., secretary in Raleigh 7 Laura Campbell, high school student 6 Mary Belle, 1888-1916, schoolteacher, interred at Spring Hill Church Cemetery 6 John Daniel, 1890-1894, infant, interred Chesterfield Co, S.C. 6 Tudah Mae, 1892-1916, unm., interred at Spring Hill Church Cemetery 6 Walter Niven, 1895-1922, unmarried, merchant and postmaster; interred Spring Hill Church Cemetery 6 Norman Darroch, 1897-1901, infant, interred Spring Hill Church Cemetery 6 Duncan Patterson, 1899- , m. Mary BALLARD, no chn., deputy clerk, Harnett County Superior Court, Lillington; farmer, lands 8 miles west of Lillington. 6 Phillip Bruce, 1901- , m. Bertha ROSSER; freehold 8 miles west of Lillington 7 May Lillie, unmarried, home economics and ag. Extension, Anson County, Wadesboro 7 Robert Bruce, unm. Electrical Engineering student; pvt. U.S.A., Clark University, Worcester, Mass, active service training 7 Virginia Mae, unm. Student at Women's College at University of Greensboro. 7 Thomas Duncan, high school student 7 Betha Lois, infant 5 Flora RAY m. Jacob HOLDER 5 Sarah RAY m. ______ MCPHAIL 3 Hugh, 1779- , unm. 3 a son, not identified 3 a daughter, not identified 2 Angus, Planter, Robeson County, ca. 1736-1815, wife not of record 2 Duncan, Planter, Cumberland County, 1738-1822, m. Margaret SMITH; sister of Sionag Ban MCNEILL 3 Malcolm, 1771- , died in youth 3 Isabella, 1772-1822, unmarried 3 Sarah, 1775-1837, unmarried 3 Catherine, 1777-1859, unmarried 3 Angus (1779-1859) m. Priscilla RAY (1812-1858) of Randolph County III. THE DONALD RAY LINEAGE (incomplete) Donald Ray (1705-1776), third Ray brother. We have no record of who he married. We know that he married. We know that he had children because in 1776, a Donald Ray's will was probated at Fayetteville, N.C., then Cross Creek, showing as children, Hugh and John Ray and a sister, Catherine, who married William Black. 1 Donald, (1705-1776) 2 Hugh RAY 2 John RAY 2 Catherine RAY (ca. 1736-1806) m. William BLACK in N.C.; b. Scotland, arrived 1754 with 2 Hugh, and William Black on same voyage of Baliol of Jura's Brig on Campbelton (Kintyre)-Wilmington run. Settled Upper Little River near Clark's Bridge. 3 Neil BLACK, m. 1790 census, no data 4 son born after 1774 4 son born after 1774 3 Hugh BLACK, married in 1790 census, no children in 1790 3 Christian BLACK, daughter, no data 3 Duncan BLACK, ca. 1762-1835, m1. Nancy _________, m2. Catherine MCDOUGALD. Homestead in Anderson Creek. 4 Ann BLACK, ca. 1789- , unm., no data (1st family) 4 William BLACK II, 1810- , (2nd family) m. Ann MCDONALD 5 John BLACK, 1840- , m. Catherine Jane MCLEAN 6 Mary Eliza BLACK m. John BURGESS 7 Florence BURGESS, no data 7 Alton Burgess, no data 6 Euphemia Jane BLACK m. 5 John McCormick RAY, 3rd cousin son of 3 Duncan's Neil; 6 children, see descendents of 3 Duncan. 5 Daniel BLAC, 1812- , d. young 5 Euphemia Catherine BLACK m. Ralph HOLDER, 1845- 6 Martin HOLDER, no data 5 Flora Ann BLACK, 1847- ; no data 5 Lillian M. BLACK, 1847- ; no data 5 Sarah BLACK m. Henry MATHEWS; no data 4 John BLACK, 1813- , m. Elizabeth DOCKERY 5 Benjamin Duncan BLACK m. Sallie HART 6 Benjamin Duncan BLACK m. Sallie HART 7 Benjamin BLACK m., no data 7 Robert BLACK, no data 7 Jane BLACK; m1 STEDMAN, m2 Joseph MORRIS; no data 7 Rodney BLACK, unm. 7 Jessie BLACK, no data 7 Sarah "Sallie" BLACK, no data 6 Hugh BLACK, no data 6 John BLACK, no data 6 Catherine BLACK, no data 5 Christian BLACK, no data 4 Hugh BLACK, 1815- , twin of 4 Malcolm BLACK; m1 Ann RAY, 2nd cous., daughter of Hugh RAY's 3 Duncan; m2 5 Ann KNIGHT 2nd cous. Once removed, daughter of Hugh RAY's 3 Duncan Margaret 5 David BLACK, 1844- , m. 5 Flora Margaret, 1st cousin, daughter of 4 Neil RAY 6 Mary Ann BLACK, died young 6 Hugh Archibald BLACK, killed, unmarried 6 Neill BLACK m. 6 Pearlie d. of 5 John McCormick RAY, no data 5 Flora Catherine BLACK m. 5 David RAY, s. of 4 David s of Hugh's Duncan , 1st cousin ??? 5 Malcolm BLACK 184 - , m. 5 Elizabeth RAY, d. of 3 Duncan's Neil, 3rd cousin 6 Mary Eliza BLACK m. ________ MORRISON; no data 6 Annie Jane BLACK m. _______ MORRISON; no data 6 Margaret Elizabeth BLACK m. _______ MORRISON; no data 6 Malcolm Ray BLACK; no data 6 Wilson BLACK; no data 6 John David BLACK; no data 6 Watson BLACK; no data 5 John BLACK, 184 - ; unmarried 5 Ann BLACK m. Archibald KNIGHT; 1843- , 1st cousin 6 William KNIGHT; died young 6 Elizabeth KNIGHT m. John MCCORMICK 5 William BLACK (2nd family) 184 - , m. Margaret Jane MCDONALD 6 Henry BLACK m. _____ BYRD; no data 6 Anna Eliza BLACK; died young 6 Colin BLACK m. _______ BYRD; no data 5 Hugh Archibald BLACK m. Winnie PARKER 6 Ann BLACK, unmarried 5 Hector BLACK m1 Mary BAIN; m2 6 Jane BLACK, daughter of 4 Malcolm BLACK's Duncan, 1st cousin once removed 6 Alice BLACK m. 6 Neill SMITH (1st family) 6 Mildred BLACK m. Amos BAKER; no children 6 Lillian BLACK m. _______ GARDNER 7 Roy GARDNER m. ; no data 6 James BLACK m. Ella PARKER 7 Ruby BLACK m. Raymond CARROL 8 Reginald CARROL, infant 6 William BLACK m. Nolie CAMERON 7 Ervin BLACK 6 Hector BLACK (2nd family), m1 Daisy HALL, m2 Ollie FAISON 7 Fulton BLACK, m., USN, active service 7 Luther BLACK m. ________ FAIRCLOTH; no data 7 Thomas BLACK m. _____ HALES; no data 7 Carleton BLACK (2nd family), high school 7 a son, public school 7 Jane BLACK, public school 7 infant BLACK 6 Anna Belle BLACK m. Columbus HUDSON 7 Raymond HUDSON m. _____ CASTOR 8 Raymond HUDSON, infant 7 Irene HUDSON m. Samuel THOMAS 7 Myrtle HUDSON m. Hardman LAMBERT 7 Dorothy HUDSON m. George HARSH 7 Cathleen HUDSON m. ______; no data 7 Jane HUDSON m. _______; no data 7 Lillian HUDSON, high school 7 Columbus HUDSON II, high school 7 Margaret HUDSON, public school 6 Christian BLACK m. Layton HARRIS 7 Ethel HARRIS m. _____; no data 7 Frances HARRIS m. ______; no data 7 Alton HARRIS, high school 7 Donald HARRIS, public school 6 Elizabeth "Betty" BLACK m. Walter JOHNSON 7 Mary Johnson m. Calvin KOONCE 7 Walter JOHNSON; no data 7 Garnett JOHNSON, no data 7 David JOHNSON, high school 7 William JOHNSON, public school 6 Lula Catherine BLACK m. Carl COX 7 Evelyn COX m. ____; no data 7 Alice COX, m. ______; no data 7 Catherine COX, unmarried 7 Carl COX II, high school 7 ______ COX, public school 7 Elizabeth "Betty" COX, public school 7 Shirley COX, juvenile 7 Jean COX, infant 6 Lena May BLACK, died young 4 Malcolm BLACK, 1815-1903, twin of Hugh BLACK; m1 4 Elizabeth RAY, daughter of Hugh RAY's 3 Duncan; m2 Penny White MCGEE 5 Daniel BLACK, unmarried, 1842-1863, enlisted Co. H, 50th N.C. Infantry CSA; killed in Virginia 5 Duncan BLACK, 1844-1919, m. Christian MCRAE; vet CSA, enlisted 5-62, 15th N.C. infantry; changed to Co. H, 50th N.C. infantry 6 Amarintha BLACK m. 5 Neil Archibald RAY, son of Duncan's 4 Neil; 3rd cousins once removed; see under Hugh's Duncan; 9 children 7 Mary Isabella, died young 7 Catherine Ann RAY m. Charles REEVES; no children 7 Daniel Webster; died young 7 Angus; unmarried 7 Bertha; unmarried 7 Neil Duncan; no data 6 Frances RAY m. 6 John Archibald RAY; 1st cousins; 4 William BLACK desc. 6 Christian RAY m. Andrew COOK 7 Lucy COOK; high school 7 Myrna COOK; high school 7 John COOK; public school 7 William Roger COOK; public school 6 McRae "Mac" m. Grace WEISNER 7 Barbara Ann, infant 6 Thomas m. Elizabeth WARREN 7 Bertha Agnes, juvenile 7 infant 6 Amarintha RAY m. Howard MORGAN 7 Jennie Sue MORGAN, high school 6 Minerva "Minnie" BLACK; 1870- ; unmarried 6 Isabelle BLACK, 1873- ; unmarried 6 Jane BLACK m. 5 Hector BLACK, 1871- ; 2nd wi. Of 1st cousin once removed; 6 children; see Hector, son of 4 Hugh BLACK 6 Duncan David BLACK, 1874- , m. Elizabeth JOHNSON, Raeford area 7 Allie BLACK, unmarried 7 Elizabeth "Bettie" BLACK m. Davis KIRKLAND 8 Elizabeth PARKER, high school 8 Davis K. PARKER, public school 8 Duncan Black PARKER, public school 7 John Archibald BLACK, unmarried 7 Catherine BLACK, unmarried 6 Neill BLACK, 1876- , m. Julia Margaret RAY, 4th cousin daughter of Duncan's Duncan, 1822, Bunnlevel area 7 Paul BLACK m. Ann LUCAS 8 Charles BLACK, cadet military institute 8 Frances BLACK, high school 8 James BLACK, public school 8 Lacy BLACK, public school 7 Edward BLACK m. Mary BETHEA 8 Lloyd BLACK, public school 8 Edward BLACK, public school 8 Joyce BLACK, juvenile 8 Leroy BLACK, infant 7 Mary "Mamie" BLACK m. Thomas WARREN 8 Geraldine WARREN 8 Peggy Sue WARREN 7 Beatrice BLACK m. Robert BROWN 8 Robert BROWN II, public school 7 Mattie BLACK, unmarried 7 Neil D. BLACK, unmarried, uSA, active service 7 Leon BLACK m. Pearl LUCAS 6 Christian BLACK m. Cephus WEST, 1878- 7 Ruby WEST m. Marshall BOWDEN 8 Hubert BOWDEN, public school 8 Wayman BOWDEN, public school 8 Howard BOWDEN, public school 7 Louetta WEST m. Neill MCRAE 8 Daniel Leon MCRAE, infant 7 Jane WEST m. Frederick STONE 7 Edith WEST m. Berryman HIGGINS; no children 6 John Kenneth BLACK, 1882-1915 (twin); unmarried 6 Sarah "Sallie" BLACK, 1882-1906 (twin); unmarried 5 Hugh BLACK, 1846-1914, m. Elizabeth KNIGHT 6 Malcolm John BLACK m1 Elizabeth Mason MCDONALD; m2 ____ HOLDER 6 Elizabeth BLACK m. Hugh BISHOP; no children 6 Archibald BLACK m1 Lula DARROCH; m2 Ethel JOHNSON 7 David Hugh BLACK (1st family); unmarried 7 Ethel BLACK; no data 7 Simeon Lee BLACK (2nd family); no data 6 Rachel BLACK m. Murdoch MCLEAN; no data 6 Simeon BLACK m. Hattie JOHNSON 7 Viola BLACK; no data 5 Mary Margaret BLACK; died young 5 Catherine Ann BLACK m. Robert BROOKS 6 Anna BROOKS m. _______ LEWIS 6 Lula BROOKS; unmarried, music teacher 6 "Mamie" BROOKS; no data 6 Robert BROOKS; no data 6 Jerome BROOKS m. Catherine WRIGHT 7 Julian BLACK; m.; no data 7 Catherine BLACK, m.; no data 7 Neil Archibald BLACK; no data 7 Elizabeth BLACK; no data 6 Irene BLACK; unmarried 6 Lillian BLACK, school teacher 6 Catherine BLACK m. Daniel MONROE 7 Daniel MONROE, m.; no data 6 Daniel BLACK; no data 6 Neil BLACK; unmarried 6 "Nellie" BLACK; unmarried 6 Frances BLACK m. ____ PURDIE; no data 6 George BLACK; no data 5 Hetty BLACK m. William Archibald WEST. Hetty daughter of 4 Maloclm BLACK's 2nd marriage to Penny White MCGEE. 6 Dora WEST; no data 5 Grissella BLACK m. Robert MCRAE 6 Joseph MCRAE; no data 6 Mary MCRAE; no data 6 Penny MCRAE; no data 6 Paul MCRAE; no data 6 Silas MCRAE; no data 6 Soloman MCRAE; no data 6 Britt MCRAE; no data 5 Neil BLACK, 1854-1943, Lumberman, Manchester 4 Alexander BLACK, 1824-1894 m. Flora MOORE 5 Catherine BLACK m. Wiley HOLDER 6 Frances HOLDER m. John CAREY 7 Thomas CAREY; no data 7 Neil CAREY; no data 6 Jackson HOLDER; no data 5 Malcolm BLACK m. Winifred BYRD 6 Mary Elizabeth BLACK m. John DARROCH 7 Daniel DARROCH m. Mary SMITH 8 Ezra DARROCH, unmarried, uSA, active service 8 Ruth DARROCH; unmarried 7 Mattie DARROCH m. ________ WOMACK; no data 7 John DARROCH m. 6 Euphemia Jane RAY, daughter of 4 Neil RAY's John MCCORMICK; 6 children 7 Goldie DARROCH; m.; no data 7 Kershaw DARROCH; no data 7 Earnest DARROCH; no data 7 Enoch DARROCH; no data 7 James DARROCH; no data 6 Marshall BLACK; m.; no data 6 Lillian BLACK m. _____ JONES 6 Martha BLACK m. William CLARK 7 Talmadge CLARK; high school 5 Lovat BLACK m. Elizabeth GOODMAN; to Utah in 1900 6 Fairley BLACK 6 Margaret BLACK 6 Alice BLACK 6 Timothy BLACK 5 Elizabeth BLACK m. Malcolm MCCRANEY 5 Alexander BLACK; unmarried 5 Christian BLACK; m1 William COLLINS; m2 Neil PATTERSON 6 Rachel COLLINS m. Edward PATE; no data 6 Helen COLLINS m. Daniel TEW; no data 6 son, married; no data 6 Edward PATTERSON, m.; no data 6 daughter m. Daniel MCCRIMMON, m.; no data 6 daughter m. William PATE; no data 4 Archibald BLACK, 1817- ; unmarried 4 William BLACK, 1819- ; no data 4 Ann BLACK, 1822- ; unmarried. IV. THE GILBERT RAY LINEAGE (Incomplete) IV. THE GILBERT RAY LINEAGE (Incomplete, following genealogy dated April 16, 1943) Gilbert Ray (1706-1778) the fourth Ray brother, is buried in Long Street Presbyterian Church cemetery. We do not know who he married. His sons were Gilbert (1744-1815), who did not come to North Carolina. This Gilbert had a son, John, who came to North Carolina in 1818, and with his family left in 1830 for Canada and settled in Ontario in the section around Toronto and since then the family has scattered to all parts of Canada. One son, James, stayed in North Carolina, and lived near Galatia Presbyterian Church. John's great grandson, Louis Duncan Ray of Detroit, Michigan spent many years compiling this history. He died in Norfolk, Virginia. John, a second son of Gilbert the Exile, died in 1804, had one son John the Tailor of the Galatia Church section who was the grandfather of Flora Ann Ray Brady of Elizabethtown, N.C. the only surviving member of her family. Archibald, the third son, was the father of John who married Sarah McLean of Islay. They arrived in 1794 and bought their son Archibald who was born in 1792. This Archibald was the father of Gilbert Carmichael Ray of Galatia and Hope Mills, N.C. Gilbert Carmichael Ray married Nancy Powell of Hope Mills, N.C. and both are buried here and most of John G's children live in Rocky Mount, N.C. or Washington D.C. Archibald Gilbert lived in this community all of his life is buried here and some of his family are members here now. Elizabeth Ray Calhoun (Mrs. George) is buried in the Hope Mills cemetery and some of her children live in the Seventy-First section. Sarah Ann (Sally) did not marry and is buried at Galatia. Isabella Ray Melton is buried at Rocky Mount, N.C. and most of her children live there. Mary Kate Ray Culbreth is buried at Red Springs, N.C. and left two daughters who are members here. Neill G. Ray is living nearby and some of his family are members here. Malcolm Buie Ray, the youngest son is living in Ocala, Florida. 1 Gilbert, Longstreet, father of Islay born 2 John, Islay, Cumberland Co., N.C., ca. 1733-1804 (note daughters of John not of record) 3 Gilbert, McLendon's Creek, 1801, ca. 1776 (father of NC born) 4 John, 1804, 3 mi. east of Galatia Church 5 Flora Ann, 1842 (no data) 5 Matilda, 1844 (no data) 5 Gilbert (no data) 5 Malcolm, 1848 (no data) 3 John (the Tailor), Longstreet, 1780-1858 (father of NC born) 4 Gilbert (no data) 4 John (no data) 4 Margaret, unmarried, d. 1902 4 Daniel (no data) 4 Catherine, unmarried (no data) 4 Neil (the Deacon), Galatia area, 1826-1908 5 Margaret Isabella, unmarried 5 Sarah Catherine, unmarried 5 Mary Jane, unmarried 5 Flora Ann m. BRADY, Elizabethtown, N.C. 6 W.L. BRADY 3 Archibald, ca. 1782 (no data) 3 Daniel, ca. 1784 (no data) 2 Angus, Islay, Nicholson's Creek, N.C., d. 1808 (father of Archibald, 3 Angus, 3 John (the Miller), 3 Margaret Ray Ray (John the Tailor), 3 Mary Ray Fairley) 3 Duncan 1, this "Duncan 1" died and a half-brother was named "Duncan 2", Yadkin Road, ca. 1760 4 John, 1800, 3 mi. east of Longstreet Church 5 Duncan (?) Allen, 1820 (no data) 5 Mary, 1825 (no data) 5 Isabella, 1829 (no data) 5 Flora Ann, 1831 (no data) 5 Christian Cameron, 1835 (no data) 2 Gilbert, Islay, Scotland 3 John, Islay, N.C., and Canada (Galatia area) 4 James, N.C., Galatia Church area (Did not go to Canada in 1830) 5 James, (reputed son of 4 James), Galatia Church cemetery, 1846-1879, unmarried 4 Mary m. unspecified MILLER, N.C. and Canada, no children 4 Angus, Schoolmaster, Postmaster, Justice of Peace, and Elder, m. Euphemia MCFADYEN, Islay-born and of Longstreet; pioneer settler; Eldon township,Victoria County, Canada; Education from Fayetteville Academy, N.C. 5 Archibald, Yeoman, unmarried 5 John James (Judge), Springfield, Minnesota, no children 5 Mary m. unspecified McEACHERN 6 Hugh McEACHERN, Toronto, Ontario (psychotic) 6 Euphemia McEACHERN m. HOUGH, Rochester, N.Y. (psychotic) 7 Marion HOUGH, registered nurse, Rochester, N.Y. (there are other brothers & sisters) 6 Angus McEACHERN, Glendale, California 7 Audrey McEACHERN 6 Ann McEACHERN m. unspecified GODART, San Antonio, Texas, no children 6 Marion McEACHERN m. unspecified McNEILL, Saskatchewan, Canada, no children 5 Neil (Barrister) Parry Sound, Ontario 6 George Archibald (Rev.), Chicago, Illinois 7 Margaret Douglas, secretary in Ontario Research Foundation, Toronto 7 Angus, Chicago 8 David, infant 7 Andrew Malcolm, San Francisco 8 Malcolm Douglas, infant 7 Mary Diane, college student, Rockford, Illinois 7 Isabel Lindsay, girl's prep student, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan 7 Ian Hudson, tech. High school student 6 Edna, registered nurse Mexico City, D.F. 5 Catherine m. unspecified RUNCIMAN 6 unnamed infant RUNCIMAN, Cobourg, Ontario 6 Ray Richard RUNCIMAN, Rockford, Illinois, no children. 6 Elizabeth RUNCIMAN, Chicago (adopted relative) 5 Angus, Irrigation rancher 6 Louis Ernest, unmarried, Modesto, California 5 Sarah Jane m. unspecified JACOBS, Chicago, Illinois, no children. 5 Duncan (Mayor, etc.), Lindsay, Ontario 6 Ella Sharpe m. LOUNSBURY, Toronto (adopted) 7 Morris LOUNSBURY, no children, Con. Enr., Volta Redonda, Brazil 7 Ray LOUNSBURY, Manufacturer, Toronto 8 Ian LOUNSBURY, Aeronautical Engineer, Toronto 6 Louis Duncan, Editor, Engineer; Detroit, Michigan; divorced, no children. 5 Hugh, Prov. Assy, Library (retired), Toronto, Ontario 6 Elizabeth, unmarried, San Francisco, CA 6 Angus, Bell Telephone Network, Ottawa, Ontario, no children 6 Mary, unmarried, librarian, Toronto Public Library, Toronto 5 Euphemia, unmarried 4 Archibald, pioneer farmer, Eldon township, married in Canada to Mary McDOUGALL b. Port Ellen, Islay; Educated at Longstreet School, N.C. 5 Euphemia m. unspecified CAMPBELL, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 6 Mary Ann CAMPBELL m. unspecified LAIDLAW, Lindsay, Ontario 7 Katherine Campbell LAIDLAW, 1896-1908 7 James Allison LAIDLAW 8 James LAIDLAW 7 Jean Balantyne LAIDLAW, unm, Registered Nurse (in U.S.) 7 Marjorit Middleton LAIDLAW, unmarried 6 John G. Alexander CAMPBELL, Winnipeg, Manitoba, unm. 7 Katharine Allison CAMPBELL m. PROCTER, Edmonton, Alberta 7 Richard Campbell PROCTER, M. Sc. Sqdn. Ldr., R.C.A.F. (killed off Vancouver, active service) 7 Robert Lanning PROCTER, Staff Captain, R.C.A., I Div. (headquarters London, England) 5 Duncan, Yeoman, unmarried 5 Sarah m. unspecified FERGUSON, Woodville, Ontario 6 Christina FERGUSON, registered nurse, Toronto, unmarried. 6 Archibald D. FERGUSON, Toronto, no children 6 Winifred FERGUSON, registered nurse, Detroit, Michigan 6 Alester FERGUSON, Winnipeg, Manitoba, no children. 6 Edna FERGUSON m. unspecified HALL, Greenville, Illinois, no children 5 Mary m. unspecified CAMPBELL, Woodville, Ontario 6 Mary Florence CAMPBELL m. unspecified LEAS, Woodville, Ontario, no children 6 Euphemia Allison CAMPBELL m. unspecified SHACKLETON, Kalamazoo, Michigan 7 Mary Alice SHACKLETON m. unspecified CRANE, Kalamazoo, Michigan 8 Augustus William CRANE 8 Julia Barlette CRANE (Kalamazoo, Michigan, active service) 7 Lt. William Ellsworth SHACKLETON, U.S.A.A.F., no children 5 John, Farmer, Woodville, Ontario, foster father of: 6 Elizabeth King RAY (no data) (Toronto) 6 Margaret V. RAY (adopted), librarian, Victoria College 6 Eileen King RAY m. unspecified TAILLON, Guelph, Ontario 5 Lillian, unmarried 4 Colin, pioneer, Eldon and Egremont townships, Ontario, m. Catherine McLAUCHLAN, daughter of James McLAUCHLAN and Islay-born Margaret McFADYEN, of Longstreet. Educated at Longstreet school. 5 Neil, Yeoman, unmarried 5 James, Egremont township 6 Colin (no data) 5 John, Egremont township 6 Colin, Woodbridge, Ontario 7 Kathleen m. unspecified GRIERSON, Toronto, Ontario, no children 7 Margaret unmarried, Toronto, Ontario 7 Colin, Woodbridge, Ontario 8 Lorne, in school 8 Cecil, in school 8 Laura, in school 8 Betty, in school 6 John James, route 1, Durham, Ontario 7 Donald, unmarried 7 Gavin, unmarried 7 Robert, unmarried 7 Murial Blanche, unmarried 6 Flora Isabell, unmarried, Toronto, Ontario 6 Donald Alexander, route 3, Chesley, Ontario 7 John Joseph, unmarried 7 Marjorie, unmarried 7 Carl, unmarried 5 Mary Ann, Chicago, Illinois, unmarried 5 Archibald, wheelwright, Mt. Forest, Ontario 6 Colin Archibald, Port Credit, Ontario 7 John Archibald, Toronto, Ontario 8 Catherine Mary, infant 7 Donald Gordon; divinity student, R.C.A.F., active service 6 Catherine Agnes, Toronto, unmarried 6 Margaret Ann, Corp'n Sec'y., Toronto, unmarried 6 Malcolm McInnes, Toronto, Ontario 5 Donald McFadyen, Toronto 6 Gertrude m. unidentified CAMPBELL, Toronto 7 John LeeLand CAMPBELL, unmarried. 7 Donald CAMPBELL, unmarried 6 Donalda m. unspecified McFADYEN, Toronto 7 Donald McFADYEN, unmarried. 7 John McFADYEN, unmarried 6 Leeland, Calgary, Alberta, unmarried. 5 Margaret m. unspecified BROWN, no children 5 Colin McLauchlan, Saskatchewan, 1856-1919 6 Rachel Margaret m1. unspecified RONEY, m2. unspecified LOVERIN, Mossbank, Saskatchewan 7 Letitia RONEY, infant, 1901-1904 7 Eva Alberta RONEY m. unspecified McLEAN, no children 6 Christian John, Mossbank, Saskatchewan 7 Ruth m. unspecified LEWIS, no children 7 Sophia, unmarried 7 Eleanor Margaret, high school student 7 Colin Frederick, high school student 7 Thomas Osborne, public school student 6 Ellen Eliza Letitia m. unspecified IRELAND, Mossbank, Saskatchewan 7 George Albert IRELAND, Mossbank, Saskatchewan 8 Laird IRELAND, public school student 8 Rosiland Eugene IRELAND, infant 7 Ray Wesley IRELAND, unmarried, 1912-1932 7 Caroline IRELAND m. unspecified WILSON, Mossbank, Saskatchewan 8 Beverly Carol WILSON, public school student 8 Le Ray John WILSON, public school student 8 Shirley Anne WILSON, infant 7 Clarence Ray IRELAND, unmarried 7 Beulah Leon IRELAND, 1916-1918 7 Mary IRELAND m. unidentified SODELMYER, no children 7 Nelson IRELAND, 1920-1921 7 Herbert Leo IRELAND, unmarried 7 Beth IRELAND, 1926-1928 7 Ellen IRELAND, high school student 7 John Morrison IRELAND, public school student 6 Mary Sophia m. Frank KIRKPATRICK, Mossbank, Saskatchewan 7 Letitia Frances KIRKPATRICK m. unspecified KRAUSS, Mossbank, Saskatchewan 8 Elizabeth Mary KRAUSS, public school student 8 Shearin Alvina KRAUSS, infant 7 Frederick Ray KIRKPATRICK, Mossbank, Saskatchewan 8 Gail Marilyn KIRKPATRICK, infant 7 Donalda KIRKPATRICK m. unspecified KINDOPP, Mossbank, Saskatchewan 8 Donald William KINDOPP, infant 7 Carmen KIRKPATRICK, high school student 6 Florence Catherine m. Harry KIRKPATRICK, Mossbank, Saskatchewan 7 Letitla Viola KIRKPATRICK m. unspecified WOIT 8 Ivan Wayne WOIT, infant 7 Alice Eleanor KIRKPATRICK m. unspecified CHAMBERLAIN, Mossbank, Saskatchewan 8 Donald Garry CHAMBERLAIN, infant 6 Colin Albert, Mossbank, Saskatchewan 7 Colin Harold 7 Glenn Christian, 1922-1940 7 Helen Selena, student 7 Leta, student 7 Letitia, public school student 5 Flora m. unspecified CONLAN, Toronto, no children 5 Angus, unmarried V. THE JOHN RAY LINEAGE (Incomplete) John Ray (1708-1780), the youngest of the Ray brothers, was a planter on Boiling Spring Branch on the Big Rockfish Creek, but we do not know who he married. Children were Angus (1733-1806), wife unknown, great grandfather of the Rev. Daniel David Fairley who preached for many years at Galatia Presbyterian Church, father of John who married Ann Monroe and moved to Marion, S.C. around 1840, great grandfather of Dr. W.G. and Archibald Alexander Ray whose descendents are still living in the Galatia Church community. Two granddaughters of Angus married Carmichaels and moved to Marion County, S.C. Two granddaughters married Colquohons and moved to Texas. 1 John, ca. 1708-1778; Jacobite exile, b. in Scotland; wife not of record; Planter; Boiling Spring bch. Of Rockfish Creek, 1756 2 Angus, ca. 1733-1806; b. Islay; Planter. Wolf Pit bch., Rockfish Creek, 1761l Miller, Nicholson creek, 1783; member with brother, 2 James, of Old Bethesda Church near Aberdeen; wife not of record, Margaret ______ 3 Mary RAY m. Archibald FAIRLEY, Richmond and Sampson Cos Fairleys from Kintyre, Scotland being also brothers John, Peter, Robert and sister Mary. 4 Peter FAIRLEY m. not of record 5 John Peter FAIRLEY, Platt City, Alabama, no data 4 John FAIRLEY m. Isabel MCNAIR; moved to Jackson County, Mississippi in 1812 5 Jane FAIRLEY m. _____ MCLENDON 6 John MCLENDON; no data 6 Frank MCLENDON; no data 6 Kenneth MCLENDON; no data 6 Isabel MCLENDON m. _____ MCQUAGE; no data 5 James FAIRLEY; no data 5 Neil FAIRLEY; no data, killed in Civil War 5 Peter FAIRLEY; no data, killed in Civil War 5 John FAIRLEY; m. large family; Hattiesburg, Mississippi 5 Mary FAIRLEY m. ____ RAMSEY; no data 5 Archibald FAIRLEY m. not of record; Hattiesburg, Mississippi; large family; not of record 5 Daniel FAIRLEY; no data 5 Angus FAIRLEY; m. not of record; large family; Hattiesburg, Mississippi 6 Ray FAIRLEY, unmarried 5 David FAIRLEY, D.D., (Rev.), m. 1861 Jane MCIVER, b. Mississippi 1831, d. 1912; settled Manchester, 1861; preached, Longstreet, Sandy Grove, Galatia, Manchester, etc. 6 John FAIRLEY; died young 6 Alexander McIver FAIRLEY m. Eugenia WILLIAMS 7 Alexander McIver FAIRLEY II m. Charlotte _____ 8 David Alexander FAIRLEY, infant 7 Eugenia FAIRLEY m. Dr. Willard FOLEY, Graham, Major, U.S.A. Med. Corps, active service 8 Willard FOLEY, Jr. 8 Alexander FOLEY 8 Joan FOLEY 7 Martha FAIRLEY m. John F. MCNAIR, Jr., Laurinburg 8 John F. MCNAIR III; high school 8 Jane MCNAIRl high school 8 James I. MCNAIR; public school 6 Watson Mumford FAIRLEY, D.D. (Rev.), m., no children, Valdese Pastorates, El Paso, Texas, Fayetteville (First Presbyterian Church), Raeford, Montreat, Valdese 6 Isabel McNair FAIRLEY m. Dr. S.N. HARRELL, no children; Tarboro, NC 6 Jane McIver FAIRLEY m. E.T. ROBERSON 7 E.T. ROBERSON II m. (Dr.), Lt. U.S. Navy, active service 6 Mamie FAIRLEY m. ________ 1877 , died 3 mos after marriage 6 Ida Murchison FAIRLEY m. A.C. CARTER, Sanford, no children 6 Catharine Wright FAIRLEY, unmarried 6 Duncan Murchison FAIRLEY; unmarried 4 Angus FAIRLEY m. _____ MCQUEEN; no children 4 Archibald FAIRLEY II, Miss. 1817- , no data 4 Alexander FAIRLEY, died young 4 Marian FAIRLEY, no data 3 Sarah Ray m. ______ BLACK 4 Marian BLACK, no data 3 Ann RAY m. _______ MOORE 4 Marian MOORE; no data 3 John, ca. 1770-1850, m. Ann MONROE; Miller, Mill Creek of Puppy Creek; Planter and landowner, Galatia area; after 1840 moved to Marion Co., S.C. 4 Angus, 1798-1884, Miller and Planter, m. Margaret MCDUFFIE 1798-1866, last residence Fayetteville Rd. 3 mi east of Galatia Church. 5 Ann RAY m. Duncan BLUE, 1826-1868, interred Galatia Cemetery 5 George Daniel, 1827- , m. _______ 5 John K., 1829-1901, farmer, m. Mary Ann LAMONT, 1849-1881; on father's lands; John K. interred at Galatia Cemetery, Mary Ann in Longstreet cemetery in plot of 4 Duncan, 1812-1860. no children. 5 Sarah Jane, 1832-1895, Galatia cemetery; unmarried 5 Duncan K. 1834-1900, m. Sarah S. ____, 1847-1877; Planter, interred Campground Methodist Church Cemetery; Morganton Road west of Fayetteville. 5 William D. 1837-1912; unmarried 5 Mary, 1839-1904, unmarried 5 Sarah Ann, 1845-1892, unmarried 5 Neil Angus, 1847-1905, m. Isabell JOHNSON, 1846-1909, interred Galatia Cemetery 6 Marshall Gilbert m. Margaret GILLIS, Farmer, elder, Galatia Church, Lands near Rockfish. 7 Marshall Gilbert II, unmarried; USA, active service 7 James Robert, unmarried; USA, active service 7 Gilbert McLeod, USA, active service 7 John Angus, unmarried; Ford Motors, Fayetteville 7 Dempsey Benjamin, unmarried; US Navy, active service 6 Dempsey B. 1875-1910, unmarried, Galatia Church Cemetery 6 Martin Angus *Rev.) -1930, m. Sadie Florence ARNOLD; residence, Raeford, Martin A. interred at Longstreet cemetery; pastorate, Jonesboro 7 Charlotte Lucille, unmarried, Raeford 7 Arnold m. Mary Ann BLUE 8 Sadie Ann, juvenile 6 Daniel JOHNSON m. Grisella HARMON; residence, Raeford 7 Mary Isabella RAY m. Harry W. COLLINS 8 William Ray COLLINS 7 Isabel Ray m. Kenneth P. RITTER, Rockfish 8 Katherine Patricia RITTER, juvenile 6 Neil m. California WOOD; residence Asheboro; no children 4 Euphemia, 1799- , unmarried; moved to Marion Co. S.C. 4 Daniel; no data, moved to Marion Co, S.C. 4 David, 1800- , m., moved to Marion Co. S.C. 4 Archibald, 1802-1879; m. Mary Ann MCCOLEMAN, 1813-1871; Galatia area 5 John, 1835-1835; died in infancy; Old Galatia Cemetery 5 unnamed infant; 1837-1837; died in infancy; Old Galatia Cemetery 5 Malcolm MCCOLEMAN, 1839-1917, unmarried 5 William Gaston (Dr.) 1841-1912, m. Christiania MCNEILL, 1857-1891; Galatia Church area and Raeford 6 Willa May RAY m. Louis PARKER, Raeford-Rockfish Rd. 7 Christine PARKER, unmarried 7 Jessie PARKER, unmarried 7 Carolyn PARKER, unmarried 7 Grace PARKER, unmarried 6 Archibald Hector m. Ann WOOD 7 Willa RAY m. Roland SMITH, Danville VA 7 Bruce, unmarried 7 Samuel, unmarried, USA, active service, African area 7 child; no data 7 child; no data 7 child; no data 6 Benjamin Franklin RAY, 1881- , unmarried, Raeford 6 Sarah Ann, unmarried 6 William Fairley, 1886-1888 5 Mary Malinda, 1844-1916, unmarried 5 Catherine Ann, 1846-1918, unmarried 5 Archibald Alexander, 1848-1930 m. Roxanna CAMPBELL, 1860-1935 6 Mary McColeman RAY m. Martin MAXWELL 7 Bernice Ray MAXWELL m. Curtis BALLARD 8 Joyce Ray BALLARD, juvenile 8 Ann BALLARD, infant 7 Eula Leigh MAXWELL m. Glenn PEELE, Elkin, no children 7 Grissella MAXWELL m. Lonnie S. BROCK, Rockfish 8 Lonnie S. BROCK II, Juvenile 8 Mary Estelle BROCK, juvenile 7 Eva Roxanna MAXWELL m. Judson NEWTON, Fayetteville 8 Jacqueline NEWTON, infant 8 Judith NEWTON, infant 7 Alexander MAXWELL, unmarried 7 Raymond Lester MAXWELL m. Anna Lee GILLIS, Fayetteville 8 Ann Parham MAXWELL 6 Bertha Estelle RAY m. William E. WOOD, Rockfish 7 Grace Ray WOOD m. Lowell HARRIS, no children 7 Doris Jean WOOD m. Albert PARSON 8 Lawrence Wayne PARSON, infant 7 Clyde Thomas WOOD, Wilmington; unmarried; shipwelder; Wd. Wr, 2; U.S. Merchant Marine, in training. 6 Anna Viola, unmarried, 3 mi. west of Galatia Church, Raeford-Fayetteville Rd. 6 James Franklin m. Elizabeth MCFADYEN 7 Elizabeth RAY m. Melton NEWTON 8 Mary Ray NEWTON, infant 7 James David, unmarried, U.S. Navy, Wd. WW2, active service 7 Edith McFadyen RAY m. Perry PALMER, no children 7 Archibald Franklin, 1928-1941; killed in accident 7 Malcolm, high school 7 Curtis, public school 6 Archibald Alexander II m. Blanche MOORING 7 Thelma Harriet, unmarried 7 Thomas Alexander, unmarried 7 Irma Blanche, public school 6 Margaret Claire RAY m. Daniel Angus EVERETT, Portsmouth, VA; registered nurse 7 Elsie Walker EVERETT, high school 7 Dorothy Ann EVERETT, public school 6 unnamed infant, Galatia Cemetery 6 unnamed infant, Galatia Cemetery 6 unnamed infant, Galatia Cemetery 5 James Franklin, 1851-1863, drowned saving life; interred at Galatia Cemetery 5 Henry Haywood, 1854-1922, unmarried, Raeford area 4 Mary RAY m. Michael CARMICHAEL, Marion Co., S.C. 5 Mary Ray m. William BROWN, Red Springs 4 Sarah RAY m. _____ COLQUHOON, moved to Texas 4 Martha RAY m. _____ COLQUHOON, moved to Texas 4 Catherine RAY m. Malcolm CARMICHAEL, 1805-1840, Marion Co., interred Old Pee Dee Church Cemetery 4 James, 1805- , m. not of record 5 James, 1846-1879, unmarried, Galatia Church Cemetery 4 Ann, 1808- , Longstreet area, unmarried 4 Duncan, 1812-1860, m. Margaret Black MCNEILL, 1817-1892, Longstreet Cemetery 5 Ann Catherine, 1840-1903, unmarried, Longstreet Cemetery 5 Margaret Amanda, 1842-1900, unmarried 5 Mary Black Ray m. D. McD. BUIE, 1849-1872, interred at Longstreet Cemetery, husband interred at private cemetery 5 miles north of Fayetteville with 2nd wife Josephine MILLER. 5 Daniel MCNEILL, 1846- ; no data 5 Duncan James, 1848-1915 m. Flora Viola RAY, 1862- , daughter of Duncan, 1822-1893, desc. From 1 Duncan, the Bluff Exile, elder brother of 1 John. 6 Stella Margaret RAY m. Thomas MONROE 6 Duncan Irvin, died in infancy 6 Roberta Ann RAY m. William Ramson CARTER 6 unnamed son, died in infancy 6 Ida Voutrice RAY m. Frederick PATE 5 Willie "Wylie" H., farmer, 1850- , Longstreet 2 ______ RAY, ca. 1735- , m. James TURNER, ca. 1730 3 William TURNER, ca. 1755, m. not of record 4 daughter, not identified, born ca. 1780 4 son, not identified, born ca. 1782 3 daughter, not identified, born ca. 1754 3 daughter, not identified, born ca. 1756 3 daughter, not identified, born ca. 1758 3 Duncan Ray TURNER, unmarried in 1790, born ca. 1760 3 daughter, not identified, born ca. 1762 2 Marian RAY, ca. 1739- , m. Duncan BLUE, ca. 1731 3 Malcolm BLUE, ca. 1760, m. no children in 1790 3 daughter, not identified, born ca. 1762 3 Duncan BLUE, ca. 1764, not married in 1790 3 son, not identified, born ca. 1774 2 Hugh, wife not of record; Planter, Rockfish Creek, 1762 3 Lewean (Llewe'yn), no data 2 Malcolm, wife not of record, Planter, Rockfish Creek 2 James, 1741- , Scotland born, m. Flora BLACK (?), Miller, Devil's Gut, Ray's Mill Creek, landholdings in Moore County; original member of Old Bethesda Church; Aberdeen. 3 John, 1762-1837, m. Sarah _______ 4 Margaret, 1801-11801-1846, unmarried 4 James, 1806- , Yadkin Road near Pinehurst, went to Georgia, no data John McD., 1807- , Sarah Johnson, 1824- 5 Samuel J. , m. Ann F. _____ no data.
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