Contributed by Gary Stanfield, Bowling Green, KY
February 20, 2006

My 4th gr. grandfather John Stanfield and his brother Thomas Stanfield lived in Cumberland County 
in the 1760's to 1770's. 

Claude W. Faulkner reports that Francis Faulkner and his sons began moving about 1760 to the Cape Fear 
River-Black River area of Cumberland County, North Carolina, USA. The John and Thomas Stanfield families, 
close friends, lived just across the Cape Fear River. John Stanfield sold his property in Granville Co. 
and moved to Cumberland Co., NC. The earliest record found of him here so far is in February 1762.

If anyone runs across more information on the above people, please let me know.  Thanks, Gary.

Cumberland County Bastardy Bonds and Records 1760-1858

Ann Williams Aug 1760 James Ratliff Thos Stanfield S/Thos Ratliff

The "Bastardy Bonds" of North Carolina contains bonds posted because of the 
birth or impending birth of a bastard child. These bonds were intended to 
protect the county or parish from the expense of raising the child. When the 
pregnancy of a woman or birth of a child was brought to the attention of the 
court, a warrant was issued and the woman brought into Court. She was examined 
under oath and asked to declare the name of the child's father. The 'reputed' 
father was then served a warrant and required to post bond. If the woman refused 
to name, the father, she, her father or some other interested party would post 
the bond. In some cases, the mother and reputed father together posted the bond. 
If the woman refused to post bond or declare the father, she was often sent to jail.  
The bond would be signed by at least 2 bondsmen, one of whom would be the putative 
father. The others were frequently his relatives. These documents were known as Bastardy Bonds.

Abstracts of The Minutes of the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions of
Cumberland Co., NC, Volume 1, October 1755 - January 1779 William C.
Fields, Editor - 1977

16 February 1762 - Deed: Wm Hodges to JOHN STANFILL proved by Wm Colvin.
The sale of the land above to JOHN STANFILL is mentioned in a deed in the
Cumberland Co., NC, Deed book pages 265,266,267. The deed is from William
Hodges to William Armstrong for land on the N.W. side of the N.W. branch
of Cape Fear River. On page 266 it says that for the sum of Twenty Pounds
Proc. money William Hodges sold to JOHN STANFIELD one hundred acres of
this property on February 16, 1762.

Page 104
Feb. 17,1762 - Marks and brands recorded by Isaiah Powell, Ferq. Cambell,
Wm. Colvin and JOHN STANFIELD.

17 Aug 1762 
Petty Jury: Neill McNeill, Absolem Tyler, John Maulden, Neill McNeill(sic), 
Archd Boury, John Thomas, Saml Kennedy, Hugh Smith, Wm. Green, Wm Johnston, 
Joseph Adams and Jno Stanfield. 

May 18, 1763 - Following appointed constable for the ensuing year: On the
N.W. side of the river (Cape Fear River): - David Trantham, from the
upper end of the county down to Furlows Creek, from there to the place
where the main road crosses Barbecue then down to Duncan Patterson's on
Upper Little River; Jethro Hall, from Duncan Patterson's across to
Furlows Creek then down the fork to the mouth of Upper Little River;
George Miller, from John Dobbins including the branches of Upper Little
River; William Howard, from the mouth of Upper Little River, thence down
the Wagon Road to Archd. McNeil's: THOS. STANFIELD, from the mouth of
Lower Little River to Mr. Gibson's store, from there up the Wagon Road to
John McAfee's then down to Archd. McNeil's on Little River.

Page 126:
May 19, 1763: Constables to summon the Inhabitants of their respective
districts to give in their lists of taxables to the following justices:
Constables Absolem Tyler and Joseph Turner to Justice Hector McNeil;
Constable Peter Campbell to Justice Ferquard Campbell; Constables David
Trantham, Jethro Hall, George Miller and Wm. Howard to Justice John
Stewart; Constables THOMAS STANFIELD, John Halles and Wm. More to Justice
Walter Gibson; Constable William Hall to Justice John Bettis; Constables
Thomas Tucker, Wm. Narrimour and Jonatn. Ritchison to Justice Thomas

Page 152
May 18, 1764 - The following summoned to qualify as constables: Abm.
Tyler, Daniel Wooten, Nathaniel Holten, THOMAS STANFIELD, Wm Moore, Wm.
Hall, Thomas Tucker and Wm. Narrimoure. Replacements: Richard Stringfield
in place of David Trantham; Phillip Thomas in place of Jethroe Hall;
James Howard; James Jones in place of John Taylor; James Muse in place of
Jonathan Ritchison; JOHN STANFIELD in place of THOMAS STANFIELD.
May 1764 - Constables summoned to present taxable lists: JOHN STANFIELD
to Walter Gibson, Esq.

Page 175
May 21, 1765 - Moses Tyler appointed constable in place of Charles
Stewart, Joseph Adams in place of Daniel Wooten, Thomas Jones in place of
Patrick Campbell, Silvanius Wilson in place of Nathaniel Holten, Richd.
Creatch in place of Philip Tomas, John Smith in place of Cornelius
Loften, Thomas Conner in place of JOHN STANFIELD and Aquilla Campbell in
place of Lewis Barge.

January 27, 1773 - Deed: JOHN STANFILL and wife MARY to Duncan McIntosh
proved by Duncan McNeil, Esq.

1767 - Tax List - Cumberland County, North Carolina


Notes for FRANCIS FAULKNER: (the son of Francis Faulkner- Nathan's
brother) Claude W. Faulkner reports that in 1784 this Francis Faulkner
moved his family to the Wilkeys Mill Creek-Jones Creek area of Anson
County, North Carolina. His younger brother Nathan and his friends the
John and Thomas Stanfield families had settled there at least 10 years

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