Fayetteville Observer, Thursday, October 28, 1858

Posted January 09, 2010 by Myrtle Bridges

The Presbytery of Fayetteville, during its Fall Session at the Bluff Church, in this county, last 
week, celebrated the Centennial Anniversary of that Congregation, and of the first Sermon preached by a 
Presbyterian Minister within the bounds of the Presbytery. That Minister was the Rev. James Campbell, 
father of a Revolutionary officer and grandfather of a living Minister of his church-who came there 
from Pennsylvania to labor among his Scottish brethren. Besides a large attendance of members of the 
Presbytery, there was a great gathering of people from this and several adjoining counties, on the 
interesting occasion of laying the corner stone of a Monument commemorative of the event, with a 
Centenary Sermon by the Rev. Neill McKay, and an Address by Jas. Banks, Esq. We were not present, 
but have had an opportunity to read Mr. Bank's Address, which, as might be supposed from the habits 
of research of the author, abounds with interesting historical facts, of both general and local interest, 
interspersed with reflections suited to so interesting a subject. We doubt if there is another individual 
in Cumberland County, even among its best informed native citizens, who is half as familiar with its history 
as our Scotch friend, who has barely passed a score or years out of his native land, and to whom this habit 
of historical research is but the necessary recreation from the "battle of life," which it has been his lot 
to wage with earnestness, and under many disadvantages.

The Address was ordered by the Presbytery to be published, along with Mr. McKay's Sermon, and it contains 
matter which will make it eagerly sought for and carefully preserved by Presbyterians, and especially 
Scotch Presbyterians.

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