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Deed:  Rebecca Sinclair, Duncan F. Sinclair and Daniel F. Sinclair to Mathew Strickland, 14 Sept. 1854,
Cumberland County, NC, Deed Book 52 Pages 40 -41.

Rebecca Sinclair and others  	
 Mathew Strickland	   		

	This indenture made this 14th day of March in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred 
and fifty four between Rebecca Sinclair, Duncan F. Sinclair and Daniel F. Sinclair County of Moore 
in the State of North Carolina of the one part, and Mathew Strickland of the County of Cumberland 
and State aforesaid of the other part.  Witnesseth, that the said parties of the first part for 
and in consideration of the Sum of one Hundred and Twenty Five Dollars to them in hand paid by the 
said Mathew Strickland at and before the sealing and delivery of these presents the receipt whereof 
they doth hereby acknowledge hath  given, granted and bargained and sold, aliened, remised, released, 
and confirmed and doth by these presents give, grant, bargain and sell, alien, remise, release and 
confirms unto the said Mathew Strickland all that tract or parcel of Land  situate lying and being 
in the County of Cumberland lying on the South side of Rockfish Creek bounded as follows to wit.  
Beginning at a stake the corner of Fifty Acres of Hugh Sinclair's, thence with that line South 85 W 18 
chains to McDugald's line thence with it to 16 E sq. chains to a pine tree corner, thence with his 
other line at north 75 W 10 chains to his corner thence South 20 E 16 chains to a blackjack.  Thence 
South 76 E 38 chains to a gum in Horsepen Branch thence South 35 W to the Beginning containing one 
Hundred Acres more or less. 

 2nd Tract Beginning at a stake McDugald's corner in an old field thence with McDugald's line at 18 W 16 
chains to a stake his corner thence South 76 W 15 chains to a stake thence South to Lindsay's corner 
13 1/2 chains thence South 76 E 25 chains to Hugh Sinclair's line of fifty acres thence with said line 
N 5 W 5 chains to McDugald's line thence with it to the Beginning containing Twenty Five Acres more 
or less To Have and To Hold the said Lands with its appurtenances to the only proper use, behoof, and 
benefit of the said Mathew Strickland, his heirs and assigns forever.  And the Said Rebecca Sinclair, 
Duncan F. Sinclair and Daniel F. Sinclair for themselves and their heirs to and with the said Mathew 
Strickland, his heirs and assigns, doth hereby covenant, promise and agree in manner and form following, 
that is to say, that the said Rebecca Sinclair, Daniel F. Sinclair and Duncan F. Sinclair at and 
immediately before the time of the sealing and delivery of these presents is and stands lawfully, 
absolutely and rightfully seized of a good Sure perfect and indefeasible estate of inheritance in 
fee simple in possession of and in the lands and forever has herein before by these presents granted 
and conveyed or mentioned or intended so to be and every part thereof with these and every of their 
appurtenances.  That the Said Rebecca, Duncan F. and Daniel F. Sinclair at the time of the Sealing 
and delivery of these presents hath in themselves good right, full power and absolute authority to 
grant, bargain, sell, release and convey all the said herein before granted lands and premises and 
every part thereof within these and every of these appurtenances unto and to themselves of the said 
Mathew Strickland heirs and assigns forever in manner as aforesaid and according to the true meaning 
of these presents that the said lands and premises are and every part thereof it, free and clear of 
and from all mortgages, judgments, executions, trusts, charges, liens and encumbrances whatsoever by 
which the same, or any part thereof may or shall be impeached, charged, or encumbered in title, charges, 
State or  otherwise howsoever and that the said Mathew Strickland and his heirs and assigns, shall and 
may now and at all times hereafter have, hold, use, occupy and quietly and peaceably possess and enjoy 
the said Land and premises and each and every part thereof, with their and every of their appurtenances 
without any lawful let, hindrance or interruption of or by any person or persons whatsoever.  In Witness 
Whereof, the Said Rebecca Sinclair, Daniel F. and Duncan F. Sinclair hath hereunto set their hands and 
affixed their seals the day and year first above written.

   			Rebecca  x  Sinclair
   			Daniel F. Sinclair
   			Duncan F. Sinclair 

Sealed and Delivered In the Presence of:
Margaret Jane Sinclair              
Duncan A. Sinclair 

State of North Carolina			Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions
Cumberland County			June Term 1854

Then was this Deed duly proved in open Court by
Duncan A. Sinclair and ordered to be Registered.

Registered 14th September 1854 				J. McLaurin, Clerk

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