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Many of Cumberland County's early settlers had Scottish roots. Here are some pages that may be helpful in tracking down that elusive Scottish ancestor. Please email me if you have a web page to add to this list:

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NCSCOTS-L -- A mailing list for anyone who is studying the genealogy of Scottish immigrants to North Carolina. Or choose NCSCOTS-D -- for digest mode.

CAPE-FEAR-SCOTS-L -- A mailing list for anyone researching Scottish immigrants to the Cape Fear region of North Carolina prior to 1850. Or choose CAPE-FEAR-SCOTS-D -- for digest mode.

Related to specific surnames:

Mason & McKethan Genealogy Page - Links to many Fayetteville/Cumberland County families


Many of these should be available in a library or your local FHC. Thanks to David Snow for providing this list!

1. "The Original Scots Colonists of Early America - 1612 to 1783" by David Dobson, Genealogical Publishing Company. Contains listings of individuals & the year they immigrated.

2. "Directory of Scots Banished to the American Plantations - 1650 to 1775" by David Dobson, Genealogical Publishing Company. Baltimore 1984.

Contains listings of Scottish prisoners, ie, Jacobites, covenanters, thieves, murderers, etc. sent to the Americas by the Crown.

3. "A Dictionary of Scottish Emigrants to the U.S.A." Compiled & Edited by Doonald Whyte, Magna Carta Book Co., Baltimore 1972.

Contains biographies of early Scottish immigrants.

4. "An Historical Account of the Settlements of Scotch Highlanders in America Prior to the Peace of 1783 Together with Notices of Highland Regiments & Biographical Sketches", by J.P. MacLean. Genealogical Publishing co, Baltimore 1968.

Previously outlined.

5. "Biographichal Sketches of Loyalists of the American Revolution with An Historical Essay" by Lorenzo Sabine. Volumes 1 & 2. Genealogical Publishing Co. 1979.

Contains listings & biographical data.

6. "The Loyalists in North Carolina During the Revolution" by Robert O. DeMond, Ph.D., Duke University Press 1940.

Probably one of the better sources for Scottish ancestors. Contains listings of Loyalists who fought in the Revolutionary War originally for the British. One of the better kept "secrets" of the War, if you don't find your Scots in the Revolutionary War Pension Lists & they should have been there, look for them here.

7. "A History of Moore County, North Carolina - 1747 to 1847" by Blackwell P. Robinson. Moore County Historical Society, Southern Pines, NC. 1956.

Good footnoted history of Scot migration into the Carolina sandlands.

8. "Emigrants From Scotland to America - 1774 to 1775" by Viola Root Cameron. Southern Book Co., Baltimore 1959.

Contains passenger ship listings of immigrants from Scotland who had been ".... reduced (in Scotland) to live on blood which they draw from their cattle by repeated bleadings". Not much of a life, aye folks???

9. "North Carolina Taxpayers - 1701 to 1786" by Clarence E. Ratcliff. Genealogical Publishing Co, Baltimore 1989.

10. "Passenger and Immigration Lists Index" by P. William Filby & Paula K. Byers.

This is the "Big Daddy" of immigrant lists and is "..A Guide to Published Records of More than 2,540,000 Immigrants Who Came to the New World between the Sixteenth and the Mid-Twentieth Centuries."